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Kavitha Kukunoor Tells Her Story to Pave The Way For Others

Kavitha's email tagline tells the world her passion for healing. "Homoeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science." ~ Mahatma

Even weeks before the release of her new book, "Beyond The Limits" she has been receiving accolades.

BlogTalkRadio Interview

Kavitha Interview Part One

Kavitha Interview Part Two

Video Version of this audio interview:


Publishing Information:

Beyond The Limits A Challenge To Prove Oneself by Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor

ISBN: 978-81-87102-59-4  

Quality: Hard Bound Style Cover with section stitching and perfect binding.

Size: 8 1/2" X 5 1/2" (1/4th Demy)  

126 Black and White Pages and 77 Color Illustrations

Purchase Price: $12.95  Click To Place Your Order Today

To Order: Visit Kavitha's Website Updated Testimonials 

Proceeds of the book are donated to homeopathic charitable organizations

Listen to an interview all about qualifying for homeopathic practice in the United States.

Supriya Bhalerao, her publisher wrote:

Dear Kavitha,

I just received a call from a senoir Telugu Journalist, Mr Netaji Subhashchandra
Bose, who works as an editor for Prajavimukti, and Mahilasakti monthly magazines. He saw the book at my printing contractor's place and called me from there to say that he liked it very much. He congratulated me for bringing out a very good book for women.

He sends hearty congratulations to you for writing a nice book.
He is interested in reviewing this book for the Sunday editions of Andhra jyothi and/or Sakshi newspapers, and requested for 3 copies. Let me know what you think of this.

I think it is a good start, I must say, Kavitha. It is time for both of us to compliment each other and feel good.


Kavitha sojourned far from home to make her mark in the world, but more importantly, to blaze a path for all those who may desire to follow their dream. People in her life have called Kavitha a forward thinker, someone who sees her future with intention and makes it happen. She does not step on others, but instead shows her compassionate nature during years of struggle. As a loving, caring wife and mother, reaching her goal and achieving the status of “homeopath” in America could only be accomplished with the support of family, friends and colleagues.

The story began in October 1998, when this bright young woman, from a small town in India, stepped off the airplane carrying her 11-month old child in her arms. She anxiously joined her husband, who had been working in Los Angeles, California for many months. Entering this alien world, many obstacles lay before her, with no mentor or guide to show the way. The adjustment from her position as an educated and established homeopathic physician in India to a stay-at-home mom in the United States meant she could not practice her healing art. She only wished to be a homeopath in her new home.

The state regulations required her to pass a long arduous process of certification in order to practice in California. Kavitha failed again and again in her efforts to achieve each stepping stone to reach her goal, but never gave up. Following the advice of her husband, she took a job in the software industry as a challenge. This work would test her abilities to learn a new field, a new language and a new culture, as well as, to contribute to the family’s livelihood.

Without a real interest in computers, it took her many years to learn programming from scratch. She had to overcome constant thoughts of giving up the study and work in the software field, as it was not her beloved homeopathy. But, she did not give in before proving to herself and others that hard work and determination paid off.

All the while that she managed the learning curve to computer software, she set her sights on passing the required homeopathy exams for certification as a full fledged practicing homeopath. Now, Kavitha looks back at her courage and strength during those years of struggle as a workingwoman in the software industry contributing to the family, an aspiring homeopathic practitioner, and a homemaker taking care of her kids.

Her great sense of determination, excellent time management skills, intense craving to learn, positive attitude and above all, ability to bear the hardships with a smiling face helped make it possible. Kavitha always felt living in the moment got her through each day.

She had achieved what appeared a formidable goal and found other women would seek out her advice. Colleagues and friends told her that many of her suggestions and newsletter stories helped them move forward through difficulties. Kavitha just wanted to share so much and to encourage others not to give up on reaching their dreams. Her motivational articles helped so many overcome obstacles, whether work issues or personal life problems, that the idea of a book sprung into her mind.

The name, ‘Beyond The Limits’ expresses the main idea of going past what you imagine can prevent you from achieving your dreams. Her simple, flowing narrative follows the memories of several incidences as she remembers them and in systematic fashion reflects the newsletter articles she posted to all those close to her and who mattered between the three years of 2008-2009. The book also contains a small photo gallery to take the reader through the journey of her life.

Not only does this book encourage others to go beyond the limits, in addition, her passion for homeopathy comes through as she attempts to show the world the power of homeopathy. She hopes this book adds to the popularity of the science and medicine of homeopathy both in her new homeland and her place of origin, India.

This excerpt from the book shows the correlation between Kavitha’s life story and a basic homeopathic principle.


“When I looked at the feedback I received on my newsletters; it shows some felt relaxed, happy and less stressed after reading them, which clearly indicates the implementation of homeopathic principle. I wrote about the experiences of my hectic stressful life. When a person having similar hectic stressful conditions (while differing in manifestation) reads them, then based on homeopathic principle ‘like cures like’, their stress levels are reduced and positive energy is seen enforced in them.”


Purchase Price: $12.95

To Order: Click To Place Your Order Today


Editorial: If you enjoy this video below, I think you will also enjoy Kavitha's story!


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Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on July 4, 2019 at 1:31pm
Loved the commentary of a Seven year old girl, about the book (which is her first YouTube video).
Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on July 4, 2019 at 1:31pm
Loved the commentary of a Seven year old girl, about the book (which is her first YouTube video).
Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on July 4, 2019 at 1:28pm
Thank you Srija for your kind & inspiring words.
Comment by Srija Yerravalli on July 4, 2019 at 10:57am
The book is very inspirational to many women and it helped me too...Kavitha mam you are really a strong woman and your book inspires many people like me.. initially i have no idea of practicing homeopathy in USA... but the confidence i gained after reading your book is immense. Not only to doctors but also to many women this book is helpful and get motivated. Mam you are the role icon to many young doctors like me.
Comment by Viktor Kalocsai on July 4, 2019 at 4:28am

nice page.

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