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Topic  Started by Date Month & year
Chronic Bronchitis A K Arun May 2010
Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD) & Homoeopathy A K Arun Dec 2000
Valuable Tips From Masters Of Homoeopathy Aamir Mustafa Mar 2011
Hot calcarea carb ? Abhik Das Aug 2010
Schizophrenia Adrienne Elise Nov 2009
Managing Skin Aggravations Adrienne Elise Mar 2010
Does Anyone Have Materia Medica For Triticum Vulgare? Agi Adams Mar 2011
Infant umbilical hernia Ahmad Abutaleb 6 Jan 2010
Influenza Related Seizures Reported 2011 Flu Season Ahmad Mazhar Jan 2011
First Aid Kit In My Clinic Ahmad Yar July 2010
hair drop Ahmad Yar Aug 2010
How Does Homeopathic Work? Ahmad Yar Nov 2010
RUBBISH STATEMENT WHO Warns HIV, TB, Malaria Patients to Stay Away from Homeopathy Ajay Yadav Aug 2009
IIT-B Team Shows How Homeopathy Works Ajay Yadav Dec 2000
Budgerigar Parakeet Bad Vent Albert Amanna 24 Sep 2010
Twitter Alex Heffron Sep 2010
Get your rumba on Alexander Begg 5 Feb 2010
Stop fighting Alexander Begg Feb 2010
Poems for Homeopathy World Community Alexander Begg July 2010
Homeopathic treatments to remain on the NHS. What next? Alexander Begg 28 July 2010
The First International Study On GMO foods Alexi K Jansen July 2009
Year 2011 Ali Haider 30 Dec 2000
Hypnotherapy in Psychosomatic illnesses Ali Haider April 2011
homeopathy and swedenborg philosophy Alias Azhar 24 Feb 2010
iscador therapy?????? Alias Azhar 18 May 2010
Suppression and how to reverse it Amanda Straka Aug 2010
Homeopathic medicine prepared by Radionic Potentizer Amir Saleem 23 Apr 2010
Neuralgia and local aplication of Plantago Amir Saleem Apr 2010
Toothache & Plantago major Amir Saleem Apr 2010
Mucous Colitis and Enteritis Amir Saleem Apr 2010
Homeopathic Medicine Amir Saleem 30 July 2010
Bad Breath (Halitosis) Amir Saleem Aug 2010
Dengue Fever Amir Saleem Nov 2010
Top Indications of Homeopathic Remedies Amir Saleem Dec 2000
Bryonia For A Clinging Child Amit Karkare Mar 2011
My family's experience with the ?? flu .... Consider Nux-Vomica (200c has worked best) Amy L Lansky Oct 2009
Spread the news -- homeopathic remedies kill breast cancer cells in vitro! Amy L Lansky 16 Feb 2010
Nobel Prize winner reports... Amy L Lansky 16 Feb 2010
Prophylaxis and Homeopathic Contacts For Travel To Asia | Advise Needed Amy L. Lansky Jan 2011
Bioidentical Hormones Amy Rozen April 2009
Vegetarian Get Sufficient Vitamin B12 Anand Gadhaokar Mar 2010
Hompath - True Expert System Anand Gadhaokar 26 Mar 2010
President and Homeopaths Anand Gadhaokar Mar 2010
Can We Use Homeopathic Phosphorus, Strontium carb, Bioflavin As Drug Specifics For Bad Effects of Japan Nuclear Radiation? Anand Gadhaokar 22 Mar 2011
Pain In Coccyx Region Anand Kuram 31 Dec 2000
A News Item From Deccan Herald Dated 9th Jan. Anand Kuram Jan 2011
Natural Combinations and Homoeopathic Combinations Anand Kuram Jan 2011
How To Use A Repertory - J.T Kent Anand Kuram Jan 2011
Autism and related disorders. Andrea Lalama Feb 2010
Aural Application of Homeopathics/Aplicación Aural de Homeopatía Andrew Bonci Apr 2010
Renal Artery Stenosis Cured Anitha Salunkhe Jan 2011
Try drawing a bit more lifeline on with biro... Anna Bryant 8 Dec 2009
Link to George Vithoulkas' article - Clinical Trials of Classical Homeopathy: Reflections on Appropriate Research Designs Anne Sash Dec 2009
Veins on vulva while pregnancy Annie Bourdreau April 2009
HCG Homoeopathic Drops Anshita Balwani Rathore Jan 2011
Tongue Pictorial Presentations & Repertorial Approach Arindam Dutta Mar 2011
Dr Harris Livermore COULTER passed away Arindum Dutta Jan 2010
SLEEP FACTOR Arindum Dutta Apr 2010
Tinus Smits passed away... Arindum Dutta Apr 2010
CRY BABY CRY, HAVE A HEALTHY CRY ! Arindum Dutta 7 Apr 2010
"DREAM CATCHER" Arindum Dutta Apr 2010
cerebral palsy Arohi Bharatbhushan July 2010
lichen planus Arohi Bharatbhushan 2 Aug 2010
What Can We Do As A Homeopathic Physician? Arohi Bharatbhushan Dec 2000
Change of Nature Aswin Rawal Mar 2010
