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September 2009 Blog Posts (50)

Vital Force As Autocracy and Its Dynamics


Prepared By Prof.Dr.Mubashar Ahmad Khan,


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In political system there is a term used named Autocracy, that means autocratic government where a ruler of a government with unlimited power,one who does things without considering the wishes of others . In urdu this ruler is called " Khud Mukhtar, Mutliq ul Inan ," who is not answerable to anybody.So… Continue

Added by Dr.Mubashar Ahmad Khan on September 6, 2009 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

Homoeopathy heals

Those who criticize homoeopathy without trying it according to its basic rules they are requested to visit the site and see the case reports under the head 'publications and articles' and may watch documentary videos under the head 'cases treated'.

Added by Shailendra Kumar Mamgain on September 6, 2009 at 12:34pm — No Comments

Complex Remedy Relationships

Can anyone help point me in the right direction to find information on Creasey's complex group relationships, or share your own knowledge and understanding? I have a college project to do and 1 part is to explain these relationships, but I can't find any information on my web searches.

Many thanks, Safiya

Dec 2009

Here is the complete Remedy Relationship project I did. As well as defining different types of remedy relationships we had to compare 2… Continue

Added by Safiya Parker on September 6, 2009 at 5:30am — 2 Comments

CASE: Pint of Guinness

By: Hans Weitbrecht

It was start of December 2001 a 58 year old male came to my clinic. He was terminally ill with cancer of the stomach and esophagus. After undergoing the usual procedures he was left with most of his stomach gone and his weight was down from 100 kg to 65. He was only able to hold a small amount of food down and was put on astronaut’s diet. Any amount of liquid was vomited almost immediately. He had a almost constant burning in the stomach, sometimes accompanied by a… Continue

Added by Hans Weitbrecht on September 5, 2009 at 2:00pm — 9 Comments


Alcohol addiction

A man is addicted to alcohol suddenly or gradually depending upon the miasmatic strength in him. We all know that alcoholism is coming under syphilitic miasm. In addition, we are aware of the miasmatic suppression theory of Dr Profull Vijaikar. If we draw the miasmatic picture of most of people including us, we can see how deep rooted is the syphilitic miasm comparing to the psoric predominance in our ancestors. Psora is very rare now even in new born children. Increase… Continue

Added by DR SHIBI P VARGHESE on September 5, 2009 at 12:45pm — 2 Comments

Bird Themes

A few comparisons to help locate the Birds on the Mappa Mundi.

According to Shore the bird mind "organises itself around concepts which allow a dynamic shifting of emphasis". Its a kind of sensitivity. Every updraft or downdraft changes the whole situation from moment to moment. It sounds a bit like Pulsatilla (WIND flower!), where the significance of events or feelings can easily change and so she changes her…


Added by Stephanie Nile on September 5, 2009 at 11:30am — 26 Comments


It is said there are no specifics in homeopathy. Correct, but there are some near-specifics that work in nearly eighty or ninety percent of the cases and are almost specific for a certain situation.

My aim here is to quote only those which have stood the time test during one’s own practice. I will give examples from my experience and invite others to join me.

PULSATILLA for a breach presentation:

Pulsatilla was given to a number of cases where the only a few days remained before… Continue

Added by Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed on September 5, 2009 at 4:51am — 4 Comments

Hahnemann----- A true Psychiatrist

Published in Homoeo-Times (April 2007)

Hahnemann was "one of the earliest, if not the very first," to advocate a "treatment of the insane by mildness rather than coercion,"

As Dudgeon tells us, Hahnemann "settled for a time in 1792," [Dudgeon, xxiii] in Georgenthal, and it was while residing there that he "accepted an offer of the reigning Duke of Saxe-Gotha to take charge of an asylum for the insane,"… Continue

Added by Dr. Navneet Bidani on September 4, 2009 at 12:29pm — 2 Comments

The Magic of Boericke

(Article published in the August 2009 issue of HomoeoBuzz magazine, New Delhi,

Ask any Homoeopath “which is the most useful book, when you are at the clinic”, the most probable answer would be Boericke, which is the ultimate book for most of us. This can be understood very clearly if you refer the back volumes of The HomoeoBuzz magazine in which most of the experts who were interviewed in Idol spot section mentioned Boericke as an All time guide for a… Continue

Added by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on September 3, 2009 at 6:30am — 8 Comments

The World Health Organization advocates the use of Homeopathy

"The World Health Organization advocates the use of Homeopathy" is a byline that is prominent on my website home page. It's been there for some time. I'm not removing it. I thought about addressing this latest round of homeopathy bashing by the Young Voices of Science on my own blog but it is too depressing for me and I don't want to go there.

It seems to me that the good, and obviously effective, work of some of our homeopaths such as Jeremy Sherr, Peter Chappell, and Luc de… Continue

Added by Marilyn Freedman on September 2, 2009 at 9:09am — 8 Comments

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