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It’s always a bit of a surprise where I will end up staying for the night: Christel books my overnight stay online and all I have is an address. In London it turned out to be The International Students House: modest, small, hot rooms perfumed with students sweat, or at least that was what I thought it was. Notes on the hallway walls with all kinds of announcements for interesting and exciting shows, meetings and places, reminded me of my own student period in Leuven. I started my university study two years later than my son, this means in my late thirties, and enjoyed every bit of the students’ life so much I chose three studies and stretched it for7 years.

Next morning amongst the ‘working class heroes’ in the tube I headed for Victoria station. I took the train to Horsham, where Mike Andrews waited for me. After mails and a talk on the telephone years ago we finally met in person. I walked to his home place at about an hour and a half, feeling happy to be on English ground again. I always loved everything about England: its nature, its houses and its people.

In the afternoon Mike and I walked to the pub in the next village, where he has a monthly gathering with homeopathic doctors and vets. I was invited to be the speaker of tonight and the topic was Monera.  The Monera kingdom is not so well known but there are clear pointers, observed in cases and proved to be valid. Before that we visited a marvelous little church (it claimed to be from the 14th century) with a most attractive graveyard as one can only find in England. It’s there we saw the path to take the next step….

Mikes living room was completely full with the 7 homeopaths, us two and the patients, whose cases I was going to take that day. Mike chose his most difficult cases: both ME patients but so different from each other. The remedies for them were quite different and unusual as well! Everybody brought something for lunch and in the sunny conservatory with a view on Mike and Judith's lovely garden, we had our homeopathic discussions. Somehow this comes closer to the world we want to live in: good homemade food, a view on the garden that is a personal sanctuary and a place of delight, people meeting, working, learning, exchanging ideas together in a relaxed and open atmosphere. Don’t we all like the informal meetings better or is it just me?

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