Homeopathy in praxis - Call for volunteers to complete a questionnaire for Research Thesis Ayesha Dorbecker 12 Oct 2009
First Aid in Surf Lifesaving Ayesha Dorbecker Mar 2010
List of first aid remedies for Surf Lifesaving Australia Ayesha Dorbecker Mar 2010
neonatal jaundice B M Tulachan 20 Mar 2010
Garlic as an antibiotec Bajwa May 2009
Duchanne Mscular Dystrophy Bajwa JUN 2009
Echinacea for colds and Flu Bajwa Feb 2010
sexually stimulating Herbs Bajwa Feb 2010
Is Gulocoma,detachmnt of retina,vission lost treated at last stage Bakshi G M LCGI Feb 2010
Vitiligo and its tratment by homeopathy Bakshi G M LCGI Feb 2010
vibration can be adon system for Homeopathy treatment Bakshi G M LCGI Feb 2010
How to Select Potency Bakshi G M LCGI Feb 2010
Where I can apply for Homeopathy practice License Bakshi G M LCGI Mar 2010
It is best to attach a online Homeopathy course with this website Bakshi G M LCGI 9 Mar 2010
Spinal Cord Injury Bakshi G M LCGI July 2010
Profile of Sepia Men Balal Haider Tipu Sep 2010
I like Hworld Community Baqar Shah Feb 2011
hering's law Beatriz H Hill Dec 2009
Death of Antibiotics & Introduction of Micro molecules in Modern Medicine-How Homoeopathy is Influencing it? Bidyut Mukherjee Feb 2010
an anybody help this patient Bish Ray May 2010
Peripheral Neuropathy? Bulbul Banerjea July 2010
"First they came for the homeopaths" - what's going on in the UK and how it will affect homeopathy everywhere Carol Boyce Mar 2010
similar medicine Chandrakant Bhapkar Aug 2010
homoeopathic Pharmacies Chandrakant Bhapkar Aug 2010
Similar Medicine Chandrakant Bhapkar Aug 2010
Diabetes Case Chandrakant Bhapkar Sep 2010
Diabetes Case | Treat The Man, Not The Disease Chandrakant Bhapkar Oct 2010
Divine Homoeopathy and Alternative Sciences Chandrakant Bhapkar Nov 2010
Use of Allopathic (Black Medicines) During The Course of Homoeopathic Treatment Chandrakant Bhapkar Nov 2010
Tuberculosis (Koch's) And Homoeopathic Medicines Chandrakant Bhapkar Dec 2000
Doodles and Homoeopathic Diagnosis of Medicines Chandrakant Bhapkar April 2011
Vital Force Charuvaahan Nov 2009
Cause - Micro organism or Miasm Charuvaahan Nov 2009
My experiences with “The Sensations As If – A repertory of subjective symptoms” - H.A. Roberts Charuvahan July 2010
Predictive Homoeopathy Chiong Dec 2009
Rodents Christel Lombaerts 27 Mar 2011
Can stones think? Claire Bleakley 21 JUN 2009
Can stones think? Claire Bleakley JUN 2009
Can stones think? Claire Bleakley JUN 2009
Antidote Helonias Dioica Anteversion Claudia Knecht April 2011
Whom do we Serve? Claudia Patton May 2010
Masterminds that leave an imprint.. Dagny Osp Helgadottir Aug 2009
Homoeopathic Colour Remedies Dagny Osp Helgadottir Nov 2010
Carbon Dioxide Dalia El Gohary 30 April 2011
Big Google search about homeopathic success story! Dana Ullman JUN 2009
Is the indicated medicines act unconditionally? Dana Ullman Sep 2009
Questionable Efficacy of Flu blog at the Huffingtonpost Dana Ullman 7 Oct 2009
Homeopathy at the! Dana Ullman Oct 2009
Dana Ullman's articles on homeopathy at the Huffingtonpost! Dana Ullman 18 Oct 2009
The Amazing Story of Charles Darwin and his Homeopathic Doctor Dana Ullman 6 Nov 2009
How Homeopathic Medicines Work... Dana Ullman 12 Dec 2009
New Huffingtonpost article on "19th Century Musical Geniuses who loved homeopathy" Dana Ullman 27 Dec 2009
Avatar star who loves homeopathy! Dana Ullman Dec 2009
Homeopathic humor Dana Ullman June 2010
Strong Body of Scientific Evidence on Homeopathy and Respiratory Allergies Dana Ullman 9 July 2010
"Science" Magazine Interviews Luc Montagnier On Homeopathy & Electromagnetic Signals Dana Ullman 5 Jan 2011
Snake Bites David Marshall Aug 2010
STEP 3: Navigate This Site Debby Bruck April 2009
Creating A Secure Password Debby Bruck April 2009
Twitter To Your Congressman in USA Debby Bruck April 2009
Anybody Can Learn to Tweet - Watch this video Debby Bruck April 2009
SWINE FLU - April 2009 Debby Bruck April 2009
Influenzinum -- does it matter which one you take? Debby Bruck April 2009
Epidemicus Links Resources Debby Bruck April 2009
