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Adamas - Who Is The Woman That Needs A Diamond?


Who is the woman that needs a diamond?


Have you ever had a patient who came up to you and said: “I just want to throw everything up.“ Let this statement stay with you for a moments and try to understand what it means. One of the sole conditions for survival is assimilation of nutrients. Substances that body assimilates become part of its structure, or produce energy for life. I want you to bear in mind that this rubric is in the chapter - MIND, not in the chapter - STOMACH.

MIND - VOMITING - desire to vomit out all her insides

Apart from food, we assimilate outer influences as well. Those could be influences of our parents, relatives, friends, and society in general. Some of them are good because they provide us with mental stability, we perceive them as a support, they enhance our creativity and willingness to work. On the other hand, some influences are toxic. They influence our body and soul to become sluggish, overloaded. They stop the flow of life energy, they inhibit it or waste it.

So, this patient feels that the things he ’’ate’’ are indigestible, that his body or soul isn’t able to assimilate what is brought in. It is given a wrong content which he can’t tolerate. That is the reason for his desire to throw everything up.

Let’s draw our attention to the conditions in which we find this person. For her husband she feels aversion, irritability and anger. From rubrics, we can see that these states are emphasized before and during her period, during intercourse, when she can’t feel the connection between them. The sexual act involves intimacy between partners, enhanced connection, unity. DETACHED - means to be separated, being without connection at that moment. In both cases, we encounter those negative feelings in situations of emphasized sexuality, when differences between sexes are most pronounced. Her body makes her miserable.

MIND - ANGER - husband; towards
MIND - AVERSION - husband, to
MIND - AVERSION - husband, to - coition; during
MIND - AVERSION - husband, to - menses; before
MIND - IRRITABILITY - husband; towards
MIND - IRRITABILITY - husband; towards - menses; before
MIND - DETACHED - coition, during
MIND - WRETCHED - body; unhappy with her
MIND - WRETCHED - menses; during

How that influences her life, we can find in these rubrics. Anger is a state of dissatisfaction.

MIND - ANGER - himself; with
MIND - DISCONTENTED - himself, with
MIND - DELUSIONS - old - feels old

This person feels separated from the rest of the world, she dreams of unification, dreams of being buried alive. Being buried means that there is no more life in her body and soul, that all of his life energy has been spent. When we bury a man, we surrender his lifeless body to the process of decay, for it has fulfilled its purpose. The possibility of influencing her own life no longer exists. She feels detached from the world and dreams about coming back to it again.

DREAMS - BURIED; being - alive; being buried
MIND - DELUSIONS - separated - world; from the - he is separated

This is a woman with clear, powerful mind, increased senses for orientation. She has a clear perception of her position, she is aware of all the circumstances in her life, but she doesn’t like it and she want to change it.

MIND - ORIENTATION; sense of - increased
MIND - CLARITY of mind
MIND - POWER - excited by power

She doesn’t feel good in her body. This feeling is followed by a delusion that the right side of the body is larger than the left side. It is believed that the right side of the body belongs to the male principle, and the left one is reserved for the female principle. This lady feels that the male principle in her is larger than the female.

MIND - DELUSIONS - body - half - right half - bigger than left half; is
MIND - DELUSIONS - abundance of everything, she has an

She has a feeling that there is something wrong in her life, and that makes her suffer. She sees her home and family as a burden, she wants to run away and live without them. This could be a woman with strong ambitions which were stopped at some point in past, by marriage, pregnancy, some family or social issues.

MIND - DELUSIONS - wrong - suffered wrong; he has
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - family and children; attempts to escape from her
MIND - HIDING - himself - earth; desire to hide in the
MIND - HOME - leave home; desire to
MIND - HOME - leave home; desire to - and lead a clear not muddled life without her family
MIND - DELUSIONS - clouds - black cloud enveloped her; a heavy

She thinks of herself as an inadequate mother, and she feels that she shouldn’t have had children at all. She finds taking care of the children a burden, strenuous activity that takes to much effort. When we say that someone is handicapped, first thing that comes to our mind is that he is unable to live all by himself and he needs others to take care of him, although he should be able to do everything. That’s why she thinks of her children as handicapped and independent.
We can see this in her dreams, where uncompensated sense of not wanting children comes to the surface. She fails in trying to make contact with her children.

