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On Tuesday, I was called to a farm where the owner said she had a horse that had a swollen hind leg from the hip to the fetlock. After my exam, I found the leg to be boiling hot and blood serum was oozing out on many places after stroking the leg down. The mare was in dire stress. She had a systemic infection in the leg. Normally I would have called a friend who is a veterinarian to the consultation, however as many horse owners, this one too operates on a shoestring. I gave a dose of Aconite 30C and rubbed the leg down with a mixture of alcohol, hepar sulph 30C and Ledum 30c; just poured it right over her leg.

Next morning, I gave another dose of Ledum 30C for insect bites swelling, because I saw lots of fly bites on the mare. The leg was still very hot, after 2 hours I gave a dose of Apis 30C due to swollen hot skin after insect bites and while pouring the mixture of alcohol over the leg.

Last night the mare was lying down the first time, by the way she just had a foal, that is why we did not want to give antibiotics. She received another dose of Apis at 10 pm last night and today at 12 noon I saw her and she was some what better still the blood serum pouring out of her leg when touched, administered plain alcohol to the leg not as hot as before and gave her Apis 200c after 10 minutes she started to put the foot down swelling was going down as I was standing there and she started to walk after her foal, which she could not do before because she could not use the her leg. The mare is definitely on the mend. Hurray to homeopathy. Will keep you updated to the progress. By the way the same mare was saved once before from a major infection in the withers from a stallion bite using Hepar sulph. Will see her tonight.

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