Tony Robbins on Stress Reduction and Loving What You Do Debby Bruck May 2009
Healthful-Recipes Debby Bruck May 2009
Action Item: Petition on Herbal Use Debby Bruck May 2009
Create A Targeted Link In Your Messages and Comments: Using Chain Link Menu Debby Bruck May 2009
Creating Your Email Settings Debby Bruck May 2009
Live Your Passion. Love What You Do. Create Your Brand Debby Bruck May 2009
Your Email Settings Debby Bruck May 2009
Twitter Teleconference Debby Bruck 10 May 2009
Sign In and Lost Your Password Debby Bruck May 2009
Begin Using Twitter Debby Bruck May 2009
Editing Your Text in Discussions and Comments Debby Bruck May 2009
One Person Can Change The World: It Can Be You! Debby Bruck May 2009
Dr. Manzaneros Speaks - Stand Your Ground Debby Bruck May 2009
Rocketboom Videos Debby Bruck May 2009
Unclean Swimming Pool Water Debby Bruck May 2009
Link To Free Online Resource Material Debby Bruck 30 May 2009
Eight Irresistable Principles of Fun - Debby Bruck May 2009
How To Leave the HWC Network Debby Bruck JUN 2009
Nutrition Debby Bruck JUN 2009
Dr. Andrew Moulden BrainGuard MD Debby Bruck JUN 2009
Petition For Internet - Sign Now - Free Press Action Fund June 2009 Debby Bruck 17 JUN 2009
ZICAM - Let's Get Serious debby Bruck JUN 2009
Zinc Toxicity debby Bruck JUN 2009
Drug Parody debby Bruck JUN 2009
FDA: Zicam nasal spray can cause loss of smell debby Bruck JUN 2009
Side-Effect Are Part of Our Society debby Bruck JUN 2009
Homeopathy Heals Hot Flashes, PMS & Menopausal Symptoms Debby Bruck July 2009
World Health Officials Tackle Swine Flu Challenges July 2009 Debby Bruck July 2009
Action Items Debby Bruck July 2009
Chat Tutorial Debby Bruck July 2009
Obese People More Likely To Die Of Swine Flu Debby Bruck 17 July 2009
W.H.O Recommends Mandatory Rotovirus Vaccine to Entire World Debby Bruck July 2009
GMO - Genetically Modified Foods - ACTION NEEDED Debby Bruck 23 July 2009
Novartis just says 'no' to free swine flu vaccine Debby Bruck July 2009
Hot Debate About Homeopathy - Pseudoscience Debby Bruck July 2009
Miracle-Mineral-Supplement-Chlorine-Dioxide Debby Bruck Aug 2009
Meningitis and the Vaccine Debby Bruck Aug 2009
National Center for Homeopathy August 2009 Notice debby Bruck 11 Aug 2009
NONSENSE-ABOUT-SCIENCE Debby Bruck 22 Aug 2009
Homeopathy is marketed as a safe, natural and holistic Debby Bruck Aug 2009
New Forum Discussion Area Created Debby Bruck Aug 2009
BBC News Article of Thursday Aug 20, 2009 ~ Asking W.H.O. To Condemn Homeopathy Debby Bruck 21 Aug 2009
Under Pressure- Homeopathy UK and Its Detractors.pdf Debby Bruck Aug 2009
Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder Debby Bruck 29 Aug 2009
New York Times Community | John Board Has His Say About Obama's Health Care & Influenza Debby Bruck 3 Sep 2009
Get On Oprah | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Show Debby Bruck 3 Sep 2009
Heartburn - Stomach Acid - GERD - DRUGS Debby Bruck 9 Sep 2009
VACCINOSIS -A new article by Gina Tyler DHOM Debby Bruck 11 Sep 2009
Burying the Swine Flu Lede | SLATE MAGAZINE Debby Bruck Sep 2009
Can You See Time? Synaesthesia Debby Bruck 14 Sep 2009
Joe Lillard Wins Award Debby Bruck 21 Sep 2009
Trip to Mecca Requires Swine Flu Vaccination Debby Bruck 23 Sep 2009
Superb Pain Recovery Stories Needed Debby Bruck 26 Sep 2009
Urine Therapy An Interesting Old Method Of Healing Debby Bruck 28 Sep 2009
TED TALKS: Jacqueline Novogratz: A third way to think about aid Debby Bruck 1 Oct 2009
Melitzanosalata ~ Eggplant Salad Debby Bruck 2 Oct 2009
ABC News Looking for Alternative Ways to Prevent Swine Flu Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Internet Use | Contemporary Addiction Debby Bruck 6 Oct 2009
Corn Recipe: Mexican Esquites Debby Bruck 7 Oct 2009
Inspiration for Life 01 Debby Bruck 8 Oct 2009
Banners, Badges, Logos, Images Linking to HWC Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Does Social Media Have an Impact on Public Health? FDA Wants to Know. Debby Bruck 8 Oct 2009
