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Homeopathy Of Tomorrow By Dr Usmani

Dr. M. A. Usmani author of “Homeopathy Of Tomorrow”

Hard Cover Bound Book 323 pages

ISBN: 978-969-593-174-5

Publisher: Sanjh Publications; Book Street,Temple Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Purchase from:

1) Elan Vital (pvt) Limited

12-K, Gulberg  II, Main Boulevard,

Lahore, Pakistan.


2) Vanguard Books (pvt) Limited

N 52-53, Gurumangat Road,

Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.


FORWARD ___________________________________

You have in your hands ‘Homeopathy of Tomorrow’ a selection of what Dr. Usmani considers his most influential and original writings. He is a classical homeopath, par excellence, but in his own words, with his eyes ‘wide shut’, which emphasizes thinking as a ‘non-conformist’. He finds no contradiction in terms in being ‘classical’ and a ‘non-conformist’, at the same time. He says, "Conformism is foreign to the spirit of science." A classical homeopath, beyond doubt, has an uncompromising impetus to bring homeopathy on a par with the science of modern medicine and therapeutic, which governs the teaching of medicine today.

His seeping in philosophy and logical thinking has created in him a penchant for scientific strictness. His post-graduate thesis was on the ‘Principle of Verification’. He sought help from Prof. A. J. Ayer— cofounder and a pioneer of a philosophical movement: ‘ Logical Positivism’— and, later on, from Bertrand Russell, some 40 years back. This penchant, that is now a sort of born trend in Dr. Usmani, is still raging in him. When he came to homeopathy he brought this rigorously logical mind with him. His love for Dr. Burnett is begotten of this trend. With him he adores heresy and doubt. Burnett says: ‘when prayer against heresy comes in, I commonly remain silent’. Heresy and doubt are essential baggage of the wayfarer of knowledge. Because of this strictness in his nature he wants to strip homeopathy of all and any tones or overtones of mysticism, or confused, superfluous and dogmatic thinking. 

Dr. Usmani is averse to detail the exploits or successes of his clinical practice. He seldom discusses cases. His field is totally theoretic.  He wants to lay bare the real face of the science of homeopathy, and provide it a solid base of science, so that its practitioners may stand confidently at par with the practitioners of the dominant school. Every new article of his is a renewed attempt to peel off scales of mysticism and dogmatism from over the face of homeopathy. He strongly believes that without a solid foundation of pathologic knowledge of diseases and basing the therapeutic thereon homeopathy is doomed to oblivion. And this was Dr. Burnett’s mission which Dr. Usmani upholds without trepidation and with solemnity.

Dr Usmani takes us on a journey in his collection of 61 articles, originally posted on Homeopathy World Community website (2009-2015). Whatever your specialty or method, he may have given it a critical review within these pages. He likes to whet our senses, startle, shock, surprise and ease us into a nodding acknowledgment; like a good book or movie has its introduction, center piece, climax and finish.

One thing’s for sure, Dr Usmani has a love and passion for the science of homeopathy. He encourages us to look at the case pathologically and avoid snap judgements, and do the required research. His amazement with homeopathy’s potential for cure comes from his knowledge of Materia Medica plus his experience using potentized plant, mineral, animal based remedies in the clinic.

To quote him, “How can it be a medicine when only one whiff has been given and weeks and months have elapsed and no repetition was required, nor it was done? And the patient is advancing ‘cureward’ definitely and certainly? Can any drug under the sun behave like this?” It takes years of experience to develop confidence in the practice of homeopathy, insight when selecting the similimum and patience to wait for completion of remedy action. We can learn many lessons within these pages.

Determined to spread the knowledge of his role model Dr Compton Burnett (1840 -  1901), you will recognize a running theme throughout his teachings.  Subversively and with an abiding understanding of human nature, Dr Usmani uses the structure and principles of Dr Burnett to move homeopathy forward into our technological and sterile modern era. In our effort to fight a battle of germ warfare, we have weakened our immune system, rather than strengthened it using the minimal dose of homeopathic remedies.  Burnett first taught about vaccinosis back in 1884 and the unspeakable detriment of vaccines. Now we must recover an entire generation after tampering with our biological biome. Dr Usmani follows in his guru’s shoes to discuss nosodes and miasms in homeopathy.  

Practicing medicine based upon values, principles and rules that flow against the prevailing standards, when the truth shows its face using “eyes wide shut” engenders admiration.  For this reason, Dr Usmani refers to Dr Compton Burnett as his mentor and guide when utilizing pathology as a fundamental key to understanding and unlocking the mystery of a case. Thus, if nothing else, you will be introduced to his master homeopathic teacher,  the first man who gave homeopathy a clear knowledge and practical demonstration of drug organ affinity, popularized nosodes, and invented Bacillinum. Hopefully, these writings will continue to expand your understanding of medicine, the use of pathology in case taking, and a philosophical view that pushes the envelope as motivation to challenge prevailing custom.  Look ahead to “The Homeopathy Of Tomorrow” a fitting title to grace the cover of his book.

Dr Usmani has been a dear friend over the past years, always asking me to review his writings. Never would I have imagined that his consistency in visiting Homeopathy World Community on a regular basis to share his thoughts with members of this website would evolve into a book. I’ve felt like an editor and designer of sorts, adding comments and graphics to spice up his pages. Each article, what we call ‘blogs’ today are worthwhile reading and I encourage you to browse them to find one that moves you forward in your search for life’s answers. You will come in contact with many poetic phrases that you might fancy to use and attribute to Dr Usmani. One such aphorism, “Love nature and nature will be your ally” was written in the article “A Curative Whiff” which tells the story of a young girl about to be married. With this, I know you want to read more.

With faith and admiration,

Debby Bruck


Founder Homeopathy World Community, (HWC).

June 30, 2015


With faith and admiration,

Debby Bruck, founder Homeopathy World Community

June 30, 2015

It is one month since Dr Usmani launched his book. It is a survival fight for homeopathy to keep it relevant to the future therapeutics that is going to be based exclusively on hard scientific and intricate discoveries, totally based on laboratory findings; and the progress of the case would be measured basing on the strings of further elaborate testing. 

This maverick publication is a strenuous and enthusiastic effort to keep homeopathy relevant to the cataclysmically changing scenario of the modern therapeutics. Many fields have already been taken away from homeopathy: most prominent among them being obstetrics. In many other fields only fringes are left for homeopathy. 

This book is a wake-up call for homeopaths to equip themselves with:

  •  True medical knowledge; 
  • True scientific knowledge of modern medicine; 
  • True logical and matter-of-fact knowledge of homeopathy.

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