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Arriving at Joerg Wichmann’s place it started to snow and it didn’t stop for the whole next day. Closing my eyes in bed I still saw snowflakes falling. Messages from Belgium informed me that the traffic jam broke all records. Christel’s Eurostar to London was canceled. Joerg and Angelika’s three children couldn’t make it to school as the buses didn’t get through. So we all stayed cozy inside. At noon the children made pancakes for lunch, in the afternoon we ventured for a stroll in the nearby woods. Even though it was pretty as a Christmas card (deer included) it was a bit upsetting that it was the 12th of March and a week after spring finally set in…. we all thought….

In the evening Joerg could make some time for a few beers and good conversations but his busy schedule didn’t allow him to join me the next day to Köln, no matter how much he’d loved to. With prints of the paths through the woods he dropped me at the edge. No need to say that after less than half an hour I got lost. Or better: I didn’t know precisely where I was. After having pointed the difference between these two to a colleague hiker, afraid of getting lost, I can’t afford to use those terms thoughtless.

After a great walk through the forest I arrived in the early afternoon at the banks of the Rhine. How lovely it was to then find a place where I could get a cappuccino and Apfelstrüdel with a view over the mighty river and  the famous cathedral in the distance.
The plan was to take the ferry as Ruth Wittassek, who invited me, lived at the other side. Joerg told me it was her birthday and I took some flowers. When I almost reached the ferry she rang me up to tell there was no boat today.  We stood each on a side of the Rhine… but the water was too deep.

We hadn’t met before but spent a great evening together with an excellent meal, good wine and an interesting discussion near the woodstove until the midnight hours.

All in all it appeared to me that Germany doesn’t need a “Walk for Homeopathy”: everything looks well organized and arranged. Homeopaths are either MD’s or ‘Heilpraktiker’ but both are legal and recognized. Many natural healing systems originate in Germany, and homeopathy is one of them. They seem to be integrated in daily live, available and easy accessible. 80 % of the population use one of them every now and then and over 90 % is satisfied with the results. According to Joerg the situation in Austria and Switzerland is comparable or even better. And we shouldn’t forget that for instance in India hundreds, maybe thousands of young homeopaths start enthusiastically with their practices. Moreover: wait until the Chinese come!

The Walk is not only has a mission and a message; there’s a personal aspect involved as well. While walking I discover what my next step will be. I link and meet lovely people everywhere.
In Germany the accent was maybe more on these features.

I use to say: ‘Homeopathy takes you everywhere’!  It’ll surprise you where homeopathycan take you!
For instance on a hike in the Eifel: that was going to be the last bit of the Walk in Germany. Two of the three companions canceled because of the snow. According to the weather forecast though we could expect two sunny days and ‘maybe a little snowfall’.
The first snowstorm broke lose over our heads at the railway station of Kall where Peter Guinee and I met. We started to walk anyway because it wasn’t going to last, we assumed. After 15 minutes of sun the second shower of snow surprised us. When we believed we were done for the day, again the sky colored dark grey and before we knew we were in the midst of another heavy snow storm. And it went on like this for the rest of the day; snow shower after shower, making it sometimes impossible to find the track or caused us sink into a brook up to our knees. I never seen it snowing like this in my life, I swear. At six in the evening we reached our B&B, with a sauna and overfriendly hostess. She hid her disappointment when she presented her evening meal and we had to confess we are both vegetarians and prepared us another dish.

Next morning blinding bright sunlight made us want to start early. The scenery in the forest was of a breathtaking splendor: a suitable climax for this episode indeed.



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