How Does Homeopathy Deal with E-coli Infection from Tainted Meat? Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Breast Cancer | Women Making Radical Choices Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Swine flu: homeopathy medicine gaining ground Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
PETITION | Include Homeopathy in Healthcare Legislation Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
PETITION | Include Homeopathy in Healthcare Legislation Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
Homeopathy for Depression Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
Is There A Double Standard When It Comes to Homeopathic Health Care? Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
Freedom of Choice in Healthcare Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
Homeopathy Cures Traumatic Ulcers Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
In Defense of Homeopathy Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
In Defense of Homeopathy | The Positives About Homeopathy Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
Mandatory-Forced-Vaccination | Is it Constitutional? Debby Bruck 11 Oct 2009
NY Nurse Sues To Block Mandatory Flu Vaccines Debby Bruck 14 Oct 2009
Twitter Ads New Feature: Create Lists of Friends Debby Bruck 16 Oct 2009
Never see a Facebook quiz again Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Homeopath in the News Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Manage Your Application Settings on FaceBook Debby Bruck 17 Oct 2009
Homeopathy | Genital Warts | HPV | Gardasil Debby Bruck 23 Oct 2009
Inspiration for Life 02 Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Discussion: Recommend-Oscillo-Influenzinum-for-Flu Debby Bruck Oct 2009
ACTION ALERT: UK Science and Technology Committee Debby Bruck 23 Oct 2009
Swine Flu H1N1 Disinformation Hoax | Mercola Debby Bruck 24 Oct 2009
Inspiration for Life 03 Debby Bruck 25 Oct 2009
People Magazine | Dancing With The Stars & Homeopathy for Influenza Debby Bruck Oct 2009
Obama Declares H1N1 National Emergency | Loss of US Civil Rights Debby Bruck 26 Oct 2009
Female Sexual Dysfunction and Homeopathy Debby Bruck 28 Oct 2009
Petition: Leiberman is against public option health care Debby Bruck Nov 2009
Phenylpropanolamine and Hemorrhagic Stroke Debby Bruck Nov 2009
CHANNEL 7 ACTION NEWS on H1N2 Debby Bruck 7 Nov 2009
Inspiration for Life 04 ~ Birthday Greetings Debby Bruck Nov 2009
Dr Moulden | Interview Debby Bruck Nov 2009
A New Kind of Ice-Cream Debby Bruck 12 Nov 2009
Dr. Leonard Horowitz | H1N1 and H2N3 Viruses | Silver-Nitrate Debby Bruck 14 Nov 2009
Homeopathy Treats High Blood Pressure Debby Bruck Nov 2009
SWINE FLU LINKS and VIDEOS from OKSANA Debby Bruck 17 Nov 2009
Glaxo-Tainted H1N1 Vaccines Pulled From Shelf Debby Bruck 20 Nov 2009
Flu Reporter | International Conference Debby Bruck 21 Nov 2009
Natural News: Newsletter Debby Bruck Nov 2009
FDA Publishes Guidance on Diagnostic Tests for 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus Debby Bruck Nov 2009
Homeopathy and Dentistry Debby Bruck Nov 2009
U.K House of Commons Science & Technology Debby Bruck 28 Nov 2009
Forum Discussions: Comment and Follow on Email Debby Bruck 29 Nov 2009
Silicon Coating on Packages Debby Bruck Nov 2009
Dr Iris Bell Presents Grande Rounds December 3, 2009 Debby Bruck 2 Dec 2009
Drug Resistant Tamiflu at Duke Hospital Debby Bruck Dec 2009
Joining Hands In Health Campaign Debby Bruck 13 Dec 2009
SWINE FLU RECALL ~ 800,000 Doses Debby Bruck 15 Dec 2009
Pratap Chandra Memorial Homoeopathic Hospital & College Debby Bruck Dec 2009
CDC and Merck | Collusion between Government and Drug Companies Debby Bruck 22 Dec 2009
Pigs Fly - Now Confirmed Cases of Swine Flu Debby Bruck 23 Dec 2009
DRUG RECALL: Nasal Swine Flu Vaccine Debby Bruck Dec 2009
The Gift of Sight Debby Bruck 26 Dec 2009
Homeopathic Pharmacies - Did you know there were so many? Debby Bruck Dec 2009
Schizophrenia and Homeopathy Debby Bruck 30 Dec 2009
Poll | Why I Have Joined This Community? Debby Bruck Dec 2009
Breaking News! Government backs NHS Homeopathy! Debby Bruck Jan 2010
