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Though the subject of “BioGas” has been known to me when I was a student in Calcutta, many decades earlier, I always wondered why this simple, effective and cost effective technology could not be applied by the government of Pakistan or NGOs to implement it in our villages in Pakistan.

To the best of my memory the technology was developed in west Bengal in a university named after Dr Rabindra Nath Tagore (Visha Bharati University). It was named “Gobar gas” plant or cow dung based plant. I may stand corrected if need be.

Today many decades later, everyone comments, "better late than never." It is being somewhat implemented in Pakistani villages. I would like to add that in Gujrat some smart people have started running small generators with biogas.

The government of New Zealand had wanted to implement a “Bio gas” plant in what is called “Bhains Colony” or cattle colony of Landhi area in Karachi years ago. It would be able to produce electricity and gas for the poor residents of the colony; but, as in Pakistan's political culture, it just fizzled out like a pipe dream.

  • An American company introduced solar energy lamps had an interest in the small village of Sindh, Pakistan and the happiness and smiles that it brought to its children and residents.

If There Is A Will There Is A Way

These small efforts by good people and NGOs, though very small, shows that if there is a will there is a way. Each improvement can bring smiles and peace to many in these dark times. It is not a rocket science, these technologies can be developed on a cooperative basis. This can happen only if there is a will.

The recent news in Dawn shows that some good work is still finding way against all odds.

Biogas Hailed As Miracle In Village Life

In addition to providing electricity and heat, biogas is useful as a vehicle fuel. When processed to purity standards, biogas is called renewable natural gas and can substitute for natural gas as an alternative fuel for natural gas vehicles.

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