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Can You Select The Healthy Vegetable For You?

Dear friends,

There are pictures of two different leafy vegetables. Please tell me, which one you will purchase when you go to a market? Which one you feel healthier?

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Comment by Debby Bruck on November 13, 2010 at 11:09pm
Dear Dr Rafeeque. For some reason these images take a long time to download and slow opening page. Still, it is viewable. It appears that you are making a point.

1. The first plant which is in the ground has little holes in the leaves. Therefore, some bugs have been eating at it and the assumption that it has no pesticides, etc.

2. The second plant in perfect condition with bright green color, the same kind of plant, could be coming off the shelf in the supermarket or grocery store. Most likely this plant has been treated to make it perfect.

The answer you are looking for is that we should select plant number one because it is the most natural and healthy for us. While plant number two, which appeals to all of our senses, we should not select. However, our emotional connection with that good looking plant, which I cannot smell because it is just a photograph, tells the brain to select it. Just like any animal wants the 'best' quality, the most beautiful, the highest quality in shape and form, the finest coloring, no marks, specks, deformities or inconsistencies. The mind works this way [probably for choosing a mate], but also for selecting food.

Now, if we put the food into our mouths and get to TASTE the plant and find that the mass produced vegetable tastes like chemicals, plastic or no taste or smell, while the more natural deep green plant without uniform shape or size has more delicious taste and fragrance, then we may learn this selection will be better to prepare our meals.

And, when children learn where food comes from and they start planting and become connected to their food, they will also prefer the less than perfect looking product. Now a days learning what to eat has to be taught, since it is not a natural phenomena.

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