DREAMS - CHILDREN; about - newborns - handicapped
DREAMS - DEAD; of the - children – newborns

Although she feels power and makes many plans, she feels very bad at home. She doesn’t enjoy housekeeping, she leaves things unfinished, she becomes awkward and lazy. She wants to go back to her parent’s home where she didn’t have to worry about the housekeeping. She has a feeling that she became worthless, and that people scorn her.

MIND - BED - remain in bed; desire to
MIND - POSTPONING everything to next day
MIND - INDIFFERENCE - everything, to
MIND - AWKWARD - strikes against things
MIND - HOME - desires to go
MIND - SHRIEKING - must shriek; feels as though she
MIND - CURSING - desire to curse

She have never gotten over her ambitions like Nux-vomica or Sepia, she hasn’t developed.

AILMENTS FROM – deceived ambition

She has delusion that her body is enlarged, out of its normal dimensions, and that it takes up a lot more space than it really does. She has delusions about having four arms – so she can work more, four shoulders – she can carry more, four faces – she has more roles in life. She has delusion of having the plenty of everything in life. She feels powerful, she can fly... Although she is moving fast, she feels that she is slow...

MIND - PLANS - making many plans
MIND - DELUSIONS - arms - four arms; she has
MIND - DELUSIONS - enlarged - body is
MIND - DELUSIONS - face - four faces; she has
MIND - DELUSIONS - flying - could fly; as if he
MIND - DELUSIONS - hand - four hands; she has
MIND - DELUSIONS - abundance of everything, she has an
MIND - DELUSIONS - power - all-powerful; she is
MIND - DELUSIONS - walking - slowly; she walks - quickly; when walking

That woman probably gave her family a lot of herself, but now, she wants to live life by her rules. She wants a life in which she can make her dreams come true. She is angry because she isn’t supported in achieving her goals.

MIND - ANGER - support; desires
MIND - DELUSIONS - sparkling, everything is

Sparkling is something that is impermanent. It isn’t solid, it doesn’t have shape and it disappears easily. Even if someone offers her help and support, it won’t be valuable enough for her and she won’t rely on the other person. It’s just a foam – it’s nothing.

Adamas or Sepia – where is the difference?

At first, this lady will look like Sepia because of the aversion to her husband and family members. But, although there are clear similarities, the differences are clear too.
Sepia belongs to sycotic miasm, while Adamas belongs to tubercular miasm. This miasm is a cross link between the Psoric miasm and the Syphilitic miasm, and the combination makes a tubercular personality. Always keeps on changing, change everything like change places, change doctors, professions etc. that gives a keynote of Tuberculinum miasm that is “DISSATISFACTION”. The only thing that is present on the mouth of these persons is that I want to go somewhere, do something different.

Sepia is a person who gave up fighting, while Adamas has a strong desire for change. That’s the reason why we’ll find Sepia but not Adamas in the rubric

AILMENTS from, ambition deceived,

Sepia doesn’t want to leave home, she just wants to isolate herself for sometime, while Adamas has strong desire to leave her husband and live free.
While Sepia complains about being tired, tells that she wants to dance and that her life is boring, Adamas still has a strong energy and feels that his family life is like living in mud. MUD - not water, not soil, mixture, infertility.
Sepia feels that her time has passed, that she lost her shine, lost her youth, while Adamas is dissatisfied with her looks, but at the sometime she wants change.
Sepia will feel poor when he doesn’t get reciprocation. She puts her all energy for the members of the family but when they don’t reciprocate when he becomes sick that time she feels that nothing is going to work out and she stays indifferent.

INDIFFERENCE, apathy - lies with eyes closed

Adamas doesn’t need to get accolade for everything she did for her family. She wants to go away, to leave her family and gain respect on a business plan.

