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Well to report the progress of the Mare I have been treating - it has been a week now that I first saw the Mare with the very swollen pussy leg. I can report that she is doing fine. Here is what has happend since I last reported. The Mare was doing fine however the owner still very upset  (should have given the owner some Chamomille :)

Anyway, gave the Mare 30C Puls ( if you look it up it is indicated for seeping wounds which we still had) she got a little better,however when I saw her in the evening (visited 2-3 times per day) she was worse much like in the beginning. Oh oh I thought maybe I should not have changed the remedy, but then I remembered - the healing crisis- it gets worse before it gets better. So I punted :) did nothing cleaned the leg put new wraps on and left her without wraps turned out to pasture at night. And low and behold now one week after this nightmare started she is soo much better.

Leg is not swollen or just a little bit,still warm but she puts weight on it and no more pus. Used the softlaser diode today on her leg and I am confident we will have a healthy horse again.

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