Big Pharma Advertises to Americans Debby Bruck Jan 2010
Male Sexual Dysfunction and Homeopathy Debby Bruck Jan 2010
Chaos at French Nanotech Debates Debby Bruck 23 Jan 2010
I like HWC because . . . - Debby Bruck Debby Bruck Jan 2010
New biological models of Homeopathy published in special issues Debby Bruck Jan 2010
How To Add Your Case to Cases Data Base Debby Bruck 29 Jan 2010
Homeopathy World Community - 54 Countries Debby Bruck Feb 2010
CAM: Complementary & Alternative Medicine PETITION To U.K. Prime Minister Debby Bruck 5 Feb 2010
Birth Defects Associated with Use of Antibiotics During Pregnancy Debby Bruck 5 Feb 2010
Research in Homeopathy | International Homeopathy Meet Starts in Agra Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Parkinson's Disease | Industrial Cleaner Linked to Increased Risk (TCE) Debby Bruck 9 Feb 2010
Parkinson's Disease | The Story of One Young Man Debby Bruck Feb 2010
New Zealand & Skeptics | An Attempt to Divide and Conquer Debby Bruck 12 Feb 2010
U.K. Petition ~ 2010 Debby Bruck 14 Feb 2010
Rubric: Desires Ice-Cream Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Abraham Lincoln and His Cabinet Appreciated Homeopathic Medicine Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Drug Giant Merck Accused of Creating Fake Medical Journal to Publish Favorable Drug Studies Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Cancer Treatments and Homeopathy Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Osteopenia-Osteoporosis-Bone-Loss Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Serious Attack on Homeopathy - Respond Immediately Debby Bruck 25 Feb 2010
Liz Lalor Video - Absolutely Must See! Learning Materia Medica Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Schizophrenia and Homeopathy 2 Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Vitamin D and the Flu ~ H1N1 Debby Bruck Feb 2010
POLL | Do you believe homeopathy is an effective form of treatment? Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Homeopathy Works! Common Man Undaunted and Unfazed By Threat of Funding Withdrawal Debby Bruck Feb 2010
General Public Survey: Have You Tried Homeopathy Debby Bruck Feb 2010
Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy | February 22, 2010 Debby Bruck Feb 2010
In Favor of Homeopathy: Mass Lobby of Parliament by Homeopaths Debby Bruck 8 Mar 2010
Study: Pollution in the Womb Lowers IQ Debby Bruck Mar 2010
Mainstreaming Homeopathy in India | AYUSH | Children, Gastro-Intestinal, Hypertension, Neonatal, Pregnancy Debby Bruck Mar 2010
BMJ Journal Articles on Homeopathy Debby Bruck 10 Mar 2010
Relationship Debby Bruck Mar 2010
What About The Homeopathic Interview? Case Taking Techniques Debby Bruck Mar 2010
How To Write A Good Looking Entry Debby Bruck Mar 2010
Show You Care on HWC Debby Bruck Mar 2010
HWC Obesity Links Debby Bruck 2 Apr 2010
Supporting Didi Debby Bruck Apr 2010
The Placebo Effect | Does This Explain Homeopathy? Debby Bruck Apr 2010
Bipolar Disease and Homeopathy Debby Bruck Apr 2010
Alcoholism and Homeopathy Debby Bruck Apr 2010
Homeopathy | Psoriasis and Rubrics Debby Bruck 30 Apr 2010
Natural News Radio | Homoeopathy Hits The Big Time With Mary Aspinwall Guest Homeopath Debby Bruck 6 May 2010
HWC Photos | How to Upload, Edit, Tag | Add Title & Description Debby Bruck 10 May 2010
Tylenol Drug Recalls | Johnson & Johnson | Liver & Kidney Damage | Debate Debby Bruck 14 May 2010
How Will Lead Contaminants in Herbal Preparations Affect the Homeopathy Community? Debby Bruck May 2010
Oil Spill Affects Health of Ocean, Plants, Air, Animals and Human Populations Debby Bruck June 2010
A Woman with Determination - Severed Nerve - Can Homeopathy Help? Debby Bruck June 2010
Techniques to Improve Homeopathy World Community Discussions and Activity Debby Bruck June 2010
Repertory History TimeLine Debby Bruck June 2010
MYTH #5: You Must Believe In Homeopathy For It To Work Debby Bruck June 2010
A Look Back on HWC 2009 - 2010 Debby Bruck 10 June 2010
