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Royal London Homeopathic Hospital

Photos taken during a visit to the RLHC in August '08

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Comment by Mark O'Sullivan on April 11, 2009 at 3:10pm
I was lucky enough to get shown around the Homeopathic Pharmacy at the hospital last August by Claudia, one of the highly qualified pharmacists. Busy though they are, the pharmacy staff still found time for friendly chat and were curious as to how things were in Ireland for homeopathy. There is nothing like the RLHH in Ireland.

They dispense whatever has been prescribed by the many resident practitioners in the hospital. They have a bewildering array of herbal tinctures, flower essences, vitamins and of course, homeopathic remedies. They mostly prescribe C potencies, with some LM's and their medicating potencies are from Weleda. All of their practitioners are medical doctors who have specialised in Homeopathy or Herbalism. They also offer Acupuncture and Reflexology - all by referral on the NHS!

In essences, they use Anne Callaghan's Indigo essences and Julian Barnard's Bach Flower Remedies as well as the Aussie Bushflowers

I was also shown the "Iscador" anthroposophic preparation used at the hospital by some practitioners in the treatment of cancer, the active ingredient being Viscum Album or Mistletoe.

The hospital is so impressive - the atmosphere is very calm and notable for the absence of strong chemical smells pervasive in conventional hospitals. It is more like a healing centre than a hospital, then again, I suppose that's exactly what it is. The waiting rooms for the practitioners are very calm and child friendly.

I hope that the NHS trustees come to their senses and lay off the threatened cutbacks. The testimonial book from patients on the pharmacy counter literally speaks volumes for the healing, relief and joy patients have experienced at this hospital. What a retrograde step its closure would be.
Comment by Debby Bruck on April 11, 2009 at 3:43pm


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