MIND - HOME - leave home; desire to - and lead a clear not muddled life without her family

Why can Adamas resemble Nux-vomica?

The answer is simple – because of the strong and easy recognizing ambition. We’ll easily choose rubrics IRRITABILITY, ANSWER, aversion to… but Nux-vomica will never perceive Adamas’s feeling of suffering, being buried alive, desiring power… everything that Nux-vomica wants is to be paid well, and to have a good time.

MIND - ANGER - easily
MIND - CLARITY of mind
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - family and children; attempts to escape from her
MIND - PLANS - making many plans

In which way Adamas resembles Sulpfur?

The feeling of abundance will follow both remedies. They’ll both have many ideas and they’ll make a lot of plans. They aren’t satisfied with their situation/position and they’ll make a lot of troubles if they are being scorned from other people.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - scorned; being
MIND - DELUSIONS - abundance of everything, she has an
MIND - DELUSIONS - wealth, of
MIND - IDEAS - abundant
MIND - PLANS - making many plans
MIND - DISCONTENTED - himself, with

The difference here is that Sulpfur will become lazy, bitter person who criticize everything around him, and fall into self-pity. He’ll blame people and circumstances for his destiny. Adamas never gives up. If he ever gives up, he’ll probably completely turn into the picture of Sulfur.

All Rights Reserved

"Copyrighted" Simillimum Society for Spreading,

Promotion and Improvement of Classical Homeopathy, Belgrade, Serbia

 Copyrighted 2012


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Comment by Jean Watson Doherty on November 15, 2012 at 6:04pm

A great contribution, Jean

Comment by Dr. Sanjay Solunke on November 15, 2012 at 12:11pm

thank u maja 

Comment by arunesh arora on November 11, 2012 at 2:28am

What a story out of repertory....... I like it... charts and all that...fantastic work done... really.. the biography in contrast to repertory!!!!!. May more Materia should be added to more options...

Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on November 9, 2012 at 3:16pm

thanks for sharing this case

Comment by Dr.Shomit Kumar Singh on November 5, 2012 at 7:29am

this is a great work done by u . U put things very well & make it easy to remember.Ur way of explaining the rubrics is really super.Hope u will keep explaining the other medicine in same way .Thanks :)

Comment by Gabriele Sielmann on October 13, 2012 at 9:54am

Thanx, a wonderful description

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on October 13, 2012 at 8:48am

Thank you,keep HWC posted with her ongoing treatment.

Comment by Maja Letić on October 12, 2012 at 10:20am

Dear Dr. Wequar Ali Khan,

First insight was theoretical and based on the analysis of rubrics. Later, I recognize a case of Adamas, administrate the remedy and improve my article by my clinical experiences.

Case of Adamas

Women, 42,  married

2 children, homeopath


Complaints: diabetes, founded 8 years ago. In this moment it was very height. Doctor said that she suffers from diabetes long time before diabetes is founded. During the 3 days she was getting insulin injections but all results was so good and after 3 days she started with pills. No more injection.

15 years ago, she had tuberculosis of lung tissue. Her father and 4 cousins were died from tuberculosis.

She is low, moderately obese.

I studied law. I didn’t finish my studies. I was excellent student. Teachers had many complaints about my knowledge, my comprehension. Some of them told me that I will be teacher also. That I have a talent.

I stayed pregnant, but I was determined to finish studies. The director of the University allowed me to continue studies for free during one year. But, life is cruel. The war began in ex Yugoslavia. There was crisis. I had to work. I was very exhausted. Child, job, fear from war… I couldn’t stand it any more. My father was living with us. He had tuberculosis and he was contagious. I was afraid for children. He didn’t take care about his spoon, his glass. Fortunately, child stand health, but I become ill.  I have spent 42 days in the hospital. At first, the doctor said that I have cancer of lung. I was happy when I found out that I have TBC. I had to break my studies. I was going along the street and crying with my index. I repeated in myself: I will come back. I will come back. This is not the end. I don’t give up. People were looking me piteously.

