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Antibiotic Crisis- written by Prof. B. M. Hegde, MD, FRCP(Lond.), FRCP(Edin.), FRCP(Glas.), FRCP(Dub.), FACC(U.S.A.), FAMS.

Dr B M Hegde was the Former Vice-Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. He is also known as 'people's doctor' due to his unique qualities. Recently, he received Padma Bhushan Award from the Honorable President of India. He actually deserves Nobel price for his courage to tell the truth and his dedicated services in the field of public health. Link to Article

This article teaches us that uncontrolled infectious disease is greater in developed western countries where wealthier families give antibiotics to children, rather than boosting immune system and allowing the body to fend off the disease itself. Those living in poorer regions that cannot afford antibiotics have less ear infections and other infections when they eat nutritious foods that support the building of the immune system.

The growth of super bugs, like MRSA, now concern physicians, the general public and scientists.

The blame goes to patients and physicians from the over-prescription of these drugs, because the public demands them after watching advertisements and commercials pushed from the pharmaceutical industry.

We have inadvertently allowed germs to become resistant to antibiotics.

The Royal College of Physicians of London organized a meeting in 2001 to discuss the Clinical Implications of Anti-microbial Resistance. It has been estimated that around 15,000 people die in that small country every year from infections against which no antibiotic is effective. He warns of the growth of tuberculosis in modern times and recommends the use of honey to resolve wounds. Have we progressed in the past decade?

We presently see problems in the food industry and the production of fowl, dairy products and cattle by feeding drug laced foods to ward off inflammation and infection, such as mastitis. We now have research and proof that the use of homeopathy can resolve these infections in animals.

Please read the linked article and post your comments here.

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on October 22, 2010 at 12:37am
Even though some good modern medical doctors and health agencies have written against injudicious use of antibiotics, majority of practitioners do not listen to them. What the MR says is more valid for them. They use such reports only to criticize homeopathy! For example: The information given in Framingham Pediatrics- Ear Infections, says ,"some ear infections will resolve on their own without treatment". They use this report only to insult homeopathy when we homeopaths cure one difficult case of Otitis media that was not responding to their antibiotics. They may say that the cure was not due to homeopathy, it was a natural process. They never follow the same guidelines when they prescribe huge amount of antibiotics!
Comment by Debby Bruck on October 21, 2010 at 2:27pm
Rafeeque - Do you mean the Medical Text Books, journals, literature claim only antibiotic for infection? Are physicians today learning about natural antibiotic nutritionals such as garlic? Are they being taught to withhold, as per the pediatric regulations today for ear-infections, to wait and let the body act?

  • Although most ear infections are caused by bacteria, about one-third are caused by viruses. This explains why some ear infections will resolve on their own without treatment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell by physical examination which ear infections are caused by bacteria and which by viruses.
  • For this reason, it has become standard in this country to treat all diagnosed ear infections with antibiotics.
  • In some countries in Europe, pediatricians do not treat all ear infections immediately with antibiotics, waiting instead to treat only those that do not resolve on their own after a few days.
  • It is important to realize that other than the pain they cause, ear infections are not dangerous or harmful, and there is no danger to waiting even several days before antibiotic treatment.
  • Pain relief can usually be achieved with acetaminophen (Tylenol ®) or ibuprofen (Advil ®, Motrin ®) Other helpful measures are keeping the head elevated with extra pillows and applying a warm compress to the painful ear.
  • Administration of daily low dose "prophylactic" antibiotics is effective in reducing ear infections in most children who are prone to otitis media. Amoxicillin is also the antibiotic most often used for this purpose.
  • The other option is placement of tympanostomy tubes in the eardrums to allow for pressure equalization behind the eardrum and the prevention of fluid buildup behind the eardrum.
  • Because this surgical procedure requires general anesthesia, most parents and pediatricians opt to try prophylactic antibiotics first.
Source Framingham Pediatrics: Ear Infections

Another article written in 2010 shows a change in action on the part of some physicians.
  • ANTIBIOTICS A virus or bacteria can cause ear infections. Antibiotics will not help an infection caused by a virus. Many health care providers no longer prescribe antibiotics for every ear infection. However, all children younger than 6 months with an ear infection are treated with antibiotics.
Source: MedlinePlus

It is unfortunate that homeopathy is not thought of as a first line of defense and even as a preventative.

Attachment PDF file on Caring for Ear Infections by Jen Allbritton, CN

Here is some fascinating news and I'm wondering your thoughts on this one. Localized application of antibiotics. In a way, similar to antibiotic creams, they find antibiotic eardrops helps to resolve infections much quicker. CLICK LINK to Ear Drops Favored Over Popular Oral Antibiotics for Ear Infections. I'm assuming this will work for a while and will promote the development of even more resistant viruses and bacteria in the ear.
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on October 21, 2010 at 12:31am
Thanks for the addition.

Still, most of the health magazines say that antibiotic is the only answer for infection!
Comment by DR. ARINDAM DUTTA on October 20, 2010 at 9:03pm


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