RECIPES: Bitter Melon | Bitter Cucumber | Kerala Debby Bruck June 2010
How To Follow A Discussion and Receive Email Updates or Notification Debby Bruck June 2010
Current Discussion of The Placebo Effect in Science and the Media Debby Bruck 22 June 2010
Save Homeopathy | Protest at Brighton Centre June 29, 2010 Debby Bruck 24 June 2010
HWC Categories | Please Lab Debby Bruck 27 June 2010
Doctors call for NHS to stop funding homeopathy Debby Bruck 29 June 2010
Eczema is a Sensitive Issue Debby Bruck July 2010
Organon 2010: Is a Medical Textbook After 200 Years Still Up to Date? Debby Bruck July 2010
The Entire Monsanto Movie Debby Bruck 21 July 2010
Definition of Health and Disease Debby Bruck July 2010
HomeopathyHeals.Me.UK Debby Bruck July 2010
Homeopathy Treats Hepatitis-C Debby Bruck July 2010
The 30-Day Challenge to Myself and The HWC Community Debby Bruck July 2010
Medical device problems hurt 70,000+ kids annually Debby Bruck 26 July 2010
Homeopathy Can Prevent Japanese Encephalitis Debby Bruck 27 July 2010
Government Response to the Science and Technology Committee report | Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy Debby Bruck July 2010
Homeopathy and Whip Lash Debby Bruck July 2010
Breast Milk for Healthy Babies Debby Bruck 6 Aug 2010
Homeopathy Hope for Encephalitis Debby Bruck Aug 2010
UpDate on Tree Man Debby Bruck Aug 2010
Anti-oxidants may increase diabetes risk Debby Bruck Aug 2010
Pivotal Video by Dr Shiv Chopra Exposes Drug and Government Corruption Debby Bruck 14 Aug 2010
Yoga To Improve the Brain Debby Bruck Aug 2010
Cancer, Homeopathy and Palliative Care Debby Bruck 20 Aug 2010
Homeopathy Treats Epilepsy and Vitiligo Debby Bruck Aug 2010
How To Upload A Video Successfully on HWC Debby Bruck Aug 2010
2010-2011 Influenza | Lawrence Palevsky, MD Tells "What's In A Vaccine?" Debby Bruck Aug 2010
Swine Flu Vaccination Linked to Narcolepsy Debby Bruck Aug 2010
Japan Criticizes Homeopathy Debby Bruck 31 Aug 2010
Malaria Drug Therapy Debby Bruck Sep 2010
Diabetes Drug Recalls and Trial Closures Debby Bruck 13 Sep 2010
Mommy says, "Go To Bed!" But, No Evidence Sleep Heals Debby Bruck Sep 2010
Corn Sugar By Any Other Name Is Still Not Healthy Debby Bruck 16 Sep 2010
Harvard Medical Students Rebel Against Pharma-Ties Debby Bruck Sep 2010
How Do You Define Homeopathy? Debby Bruck Sep 2010
NCH Action Alert for September 2010 NCCAM Debby Bruck 28 Sep 2010
Rustum Roy July 3, 1924 - August 26, 2010 Debby Bruck Oct 2010
U.S. Apologizes for Syphilis Experiment in Guatemala Debby Bruck Oct 2010
Autism and Treatments Debby Bruck 5 Oct 2010
Nanotechology and Influenza Vaccine Vaccinations Debby Bruck 6 Oct 2010
New York Times On Health Debby Bruck 8 Oct 2010
Boosting The Immune System And Cold Viruses Debby Bruck Oct 2010
HWC Hepatitis Links Debby Bruck 16 Oct 2010
U.K. London Limited Homoeopathic Care Debby Bruck Oct 2010
Prostate Cancer for Sabal Serrulata and Ruta for Brain Cancer Debby Bruck Oct 2010
Homeopathy is a Verb | A Response to WHO Safety Issues by Manish Bhatia Debby Bruck Oct 2010
Poll | Homeopathic Remedies Used For Influenza Debby Bruck Oct 2010
Webpage Links for Arnica montana Homeopathy Remedy Debby Bruck 21 Oct 2010
NHS Funding & SSRI - The Battle Over Reason and Finances Debby Bruck 23 Oct 2010
Super Bug Named For New Delhi India and Pakistan Bacteria Debby Bruck 26 Oct 2010
The Return of Whooping Cough Debby Bruck Oct 2010
New York Media Campaign Equates Soda with Weight Gain and Fat Debby Bruck 29 Oct 2010
S.A.N.E. Vax, Inc. Asks FDA to Rescind Approval of Gardasil™ - Please Interpret Debby Bruck Oct 2010
Question Suggestions For The Forum Debby Bruck Oct 2010
Testing Suggestion Box Debby Bruck 31 Oct 2010
