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Any type anemic disease we can cure it or not.......

ANEMIA---A state characterized by deficiency of either hemoglobin or erythrocytes in circulating blood.

---Achrestic anemiaanemia due to inability to utilize a necessary factor present in the body.

---Aplastic anemia—persistent anemia resistant to therapy and characterized by absence of

regeneration of red blood cells.

---Cooley s anemia—(Thalassemia)—A genetically determind defect of hemoglobin synthesis

Associated with hepatosplenomegaly,mongoloid features

And changes in bones occurring chiefly in children of Mediterranean


---Czerny’s anemiaAnemia in infants due to deficient nourishment.

---Drepanocytic ,Dresbach’s anemiasickle cell anemia.

---Essential anemiaIdiopathic anemia.

---Hemolytic anemiaAnemia characterized by rapid destruction and later regeneration of
red blood cells

Due to infection,drugs or exposure to chemicals,it may also occure as a result of an

Autoimmune process.

---Hypochromic anemiaAnemia in which the decrease in hemoglobin is proportionately much greater than

The decrease in number of red blood cells.

---Hypoplastic anemiaAnemia due to incapacity of blood forming organs.

---Idiopathic anemiaThat due to disease of the blood or the blood-producing organs.

---Jaksch’s anemiaInfantile pseudoleukemia.

---Lederer’s anemiaAcute anemia with megaloblastic blood cell regeneration,raised colour index and high

leukocyte count.

---Lymphatica anemiaHodgkin’s disease.

---Macrocytic anemiaAnemia in which the red cells are much larger than normal.

---Mediterranean anemiaThalassemia.

---Megaloblastic anemiaAnemia characterized by the presence of megaloblasts in the bone marrow.

---Microcytic anemiaAnemia characterized by decrease in size of the cells.

---Miner’s anemiaAncylostomiasis.

---Myelopathic,Myelophthisic anemiaAnemia due to destruction or crowding out of hematopoietic

Tissues by space-occupying lesions.

---Normocytic anemiaAnemia characterized by proportionate decrease in hemoglobin,
packed red

cell volume and number of erythrocytes per Cubic millimeter of blood.

---Pernicious anemiaMegaloblastic anemia in adult life,considered due to lack of secretion by the

gastric mucosa of a factor essential to proper blood formation.

---Primary anemiaThat due to disease of the blood-forming organs.

---Secondary anemiaThat due to some cause other than disease of the blood-forming organs.

---Sickle cell anemiaA genetically determined defect of hemoglobin synthesis associated with poor

Physical Development and skeletal anomalies,occurring usually in negroes.

---Spherocytic anemiaSpherocytosis.

---Splenic anemia,anemia Splen’icaAnemia with enlarged spleen.

---Symptomatic anemiaSecondary anemia.

---Target cell anemiaThalassemia.

---Tunnel anemiaAncylostomiasis.

By-- Dr.sunil kumar


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Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on May 17, 2010 at 10:13pm
Thanks Dr.Sunil, for sharing Info on Anaemic conditions.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on May 15, 2010 at 1:04am
All cases are not curable, but manageable!

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