When my father died my second child was born. It was during bombing of Belgrade. My first hypoglycemia appeared in this moment but I didn’t pay attention. I was thinking to continue my studies, but there was no money. My baby was crying and crying, all day, all night. I didn’t know what to do.

I started to work in a real steam agency 4 years later. I was secretary. It was very hard and stressful job. No one can do what I could do. I found the new way to offer more flats, to make better advertisement. But, after two years there were no more challenge for me. I was desperate. Behind me was a closet. Dry flowers were on him. I had an impression like I am in

the grave. As if I am buried alive and I will never escape from this grave.  I asked a thousand times: “Dear God, is it everything what you have from me? Am I born to do this job till the end of my life? I am very capable person, so educated… Will I decay here? I wanted to scream so loudly that all cosmos hear me.

I tried to work in a dressmaking shop, but didn’t go. The shop was close to my house. Every time when someone came in the shop, I would hide myself behind the curtain. I didn’t want that someone recognize me. Once, a neighbor saw me and said to me, “Oh, here you are! You work here now? I am so sorry because you didn’t finish your studies. So sad.” I felt scorn in her voice. I wanted to hide my self in the ground. I wanted that no one see me anymore. And again, same question came in my mind: „“Dear God, is it everything what you have from me? Am I born to do this job till the end of my life? I am very capable person, so educated… Will I decay here?” I decided to come back on my studies, but I didn’t have money. I couldn’t stand. I changed job.

After that, I worked as a nanny. They were twins, 16 month old. Their mother graduated law. It was painful for me. I was smarter than her, a better student, but she has a certificate and better paying job. I felt humiliated. I think he scorned me.  

I canceled this job. It was shock for my husband. In this period, I started to get cured by homeopathy. I asked my doctor what she thinks about my capability for homeopathy. She was very happy and gave me support. I have gotten support for the first time after many years. I didn’t have money, but I had an idea to teach school students in my home. It was only idea, but I had so faith and strength. It happened. I have got few children and I was working with them during the 3 years of my homeopathic studies.

I had no support from my family. My husband had many requests, as never before. My child was angry on me. I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to study till 9 in the morning. After that, I had to do everything else, home, child, and students. It was a very hard period of my life. I had to find strength in myself. There were no help from others.  I was tired, exhausted. I was screaming at the child: “Are you normal? Every normal child makes order in its room and table! Are you handicapped? Why do you disturb me when I do something?

I was sick of everything. I couldn’t stand it anymore. All made me sick. I want to throw up.

I always felt power in myself. I practiced tai-chi. I understand that everything around us is energy. My head is full of ideas. I want to work. I want to write. Now I know that I am on good path. I cure the people. Trace will be left behind me. Maybe one day i publish something great. I want to be brave, to stay with the best, to push ahead. I don’t want to waste time and energy one common and boring things.


MIND - VOMITING - desire to vomit out all her insides

DREAMS - BURIED; being - alive; being buried


MIND - DELUSIONS - wrong - suffered wrong; he has

MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to

MIND - HIDING - himself - earth; desire to hide in the

MIND - DELUSIONS - clouds - black cloud enveloped her; a heavy


MIND - SHRIEKING - must shriek; feels as though she


MIND - PLANS - making many plans



MIND - DELUSIONS - power - all-powerful; she is

MIND - ANGER - support; desires

MIND - FEAR - scorned of being


After administration Adamas 30C she has gotten quick relief. Urinary infection passed in 2 days, her mood is better, she is more tolerant toward family, sugar level is normal. She feels joy, no more sensation that right side is increased. She is able to concentrate on the things around her and to finish her job in proper time and on proper way. No more tormenting ambition and she is able to enjoy in her work again. She is still on treatment.

Comment by Gabriele Sielmann on October 12, 2012 at 9:44am

I like your article. It is very well done.

Go on to make it possible seeing remedies in a new "light".

And "new" remedies in an illuminated sight.

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on October 12, 2012 at 8:45am

Very nicely put article,and well discussed. Gives a lot of food for thought. Rubrics have been discussed well,in my opinion.Keep posting more Maja.

If it is based on a real life case what was given and what was the result.

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