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It's (the first part ) a repost. This was posted earlier in my page ( November 4, 2010).

I want to write some words about brain tumors. Although, these are my personal experiences. I am requesting to all the research personals to kindly work more broadly in the field of such distressing cases such that needy people will get benefits.

I have noticed that people who regularly take allopathic medicines to control high-blood pressure over a long period of time become habituated to those medicines. And further more their brain cells develop anemia. (Allopathic doctors deny these allegations). In my experience, I have found most of those who develop this anemia are above 60 years of age and some gradually develop a brain tumor with a peculiar type of vertigo and intense weakness. This type of vertigo homeopaths relate to the homoeopathic medicine “Conium Maculatum” (i.e Vertigo when lying down or turning in bed). Surprisingly, the tumors reduce in size along with the amelioration of vertigo and weakness, after only using Conium mac.


I have also noticed if conium mac is administered in the higher and highest potencies (e.g 1M-CM) for the initial dose, the symptoms become aggravated. So, I usually use 200th potency in a single dose to start, then gradually 1M and higher (single dose at a time being), if needed.

Debby Bruck asked - Dear Dr Sumit
This is wonderful news and explanation. Why did you not post it on the thread for all to read, learn and understand? Many more will comment and perhaps think of Conium for brain tumor, which is now on the rise. Thank you Debby

Do these patients get taken off of the blood pressure medications which they have taken for almost a life-time? Do you give the 'conium' simply based on the vertigo and weakness or other symptoms? How long a course of treatment? Are these patients diagnosed with brain tumor on MRI scans? What else can you tell us? How many cases?

Thanks Mrs. Debby for your kind comment.
Actually, these patient’s body and mind totally became habituated with H.B.P medicines. We have not told them to abandon fully such medicines (most of them take 1 tablet at morning time), but only tell them not to take the one tablet as long as they do not feel any discomfort in order to let the homoeopathic medicine to work fully.

Although, in my own practise, we do not treat the patients who want to take homoeopathic medicines along with other kinds of medications. In a few cases where there is no other way or where the patients fear to go for surgery or where patients are so poor such that they can not afford the other kinds of treatment, we at least want to help them with homoeopathy.

Dear, Debby as you know in such complicated cases no special homoepathic symptoms remain. They suppress by using negative medications. Brain tumor or the vertigo and weakness are the results of such medications, not the actual symptoms of the patient. We have to at first eliminate the frog (the results, but not the actual symptoms of the patients) before our eyes. Then after eliminating such false scenario we have to observe carefully the real suppressed symptoms and study the cases. In order to eliminate such frog, even a single ray of bright light (here the ray of bright light is the Conium’s strong vertigo symptom) gives us hope.

The patients who have been cured from ‘Brain Tumor’ need further overall treatments, later on. Certainly, they needed different medicines according to their cases. Here, we can’t describe about all of the cases as we have time limitations. However, my main ambition was to tell the homoeopaths to carry out research according to their own way in such distressing cases and to find out the action of ‘Conium’ or the other similar medicines.

‘Conium’ is one of the few medicines in the Materia-Medica, which is speedy in action and also deep acting. We needed 2-6 months in such brain tumor cases in order eliminate the tumor. Although, in every case we need more than 2 years to treat those patients to cure them homoeopathically.

Yes, in most of the above mentioned cases patients are able to stop taking allopathic medicines. But, here we the doctors and patients, both had to work hard and wait passionately for the ultimate cure.

Yes, all the patients have had MRI to diagnosis the tumor. After starting the homoeopathic treatment (at least after 2 months) they went again for MRI in order to view the action of homoeopathic medicine .

There were about 12 ‘Conium’ cases we have treated so far.

In the second part, we are going to discuss about the homoeopathic treatment procedures for a patient having a brain tumor before surgery and chemotherapy.

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Comment by Dr. M. Ahmed on May 4, 2012 at 4:51pm

I have seen during my practice that  reparation of conium cause aggravation whatever may be the potency.

Comment by Dr. Sumit Dutta on May 4, 2012 at 4:29pm

It's (the first part ) a repost. This was posted earlier in my page ( November 4, 2010).

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