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A Workable Solution to the Potency Conundrum in a Quintessential Nutshell.

1. The source of the -EM radiation is ALWAYS the original substance. It cannot be anything else, since every source of remedy has its own "signature" (as will be proven further down) and since such is absent in any background radiation, which may or may not have a - (negative) pole. Montagnier's paper states that DNA is also an -EM signal. It is also always negatively charged and named -Beta-scintillation by Rolland Conte. Boyd of Glasgow proved the same in the '40's.

2. To obtain -EM, liquids may be diluted, but solids ALWAYS need trituration, which like nano-technology through grinding superfine powders, generates the -EM wave from peeled off electrons, which are simple imponderables, having no dimensions. EVERYTHING MUST FIRST BE BROUGHT TO IMPONDERABLE STATE to have maximum signal strength and thus maximum effect as a dynamised potency. The signal will be stronger when liquids are also first triturated, as Hahnemann noted and recommends. (Organon: Aph 269-275) Therefore, Avogadro's limit does not apply. 

3. Succussion in diluted stage amplifies the -EM signal, producing a standing Schumann wave and a structure so named. (John Benneth, Cavendish Lecture) (Conte calls these structures "white holes"). The higher the dilution, the greater the amplification and the more powerful the dynamisation of the potency. Succussion also follows a sinus wave of peaks and dales in power, which are the strongest following the Fibonacci Series, as NMR has shown. Thus, the 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc will prove to be the most efficacious. 

4. -EM waves can be measured by several means. NMR, and Piezo-epectric. In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, there are always 2 waves, one of which stays the same throughout all dynamisations, representing the original substance, and the other, which shows the amplitude of the wave undergoing a gradual increase in frequency at each following potency. Structure can be measured through RLS, Raman Laser Spectography, which shows the spectrum of the original substance (more proof the substance produces everything), present in the Schumann wave. 

5. The Remedy -EM wave must correspond to the -EM wave of the body, to affect a cure, which is + (positive). Boyd of Glasgow proved this by placing patients inside a coil, which measured -EM from the body. Upon handing the patient a bottle OUTSIDE the coil, the -EM wave INSIDE the coil, registering the -EM of the patient, became +EM. Montagnier noted the same when placing 2 different potencies of the same remedy inside a mumetal box, to exclude brackground radiation. The bottles neutalised (antidoted) each other and potencies made from the lower potency showed a POSITIVE +EM wave. Minus times minus makes plus.

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