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Creating Waves of Awareness

Several years ago, a team of researchers in Africa to work on the topic "hygiene". The men had therefore brought a movie where a lot has been shown above. The researchers encountered a folk of people who had never had any contact with our civilization. The researchers showed their film because other understanding  was almost impossible to explain their concerns. After the film, the audience were asked what they had seen.

Almost all spoke of a chicken. Otherwise they could not see anything. After it became clear that chickens are sacred in this culture (like cows in India). Everything else the people did not knew - they had therefore not seen. What is unknown, will be hidden from the subconscious. 

We are trained to accept, what we know. We are also trained to ignore, what nobody knows in the surrounding we grow up. Therefore we don't see the aura. But we can learn it again. 

Step 1

  1. You sit de-stressed (all you do is de-stressed = relaxed! in each situation please) with a mostly straight back - make it comfortable. We are here to feel well, not to work hard :D
  2. Close your eyes. 
  3. Take your hands with the palm one against the other and rub them a bit (feeling warmness). 
  4. Now you remove them very slowly and very cautious from one another - 0,1 millimeter - just so much, that the skin doesn't feel any contact between. - And stop the movement. 
  5. Now you can feel the warmness / electricity between both hands. Do you? Try to accept this warmness / electricity as true (see above why - we learn). 
  6. Now you can make the distance a bit larger so that you always feel the warmness / electricity.
  7. Make the distance larger - you will be astonished how large you can go in distance till the contact is interrupted. 

Now you have done this: you have blocked your mind / conscious to contradict. It couldn't see anything, therefore it was silent. You have put your cognition to your feeling / touching - the second strongest perception, directly after the seeing. You can learn to accept, if you change the channel.  

Step 2

  1. You sit comfortable (like above) in a dark room in direction of a candle. 
  2. You look into the light of the candle. 
  3. You look behind the light - further and further away. 
  4. You will see, that the candle light becomes larger. Whatever you see, you see the aura of the candle light. Much more than a camera can perceive. 
  5. Take time to exercise it. 

Here you open your mind for energy and colors. You see the expanse of power. 

Repeat both exercises often. Till you feel and "see" more than the science tells it would exist. 

Step 3

  • Go outside, go for a walk. Go into the nature. Look for a region, where you can see the sky, a lot of. If there is a sea or the ocean, go there at the beach. See the wideness of creation. When there are people who  walk there too, let your sight slide on them. Don't focus but see, like in a dream. Sit down under a tree. Feel the bottom, breath the air, smell the aroma of creation. Enjoy to live...

Those walks are very good for your relaxing, Only walking, no focusing, only looking. Sometimes you will see the aura. Not because you will, but because you do. The will is not teacher, but the desire to live. 

Remember: Time is an illusion to dissect the whole into parts. We often do to understand. That's okay. But we will remember the whole in each moment of being we are a part of. 

Sooner or later you perceive the Aura. There are clouds of color and movement. You will find out that you can switch on and off the awareness for aura. But much longer it will take until you know what that can mean you see. In Kirlian photography is no different: here you can see, but do not know what it means. Until you have it integrated into your life. 

I wish you a lot of joy in exploring

The wings of a butterfly in Tibet changes the world

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Comment by Yvonne Siblini on November 2, 2012 at 9:54am

This makes sense, but rebirthing is something different which is done by breathing. Achange may take place or begin at the Auric, emotional, physical or spiritual levels. Your breath may take you into areas never imagined before. Its a new way to take out the regression in your life, is what I'm learning about now.

Comment by Gabriele Sielmann on November 2, 2012 at 3:54am
When we go out on the assumption that we are reborn after death in a new life, we speak of rebirthing.
Aura is the energetic field round about and inside of you.
Comment by Yvonne Siblini on November 1, 2012 at 5:47pm

what is the difference between rebirthing and aura?

Comment by Gabriele Sielmann on October 15, 2012 at 4:24am

thanx, nice explanation :)

"Bad" and "good" are judgment. Energy itself is neither "bad" nor "good". It exists, not more, not less.

Like in each treatment / labor / pictures of... - as long as we do not know the being health, we do not know what is different when feeling ill. That's individual. That's the problem in each kind of diagnosis. For example: I have about 17,000 leukocyts as normal state. If you don't know, you can think "oh gosh, she is very ill!!!" Each doctor does seeing my labor.

With other words

It is no problem to see the aura. It is a very big problem to interpret the sight. And often the personal belief of the observer makes the interpretation to "bad" and "good". Therefore I do not use it. But I observe - only observe. I never judge.

Comment by Dr Gopal Patel on October 14, 2012 at 10:53pm
Some Facts about the Aura - bird and other animals can see the aura , each non living also emits an aura , a building has an aura band for every 100 years, Buddhas aura was so powerful it could be felt for few hundred meters,
Even in our daily life when we meet a person who is pure by the aura it can be felt from a distance ,
Aura and etheric body are different for example in total darkness or when you can't see but you can feel a person coming behind you or some ones presence that's when both the etheric body is close,
According to life's karma and rebirth how do we measure what bad has been done in this life as memories can be forgotten but the more bad is done it changes the color of the aura , so in the spiritual world that is the only was to measure how bad a person is as in the next birth it's the aura that passes on.
Many spiritual leaders who are isolated do not like to come to near to a person is because the bad aura would effect his positive one.

In Hindu mythology getting blessed by a spiritual leader or parents and elders is transferring this energy etheric to the body ( Dr Hahnemann used to frequently do mesmerism it was during that time Mesmer was doing a lot of experiment on passing positive energy from one person to another )

The more positive influence and good thoughts makes our aura stronger and stronger and brighter in color but under the influence of bad thoughts or bad karma it's changes to a very dark color .
Many have used study if aura to even detect disease in early stages.

Now finding some one who can view the aura is very difficult as self practice you need lot of time and patience.

Experiment - If you want to feel the etheric energy close your eyes in a low lit room and ask some one to move the 2 finger near the level of the third eyes bringing the finger slowly back an front and you will feel a very strong stinging feeling in the third eye ( between the 2 eyes from mid forehead till the tip of the nose )
Later try moving the hand over the face or hands of the person and the energy can be felt.

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