Homeopathy Efficacy of Ruta Graveolens in Brain Cancer & Leukemia Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Homeopathy: Cases Bone Fractures Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Last Comment By The Patient, Oh By The Way, I Meant To Tell You Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Homeopathy Cures Homeopathy Works Says Dr Manzanero, M.D. Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Brittle Bone Disease ~ Can Homeopathy Help? Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Face Blindness Syndrome Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Natural Methods for Teeth Whitening and Keeping Healthy Gum and Teeth: Do Not Use Borax Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Women and Menstruation Throughout The Ages and Delay Onset Debby Bruck Nov 2010
Alfons Geukens September 30, 1944 - October 18, 2010 Debby Bruck
Theory: Are We Proving The Foods We Eat Each Day? Debby Bruck Dec 2000
Homeopathy Misinformation By Media Debby Bruck 16 Dec 2000
Seasonal Greeting of Appreciation debby Bruck Dec 2000
NASDAQ Homeopathy Rings The Closing Bell in 2010 Debby Bruck 29 Dec 2000
The Future Education of Homeopathic Physicians In India Debby Bruck 2 Jan 2011
Concussion Epidemic In American High Schools Debby Bruck Jan 2011
BBC Newsnight - UK Homeopathy Update 2011 Debby Bruck Jan 2011
CBC Marketplace Television Show Debby Bruck Jan 2011
Dr Martin Luther King January 17, 2011 25th Anniversary Commemoration Speech Debby Bruck 17 Jan 2011
Moderating Your Own Comments Debby Bruck Jan 2011
Are Prescription Drugs Safe? Adulterated Medicines Debby Bruck Jan 2011
Influenza Related Seizures Reported 2011 Flu Season Debby Bruck 25 Jan 2011
Salad for Colon Liver Cleanse Debby Bruck Jan 2011
Are Prescription Drugs Safe? Adulterated Medicines Part 2 Debby Bruck 30 Jan 2011
Advocacy Twitter Twibbon Debby Bruck 14 Feb 2011
Patient Belief Can Change Perception of PainKillers Medical Drugs Debby Bruck Feb 2011
Sore Throat Tonsillitis Inflammation Symptoms Relieved With Herbal and Homeopathic Treatments Debby Bruck Feb 2011
The New Nano Talking Drug Debby Bruck Mar 2011
Cheating and Morality Human Nature Debby Bruck 5 Mar 2011
Fluoride The Battle of Darkness & Light Debby Bruck 10 Mar 2011
Earthquake Tsunami Disaster Shock Waves Devastation Debby Bruck Mar 2011
PTSD Homeopaths Learning From New Zealand and Haiti Earthquake Disaster Debby Bruck Mar 2011
Haunting Images of Black Rain Radioactive Nuclear Fallout Debby Bruck Mar 2011
Use of Iodine To Preserve Thyroid Health and Protect Against Radiation Poisoning Debby Bruck Mar 2011
Laurel Chiten March 2011 Request For Support Debby Bruck 17 Mar 2011
Message From Japan Representative WHAO Debby Bruck Mar 2011
Breast Cancer Related to Iron and Aluminum Debby Bruck 19 Mar 2011
Homeopathy Works For Me Debby Bruck Mar 2011
Nuclear Plant Radioactive Explanation Safety Cooling Explosion Meltdown Leak Debby Bruck Mar 2011
Twitter Tutorial Make It Trend debby Bruck 27 Mar 2011
Emoto Peace Project Debby Bruck 30 Mar 2011
Create Google Alerts For Your Blog Website or Name debby Bruck 2 April 2011
Nuclear Radiation Truth and Fact Video by Dr Caldicott Debby Bruck 21 April 2011
How To Listen To BlogTalkRadio Homeopathy World Community Debby Bruck 28 April 2011
FaceBook Profile Update Option Debby Bruck May 2011
Where to Begin? Step One: Invite Your Friends Debby Bruck April 2009
Step Two: Upload A Photograph Debby Bruck April 2009
Twitter and Obama Debby Bruck April 2009
Join National Center for Homeopathy Group on FaceBook Debby Bruck April 2009
Bryonia Deepak Sharma May 2011
Bryonia Deepak Sharma May 2011
Patient Struggling For Life Due To Exhaustion As If Dead Deepak Sharma May 2011
Prolapsus of Uterus, Horribly Offensive Leucorrhoea, and Scirrhus of The Uterus Deepak Sharma 6 May 2011
Case of sinus infection in 3yrs old Deepti Chitte April 2009
Homeopathy health insurance in USA Deepti Chitte Oct 2009
Homeoapthy in Malaysia Deepti Rajvanshi Oct 2009
Iodine Supplementation Denise Whiting April 2009
Homoeopathic Management of Malignancies Deshpande Shailesh Ram Dec 2000
cured cases of malignancy Despande Shailesh Ramachandra 23 May 2010
My Research work on Action of Homeopathic Medicines. Devendrakumar Munta 14 Aug 2009
Research & Development in Homoeopathy Diksha Sirohi May 2010
Case of PTSD. Dushyant Kamal Dhari Feb 2010
Case of Panic Disorder Dushyant Kamal Dhari Feb 2010
