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Believe It Or Not! The Bleeding Wall In Kerala India

This is a real incident that took place in one of the villages of Kerala, India.

 Bleeding from the wallImage courtesy:


The central character in this story is not a human being, but a public toilet used by a few families staying in the same compound. There was a crack on the walls of that toilet which was built long back. One day, they noticed blood oozing out of the crack on the wall. Initially they thought that it is the oozing of sap from the roots of a huge banyan tree adjacent to the toilet. But they regularly observed bleeding from the wall! Out of curiosity, somebody collected the sample and a laboratory investigation was done. Lab test confirmed that it is human blood! The news started spreading everywhere. People rushed to the toilet to observe this miracle. People fabricated many mythical stories associated with this incident. Somebody said: around 20 years back, a girl was murdered in the same area; it could be her blood! Another story was related with some evil spirits resting in the banyan tree. Another person said that it is due to a black magic done by some enemies. The public enjoyed the miraculous event, but the family members were in real agony; the women and children could not even sleep due to apprehension. They offered money to the nearby Temples, Mosques and Churches to get rid of this problem.


Finally, through some agents, they brought a spiritual healer. After a prolonged meditation, he predicted that it is due to the restless soul of that girl who was killed in the same area. As a treatment modality, he suggested some highly expensive rituals, and the he family members decided to arrange money for the same. The next day, one old man in that family had syncope. He was taken to the hospital. People said that it is due to the same evil spirit, and hence they felt the need to perform the rituals as early as possible. But the doctors diagnosed that the old man was severely anemic, and they noticed bleeding piles as a reason for his chronic blood loss!


Now the actual reason behind the “miracle” is clear: This man had bleeding piles, which sprayed blood every time he used the toilet (Indian toilet). Due to his old age and ill health, he could not notice the fountain of blood that coincidently sprayed on the wall. A ligature by the surgeon could solve the miracle forever. And the family members were happy to know the actual history behind the mystery. Obviously, the loss of income due to cancellation of rituals disappointed the spiritual healer and his agents!


[Here, I have no intention to criticize any religious faiths and rituals, but my intention is to disclose the actual reason behind a “miracle” that tensed many people in this area]


Dr Muhammed Rafeeque.


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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on May 28, 2011 at 6:20am

I had posted the same story in doctors hangout .com. One skeptical minded person commented that homeopathy is also the same. But I deleted his comments due to lack of time for silly arguments with him! 

But these mystical stories can be disproved easily by proper observation and experimentation. Even a child can observe it. Nobody believed such things after disproving by experiments. On the other hand, even the modern investigations could not disprove homeopathy. They could not say that homeopathy doesnt work, they could only say- there is no molecules in this sample. So, these stories are NOT like Homeopathy!!!

Comment by Dr. MAS on May 28, 2011 at 12:58am

It is just like HOMEOPATHY. You can see it working, You can feel it, you can observe it, you can get benefit of it, but you can't prove it :)


I think, the person who did lab investigation, he issued fictitious report just to make the incidence popular :)


Here in Pakistan, a news was floated to media is that


A local farmer reported that male organ of a he-goat is pushed back and a big breast has been protrude out. He milked the male goat and obtained 1/2 liter milk. The report was issued to media and appeared in newspaper.

Later it was revealed that he actually injected milk production harmones to he-goat for few months. Its all fraud going on.


Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on May 23, 2011 at 1:08am
In every religion certain things get more popularity and media support.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on May 21, 2011 at 5:41am
Thanks for the comments. There is a science related with every superstition, and vice versa!

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