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Yes the sign is mentioned in the materia medica, but for example not stressed by Roger Morrison and others. I would give it the maximum of “stars.” I have seen one case of an infant who did not stop crying for 2 days and the parents hardly slept an hour or so in these two days, visited 2 emergency rooms where he “was turned up side down” but nothing was found. He got some sedatives but this did not brought any significant relief. In big despair, my friends came to me for help.

When I asked the parents if the urine was examined [even if he was a boy and UTI’s are not that common in boys] they told me that it was, but all was clear. “By the way, they asked the doctors to do this as they had seen a “tiny red spot in the diaper.” Hearing this symptom I gave on the spot a dose of Lycopodium and the results where like one can see sometimes with chamomilla, within seconds the baby was relaxed and all the suffering of 2 full days had gone.


Recently a mother, who comes from a family of nine so she has quite a big of experience with sick siblings, called me about her newborn who refused to breast feed and skipped two nursings. As she get regular e-mail articles from me she knew that this could be an emergency sign! Also the child was a bit “drowsy”. I already referred her to the hospital for examination and possible  lumbar puncture when she told me that she had seen a tiny bit of “blood”/red spot on the diaper. Hearing this I asked her to give straight away some lycopodium and to prepare for the hospital if the child would not remarkable improve in the next coming hour. Indeed she could cancel her trip. 

How much could be spared on all kind of examinations if doctors would only know a handful of “remarkable symptoms/signs” and were willing to give things a trial. It is interesting  that lycopodium is strongly connected with stone forming [urolithiasis] and that the red spot consists of uric acid crystals.

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Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on May 10, 2011 at 11:37pm
Very good sign. Thanks.
Comment by sajjadakram on May 10, 2011 at 9:52am

It is confirmed that a sign can be very much useful.We can prescribe on that alone.


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