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Dear Leaders of Homeopathy

This is an action alert in response to the recent attacks on the validity of homeopathy presented to the World Health Organization.

In an effort to have our positive messages heard in the media we ask you to send out the email below to your entire mailing list.


Debby Bruck, CHOM

Founder of HWC Homeopathy World Community

Dear Friends and Supporters of Homeopathy
This is an action alert in response to the recent attacks on the validity of homeopathy presented to the World Health Organization.

We are asking you to take these four easy steps to have our positive messages about homeopathy heard around the world. Using the micro-blog tool Twitter, you can help bring keyword homeopathy up in the search engines. It is very easy to use and we will help you get started. So do this right now with out delay.

1. Go to

2. Sign up by typing your real name without a space in between the first and last name and create a password

3. Upload your photo

4. In the “What you are doing?” window enter each of the posts below. [Copy & Paste one at a time, clicking update after each one]

Oxford University Press study | homeopathy medicines have effect on cancer cells & genes

81% of patients receive CAM treatments on referral from GP #homeopathy

Dr. Pawan Pareek Clinical Evidence | Homeopathy Treatment

Research Supporting Homeopathy

The threat of a global pandemic & evolving homeopathy treatment strategy

Thank you so very much for being part of this 24-hour Twitter Campaign Marathon. If everyone around the world posts these messages [and more if you are so inclined] then we will have started a great wave of positive energy creating awareness and educating the public.

Thank you,
Your Signature

  • PS. If you run a homeopathic school please make it an assignment. It only takes a few minutes to make a tremendous impact.
  • Seven Reasons Homeopaths Should Join Twitter

Additional Tweets:
Abraham Lincoln & Cabinet Appreciated Homeopathy Medicine

CAM & #homeopathy saves NHS money

Regulation of homeopathy drug products by Borneman & Field PDF

Belfast homeopathy study | Ennis reports if study results real implications may have 2 rewrite physics & chemistry

Patients call for NHS complementary therapy #homeopathy

Kudos, Thanks & Appreciation Goes to Louise Mclean, LCCH MHMA, Zeus Homoeopathy News for assisting in creating this wealth of information for HWC.



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Comment by david hartley on June 8, 2009 at 8:33pm
Homeopathy in Pandemics & Epidemics - short low-graphics slideshow:
Comment by Debby Bruck on June 6, 2009 at 4:36pm
TWEET THIS: Sign Parliament Petition|Homeopathy worked for me
Comment by Debby Bruck on June 5, 2009 at 11:48pm
Choose to Tweet one or two of these tweets that link to the same page.

Allergy | Adverse immune system reactions to any foreign substance | Homeopathy Helps

Common seasonal allergy | itching, watery eyes, runny, congestion,
sneeze, headache, skin reactions, respiratory symptoms. Homepathy

Common seasonal allergy | fatigue, intestinal gas or pain, abdominal
bloating, mood changes. Homeopathy Helps

Millions are limited w/ allergy symptoms. Homeopathy may relieve suffering

50 million Americans have allergies. Homeopathy may relieve suffering
Comment by Debby Bruck on June 5, 2009 at 4:45pm
Dr Alam successfully treats 104 cancer patients using homeopathy

Homeopathy Stops Epidemic in Cuba | Video

Edgar Cayse was an advocate of homeopathy

Charles Darwin Proved Homeopathic Dilutions

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