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A report on 68th International Homoeopathic Conference of LIGA held at Quito, Ecuador Recently held on 4th-7th June 2013. A real good experience as compared to the year’s conference held at Nara, Japan. 

The conference was attended by nearly 200 doctors from 30 countries of the world. It was a treat to attend the conference at world’s highest capital i.e Quito.

Indian delegates were Dr.S.P.S. Bakshi, Dr. Sandeep Kaila, Dr. Alok Pareek, Dr.K.K.Juneja, Dr. A.K.Gupta, Dr. Navneet Rastogi, Dr. Gyan Das Wadhwani, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Dr. Sapna Gupta and Dr. Aditya Pareek went to Quito via Miami (US). The trip to Miami and Bhamas was a nice experience despite having some rough sea weather.

Conference was held at Swissotel Quito. Having a grandeur architecture and appearance. Conference was attended by the Health Minister of Quito in the evening. Dr. Dr. Edgar Godoy L , President of Ecuador Homoeopathic Association had a large number of local homoeopaths to his credit to make this conference successful. Dr. Ranzo Galassi, Dr. Matuk and Dr Edgar must be congratulated for the success of 68th LIGA conference.

Conference held at big magnitude of splendur of various stalls with regular supply of cold drinks, tea and coffee and some snacks.

Translation of papers available in Spanish and English. Though most of the papers from the western world were on Theory and Principles of Homoeopathy, Miasms, Biophysics etc. There were around 63 papers selected for presentation in the entire conference. Out of these were 12 papers from Indian homoeopathic doctors. Dr Alok Pareek presented his paper on Homeopathic Approach in Modern Oncology, Dr A.K.Gupta presented paper on Motor Neuron Disease and Homoeopathic Perspective, Dr.Gian Das Wadhwani presented paper on 21st century Lifestyle Disease Pandemic & Hahnemaniann Homeopathy and Dr.Rajesh Gupta & Dr. Sapna Gupta presented paper on Constitutional Approach Towards Treatment of Uterine Miomas. An evidence based study. Dr . Gian Das presented another paper on Chikunguniya & Homoeopathy. All the papers were very well accepted and appreciated by the doctors present there. A healthy session of question answer also took place.

Other papers from India selected and were on the list of presentation were A Case of Nephroblastoma in Pediatrics Treated with Homeopathy by Dr.S.M.Singh,; A Prostate Cancer with Bone Metastasis by Dr. Gan T; Homeopathic Management of Urolithiasis in Reproductive age group Females by Dr Poornima Shukla; Homeopathy in Tuberculosis by Dr. Sudhir Batra; A Holistic Approach in Management of Psycho-physiological Disorders by Dr. Nambisan S.N ; Homeopathic Antioxidants for Restoring Hepatic function in Chronic Liver Dr. Nambisan K.M.N ; Psychoneuroendocrinology vis to vis Homeopathy. By Dr. Anupriya. But due to some unavoidable circumstances could not be presented as the respective doctors were not there to present their papers.
There was a presentation of paper via Skype also.

Dr.Alok Pareek and Dr.R.K Manchanda from India were elected as prime Vice president and Secretary Research respectively. In the coming 3 years Dr.Pareek would be the President of LIGA. Dr Pareek nominated Dr.K.K.Juneja to PR working group and also nominated Dr.A.K.Gupta & Dr. Navneet Rastogi to the Research working group of LIga ..
On the whole it was nice experience at the conference at Quito, Ecuador and visit to USA was a worth the hassle and expenditure.

Prof.Dr.A.K.Gupta,MD (Hom.)
Director- AKGsOVIHAMS Homoeopathic Clinics

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Comment by Dr.A.K.Gupta on June 25, 2013 at 2:30pm

Thanks a lot Dr.Wequar Ali Khan for your interest and liking my post of report on 68th Liga conference.  It is always better to share .Well it was really nice to see mnay homoeopathic prcationers in Ecuador. If you are interested in having the proceedings and papers ,you can contact the Liga office to provide you the neccessary info.

Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on June 25, 2013 at 11:04am

Thank you Dr Gupta for posting this report.

Where can we get the papers that were read out there,and whom to contact?

Its heartening to note that homeopathy, is not only alive but healthy and prospering.Good to know that Ecuador is on homeopathic map. History of growth of homeopathy in Ecuador would be most welcome.

Comment by Dr.A.K.Gupta on June 25, 2013 at 9:40am

Surely Dr.Rafeeque ,it would be pleasure to have you there at Paris and interact. 

Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on June 25, 2013 at 8:14am

Hope it was a great event. I will try for the next one at Paris.

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