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After spending a lot of ‘quality time’ with family and friends for Christmas and New Year celebrations, last days were filled with organizing the Walk in Belgium.  My beloved Paul has children, in laws, six grandchildren and so have I. His oldest granddaughter is 18 and brings her boyfriend; my youngest granddaughter is 14 months and sits on our lap. All of them are the light of our eyes and the joy in our hearts.

Packing for the next walk, I’m in an optimistic mood. The weather might be rather gloomy (persistent grey skies and wet, wet, wet), at least no tempest, hail, flood or freezing in the weather forecast next week. I’ll wear my raincoat and pack my rain cape and that should do. As a matter of fact: the first day I planned with a friend in a sauna, who cares about the weather then!
Some courageous souls already made arrangements to walk with me and I’m looking forward to meet interesting people.  Christel and me are organizing a Dance Party at the end of the Walk in Belgium.

In the Netherlands the four people that took over the flag picked dates and made the announcements for upcoming walks. It’s really great the idea and the action of the Walk will continue and grow in this way.

 Mails are coming in from all over the world with good wishes, with encouragement, with congratulations, with support. It feels as if I walk with and for many people.

Yesterday I started cleaning up the flower garden, taking away the wilted and withered flowers from last year and guess what I found underneath: new shoots and leaves of snowdrops and primroses.
These first signs of a new year, a new beginning no matter what gives me hope. It’s going to be a better one than the ones before.  It is promised, expected, longed for… all we have to do now is make it happen.

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