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Julian Winston did a question and answer at the NCH Summer School several years ago. He answered a question about his visit to Hahnemann's house. He later wrote up the visit as an article in Homeopathy Today, but I thought I would share the remarks he made that day.

Q: Tell us about your trip to Hahnemann's house.

A: I spent 10 days with Dr. Gypser. He arranged for train tickets for me to visit Hahnemann's house in Koethen. Andre Saine visited it as soon as the Berlin Wall fell. I saw Andre's slides of East Germany and the house. I was struck by the sense of desolation. In the town is a park with statues of Hahnemann, Lutze and Hygea. The house had little plaque giving the history. Hahnemann lived there with his three daughters. Melanie visited him there in 1835, and they married very quickly. I saw the outside of the house house on Saturday night. I was picked up by curator of museum in castle of Duke Ferdinand of Anholt-Koethen. Koethen was interesting at the time because railroad through to Berlin had just been put in. It is also the town where Bach composed the Brandenburg concerto. The castle has a room devoted to Bach, Hahnemann, and Naumann, who was a botanist. It has a glass window from Lutze clinic. Lutze was an admirer of Hahnemann. It has books by Hahnemann, including some handwritten books . His house is currently being restored to modern building codes. I walked in the garden. The plan is to put in a homeopathic flower and herb garden and use the house as a homeopathic meeting place.

I took a train from Koethen to Stuttgart and visited the Bache Foundation. They are interested in homeopathy from the standpoint of the history of medicine, but not as a practice. Boeninghausen inherited the mantle of homeopathy after Hahnemann died. Dr. Gypser said if you want to look to practice homeopathy, look to Boenninghausen and Lippe. His son, Karl Boeninghausen married Sophie, adopted daughter of Melanie Hahnemann. Hael found the 6th edition of Organon along with other works of Hahnemann in Boeninghausen family. Hael and Boericke paid for Hahnemann's documents. Hael made a deal with Bache so that they would get Hahnemann's documents after his death. Bache has created Institute for the History of Medicine, a little building that has all of Hahnemann's casebooks, except for 1803 and 1836. When a patient sent letter to Hahnemann, he put letter in his casebook. Hael took these letters out of the book and put them in a separate case, so you can't go from casebook to letter. Five casebooks have been transcribed and published. Bache has an annotated copy of 1st edition of Materia Medica Pura, which became the 2nd edition. They also have a handwritten 4th edition of Organon, all of Boeninghausen's casebooks along with casebooks of his son, Karl. They are available in microfiche and Dr. Gypser has copy. Boeninghausen wrote Aphorisms of Hippocrates with Annotation of a Homeopath. An English translation was planned , but it was not published because of the Civil War.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on September 29, 2014 at 7:23pm

Dr Manish Bhatia has written and disseminated this important message:

. . . we are on the verge of losing the historical building where Homeopathy was born - Hahnemann's house in Torgau, Germany.

To save this historic building for homeopathic purposes, a new organization has been found - International Hahnemann Centre Torgau e. V. The main purpose of this new organization is that Hahnemann’s house at Torgau, Germany should remain the centre of homeopathy; the place where homeopathy took birth, should stay with the homeopathic community, and should remain the centre for inspiring future generations of homeopaths.

The new organization is our last chance to save Hahnemann’s house at Torgau andit needs your support. The organization needs financial help in the form of memberships and donations.

To support the new organization, and to save Hahnemann’s house, please become its member. There is a small membership fee that will help us keep the organisation active and preserve and develop the house for homeopathic events. Just visit and click for the language of your choice. Then download the application form for membership and send it to the organization. That’s all you need to do. Here is the direct link to the membership form too :

Just fill it, and send it back to

You can also make donations via PayPal by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button on the left column of the website.

Your International Homeopathy Centre e. V. is here:

Any further information can be inquired via email:

I request you to help the organization because Hahnemann’s house at Torgau needs your support! Every membership and every donation counts. Please chip in!

Please also forward this to all your homeopathic friends.

Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on March 14, 2012 at 4:25pm


Bache = Robert Bosch sen. he also financed the homeopathic hospital in Stuttgart: The Robert Bosch hospital. the Institute for history of medicine is situated in family Bosch old residence, 10 minutes up the road, where I grew up. My father was friends with Robert Bosch.

Comment by Mary Terhune, RN on April 19, 2009 at 8:52pm
Thank you Bernie for sharing Julian Winston's visit. I loved reading every bit of it.

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