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In the first part we discussed about the usefulness of “Conium Mac” in the brain tumor. In this second part we are going to discuss about the homoeopathic treatment procedures for a patient having brain tumor before surgery and chemotherapy. We hope that this brief discussion will be helpful to our respected doctors and patients at least in some extent.

We have to remember that conium is not the only remedy which is useful for the so called medical term brain tumor. We do not depend only on the pathological outcomes. Pathology can help us to name a particular disease for conveniences. But, for a true homoeopath pathology does not have any great value to treat a patient. We can’t select a suitable medicine by only knowing that a particular patient has a tumor in his/her brain. We have to collect passionately all the past and present mental as well as physical symptoms of the patient.

It may be a time taking matter for both the doctor and the patient, but we have no other alternative besides of this. We may not even get our right remuneration for treating a complex patient. And, most of the time this happens. Our goal is not merely to earn lots of money. Our main aim to serve mankind. We have to always remember the life of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The society during his lifetime, didn’t give him and his works the recognition, but still he fought because he knew the truth always had to face opposition from the false and the truth always ultimately wins.

A patient having a brain tumor may need Calcarea Carb, Causticum, Medorrhinum, Apis, Bryonia or any other well proved remedy according to the total symptoms of a patient.

Four important common symptoms that a patient can feel who walk on the path of developing brain tumor can be observed 1-3 years before developing a full fledged tumor in the brain.

These are :-
1. Laziness ( Both mentally & physically )
2. Forgetfulness
3. Recurrent Vertigo
4. Recurrent headache

We want to mention some important notes which may not be granted by our respected allopathic physicians, but in our day-to-day personal experiences we have seen these are true. Our humble request to all the respected practitioners is that they should carry out more in-depth search in these contexts for the good of the society.

The first note:  Unintelligence use of antibiotics can cause tumors mostly on the soft parts of the body, like - in Breasts, in Brain etc.

The second note:  Unintelligence use of pain killers can kill a brain tumor patient, usually by causing stroke of the brain and through brain haemorrhage.


The next discussion will be “the scope of the homoeopathic treatments after surgery and chemotherapy for brain tumor .”

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