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Margarita Segkou
  • Athens, Attiki
  • Greece

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  • Kanyakumari Rudrangi CCH, RSHom.
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Athens, Attiki, Greece
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I took the BSc(Hons) Homeopathic Medicine degree from the Univerity of Central Lancashire (UK) . I now practice homeopathy in the centre of Athens in three different places.
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At 1:51pm on June 10, 2010, DR VIVEK MAAN said…
hi margaritta sorry no talks from a long time , just tell how u take case taking o0f ur patients esp chronic cases then we will proceed on t6his topic . byee take care
At 11:39am on June 1, 2010, Kanyakumari Rudrangi CCH, RSHom. said…
Thank you! very much.
At 4:44am on May 7, 2010, Dr.sunil kumar said…
Yoga practice can have numerous health benefits for a person's mind, body, and spirit. For people who are in a healthy state, yoga works to:

* Increase Flexibility
* Increase Strength Within a Wide Range of Motion
* Increase Muscle Tone
* Increase Strength of Ligaments and Tendons
* Increase Circulation and Lubrication Within Joints
* Massage and Stimulate All Organs of the Body
* Complete Detoxification
* Quiet and Focus The Mind
* Integrate Mind Body and Spirit
* Creates a Balanced Sense of Being

For those suffering from illness, Yoga Therapy can help manage and/or alleviate:

* A Wide Range of Digestive Disorders
* Chronic Pain
* Spinal Degeneration
* Arthritis
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Diabetes
* Asthma
* Heart Disease
* Thyroid Disease
* Hypertension
"Yoga” as is most commonly practiced today is “Hatha Yoga,” the physical aspect within an extensive system of spiritual practice. It uses a series, of poses, postures, breathing techniques, and lifestyle suggestions to achieve a state of balanced awareness within a person’s mind, body and spirit.
At 10:30pm on May 6, 2010, Dr.sunil kumar said…
Thanks a lot adding me as afriend
At 3:35am on February 24, 2010, Dr Sajeev said…
Thank you for the reply. Surely I welcome you to India as well as my Home.
At 5:45am on February 21, 2010, Dr Sajeev said…
I like to know more about you.
I am from Nedumkandam-Idukki Dt. Kerala-India.
DHMS 1980
done in Capital Polyclinic Muscat
50 Yrs.
At 12:47am on November 1, 2009, Dr.M.K.Sahani said…
Discussion on harmful effect of Homoeopathic medicines is quite necessary as there are diverse views and experiences. Any substance considered as Medicine must have the property to bring a change, whether applied in health or in diseased state. They differ from disease only in the sense that medicines act unconditionally and diseased has to weaken the state of health. Thought on medicines property is also reflected in Hahnemann’s Organon of medicine in aphorism 21. “Now, as it is undeniable that the curative principle in medicines is not in itself perceptible, and as in pure experiments with medicines conducted by the most accurate observers, nothing can be observed that can constitute them medicines or remedies except that power of causing distinct alterations in the state of health of the human body, and particularly in that of the healthy individual, and of exciting in him various definite morbid symptoms; so it follows that when medicines act as remedies, they can only bring their curative property into play by means of this their power of altering man's state of health by the production of peculiar symptoms; and that, therefore, we have only to rely on the morbid phenomena which the medicines produce in the healthy body as the sole possible revelation of their in-dwelling curative power, in order to learn what disease-producing power, and at the same time what disease-curing power, each individual medicine possesses.”
Consideration of proving of medicines in Homoeopathy on healthy human being also lies in the fact that medicines accts unconditionally. Proving records are available which indicate so many adverse affects in different potency. As such during treatment of a case there may be adverse affect of medicines if wrongly chosen as they must produce effect. Considering on the above fact we may assume that there are adverse effect of Homoeopathic medicines. They are dynamic in nature as such all effect will be on the dynamic levels which are experienced on the physical and mental plane. Harmful effect will be affected on the dynamic plane and visualized on physical and mental plane.
I am practicing Homoeopathy since 1975 and came across several cure and at the same time failure. It is difficult at moments to assess the harmful effect. In some of the cases I felt the adverse effects. Often aggravation seems to be harmful effect but they subside after certain hours but harmful effects are persistent in nature. In a case of fever along with cough and coryza after administering the medicine I found that they subsided and patient started feeling breathlessness, it is negative action as per the law of cure and harmful in nature. Suppressive and palliative actions often give relief to patient but they are harmful in nature. I understand selection of medicines to match totality of symptoms plays great role in action of the medicine which only decides the type of effect. Follow-up guidelines by our master also indicate about the harmful effects. Thus it cannot be totally denied that there are no harmful effects of Homoeopathic medicines. More careful observations are required.
At 9:17pm on October 29, 2009, Dr V P Singh said…
Dear Margarita
Study of side effects of Homeopathy has been always been a grey area. Adverse reaction (not pleasant for the patient) to homeopathic medicines is more appropriate term. Usually this is taken as homeopathic aggravation or development of new symptom(s) which may form the basis of future prescription of the same remedy in future.

In my 37 years of practice of Homeopathy, both as a scientist and a clinician, I am yet to see a case which presented with adverse reaction. I have prescribed some medicines for many patients regularly for as many as 13 years without eliciting any aggravation of existing symptoms or some new symptoms which can be termed as adverse manifestations. The disease in question has been HIV/AIDS which is termed as incurable as on date. A particular homeopathic preparation (Azathioprine) was routinely prescribed to many patients with HIV disease since 1996, some of whom are still continuing and are in asymptomatic stage. The logic behind prolonged prescription is that HIV works all the time as maintaining cause of immune deficiency. All along I have observed that it helped patients in maintaining effective immune response. I am yet to see any adverse reaction on any of the patients so far (after 13 years). Many colleagues have observed aggravations in patients with other disease and different medicines, I have none.

That is why I had used the term 'grey area'. It is difficult to label a manifestation as side effect or adverse reaction, for it could be related to disease itself and not the medicine.

Any way thank you for raising this issue.


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