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The third part of the Walk in the Netherlands started with a visit in Nijmegen and a meeting at Huib Wijterburg’s place with colleagues and homeopathic doctors from his different study groups. He presented a patient whom he is treating for many years, and despite some progress and the satisfaction of the patient, the homeopath knows the breakthrough has not happened yet. This is the fate of many Nosode cases, people whose Vital Disturbance matches a bacterial or viral origin. We tend to narrow the application of those nosodes to physical complaints, clinical prescriptions, epidemics or miasm clearance. That is bad news for the constitutional Nosodes, who usually have unending physical complaints but never get their similimum. This was an interesting day for all to get acquainted with the characteristics of the Nosode kingdom, which are not difficult to recognize once you know what to look for.

Friday the 7th the weather was even worse than the forecast; this wasn’t only snowing, this was a snow storm! Luckily Huib and his wife do winter sports and have all the right gear. I ended up with not only all the clothes I’ve taken for the trip but with my head wrapped in two woolen shawls , a plastic cape on top of rug sack and everything, snow mittens  and a pair of snow glasses. Maybe I looked like a walking glass container but it kept me warm and dry. And I was happy to walk these 20 kilometers with Huib to share the experience with! It literally snowed all day, which is really exceptional. The scenery was spectacular and I thought pictures would tell more than words.

 Jan Roks decided to join me today. When we took off at the motel where I stayed it was minus 9 degrees. But the world looked like a fairy tale: white, a bit steaming in the morning light. My painful knees were happy to be supported by walking sticks, a novelty for me. Without Jan and/or his sticks I wouldn’t have made it today. 


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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on December 13, 2012 at 11:55pm

Your walk is symbolic for all of us.

Comment by Debby Bruck on December 9, 2012 at 3:14am

Dear Anne - thank you for giving us a lesson from your walk and the fairyland photos of snow. 

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