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Question from Dr Vishnu Gadekar, Goa.
Resp Sir, I just read Dr Luc's miasm topic in his classical hompathic book, he says that after BCG vaccination we are exposed to and impose a tubercular miasm in our system. I want to know:

01. Is it possible to tackle the future tubercular miasmatic effects of BCG with hompathic remedy like giving say SILICEA which is tubercular in nature and also indicated for ill-effects of vaccination (even if no severe ill-reaction to BCG has been noted)?

02. Is it feasible to give say-- Sil after BCG, Diphtherinum after DPT etc just to clean a recently polluted system by vaccination? Will like to know your esteemed views?

Answer: Dear Dr Vishnu, I am putting my view regarding your question on my blog because it will be useful to number of peoples who use to watch the blog regularly.

Its definitely true that after BCG vaccination, we may get exposed to and may impose a tubercular miasm in our system. I am saying may be because it depends upon number of factors like:
1. Constitution of that Human being who is getting BCG.
2. Present Miasmatic State of the same human being.
3. Susceptibility of the same.

So, every time there will not be the same reaction after BCG vaccination. But, definitely it alters the healthy state of that human being. It is our duty to perceive that altered state of that human being.

1. If it is not severely affected, one should not interfere because Human Vital Force, whose office is to preserve the Health is capable of tackling this material attack on human being from BCG vaccine.

2. Unless & until, Human System never cry with any symptoms, it is criminal to interfere the Natural Human Reactions. Otherwise, unnecessarily given our remedies can also alter the healthy state of the human being & produce the complex in the system.

3. Depending on the presenting state, we have to consider a Homoeopathic Remedy.

4. We should not be fixed regarding any remedy for the same like Silicea or Thuja etc.

So, I will advise that first perceive what is happening after the vaccination & then decide what to do?
Thank You!
Dr Prasad Rasal, Sangamner.

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Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on December 4, 2010 at 2:20am
Respected Sir,
Here is a second question for you.
Can Homoeopathy replace successfully the concept of Vaccination?
I know few homoeopaths , who never give Vaccine to there children & they are well in health.
So is it good/justified to give Homoeopathic Prophylaxis insted of Allopathic vaccines ? Then may be we can find out another best answer for "BCG vaccination and Role of Homoeopathy"
Dr.R.P Patel's concept on "Totopathy-Potentised form of Allopathic Drugs" may be healpfull on this regard....

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