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Catch A Cure: A 9th Standard student with migraine has been under my treatment for the last year, with temporary relief from Natrum Muriaticum, Sulphur, Tuberculinum and Mellissa Q/Spigelia 200 s.o.s. for pain. She was also suffering from dysmenorrhoea, which was managed with Magnesium Phosphoricum 1M from time to time.

She had an inferiority complex and strongly believed that she looked ugly (though she looks almost average with a good complexion and nice looking face). She thought that her body did not look good and there were no friends or relatives who loved her. She was almost isolated in school and home because of such feelings. Her case was repertorised with the following rubrics and prescribed with aforesaid medicines.

HEAD - PAIN - Sides - left
HEAD - PAIN - school children
HEAD - PAIN - reading - agg.
MIND - DELUSIONS - body - ugly; body looks
HEAD - PAIN - menses - during - agg. - painful menses

Though there was relief she was not at all got cured from headache, as they recurred during times of over strain and change of weather etc. In December 2014, she reached out to me with a recurrence during model examinations.

At that time her mother told me that she is behaving like me!

I asked the mother what she meant, "Behaving like me?"

"Yes, doctor. Like you, she is sitting at the table using some tubes as stethoscope, using a torch and asking us to "show me your tongue". Then, take this medicine and come back after two weeks if not relieved, but it will relieve , come if not cured......"

Actually, these are my repeated dialogs. I asked her mother why and how she is behaving like this. She told me, she likes you and respects you very much. She always says that she has to become a homoeopathic doctor like you, and win the heart of people. She speaks like you, just like you speak in the Radio Media Village and speaks like you as you did at the inauguration of our Residence Association and during the show just as you spoke behind the podium when you delivered your keynote address at her school.

My vertex hit the roof by hearing these words of flattery.

In the next moment, I fell down as she said it is not the first time she has shown this. A few months back, she was mimicking like her new principal. And even before that, she was acting like Kejarival. And, even before that she was like Narendra Modi like that. She is doing all these to get out of her complex and to put herself in these successful peoples shoes. Now it is your turn. That's all.

I took it as love sickness and made sure that the case is Natrum Muriaticum. But why Nat Mur did not work even after receiving in 10M Potency was the question. I took 3 more rubrics

MIND - EXPRESSING oneself - desire to express oneself - mimic; in
MIND - ADMIRATION, excessive

It did not make much change in the repertorial result. So, I went to the final court for a better verdict, Materia Medica. While reading materia Medica of 6th or 7nth medicine suggested in repertorial result I got it. There, written in the wordings of patient and her mother I read:

"low Self esteem FEELS THAT NOBODY WOULD LOVE THEM IF THEY REALLY KNEW THEM. Feels unattractive, feels lonely, and empty, feels her body is ugly

These words are PQRS

"Tries to fit in imitate the behavior of popular successful people around them"  

 THUJA was the remedy of this case and the headache was on left side, too. I prescribed 1M one dose and advised her to avoid coffee, tea and onion for 3 days. It was prescribed in December 2014. There were no headaches or dysmenorrhoea up until this date. Today her mother requested some more medicines as her examinations are going on. I told her no need of any medicine or any anticipation it won't recur further.

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