Olive oil and Gall stone Treatment. Dushyant Kamal Dhari Feb 2010
Prophylactic Effects of Copper in Asiatic Cholera Dushyant Kamal Dhari Mar 2010
Thermals - Hot and Chilly Dushyant Kamal Dhari 10 Mar 2010
Therapeutic Efficacy Dushyant Kamal Dhari Aug 2010
Debility After Jaundice - Picric Acid 3c Dushyant Kamal Dhari Sep 2010
Coma Treatment Dushyant Kamal Dhari Oct 2010
Confusion about Oleum Animale in Farrington`s Clinical Materia Medica Dushyant Kamal Dhari Oct 2010
what to do E A Farooquee 23 Aug 2010
A New Method of Curative Treatment E A Farooquee Aug 2010
a victim of allopathic medicine cured by homeopathy E A Farooquee Sep 2010
a cure for an incurable disease E A Farooquee 12 Sep 2010
An Ideal Cure of An Incurable Disease- Fibroadenoma E A Farooquee Sep 2010
Immaterial Genetic Characteristic of An Individual E A Farooquee Sep 2010
Complete Repertory - FOR FREE on your Computer Edwin Van Grinsven July 2010
vaccination Ejaz Hasan May 2010
Addictions El Cecchetto Sep 2009
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A case of Leucoderma , over lips, hand and feet Ravi Singh Oct 2010
New Case of Face wart 1 years duration cured in a week. Ravi Singh Oct 2010
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Some Important Notes From KENT'S Lesser Writings Ravindra Saraswat 15 Jan 2011
My Favorite Quotes Ravindra Saraswat Jan 2011
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Biochemistry and Their Salts Ravindra Saraswat Mar 2011
Travel or Motion Sickness Ravindra Saraswat April 2011
Homoeopathy For Dentition Trouble. Ravindra Saraswat April 2011
Emotional Health Ravindra Saraswat April 2011
Obsession Compulsion Disorders and Homoeopathy OCD Ravindra Saraswat April 2011
Acne and Its Related Homoeopathic Remedies Ravindra Saraswat 1 May 2011
Homeopathic treating after organ transplantations ?! Regina Rydzek Apr 2010
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Core Delusions of Polychrest Remedies Rene Dockx Feb 2011
Treating a horse for staph. equi (strangles) Ricki Linnenkhol Dec 2009
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MEMBERSHIP DRIVE! Robert Bruck May 2009
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Case Study "MY MOTHER IS A DRAGON" by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan Roma Buchimensky July 2009
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Is the indicated medicines act unconditionally? S G Biju 19 Sep 2009
Managment of Coma S K Vashisht Feb 2010
Understanding Homeopathy in the light of immunology. S N Rashid 9 May 2010
Brief Summary of the New Concept of Homeopathic Immunomodulation. S N Rashid 3 Sep 2010
An appeal to the owners of the Homeopathic pharmacies world wide to assist in propagating the new concept of Homeopathic immunomodulation for the development of Homeopathy. S N Rashid Sep 2010
A Case of HIV/AIDS Cured by Homeopathy S N Rashid Oct 2010
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QUIZ FOR ALL :) Smiling Lady Sadhana Gaykar May 2010
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what is the easiest way to reach the most similimum ? Sameer Bombaywala Mar 2010
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homeopathy Sameer Bombaywala Apr 2010
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Medicine for Dengue Fever (ig m +) and Chikungunya Santosh Z Maurya May 2010
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Reportorisation with computer software Sarfaraz Ahmed Nov 2009
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LM Potency Satchidananda Choudhury May 2010
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Dr.Capt Ghayur Ahmad Khan of Pakistan Has Passed Away Shah Zaman Dec 2000
Is Puffiness Under The Eyes A Disease Or Sign of Old Age? Shahnaz Khalid Nov 2010
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LM Potency Srikanta Choudhury Sep 2009
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Developing a Blister Packing machine which is compatible to the properties of Homeopathic medicines Srinivasaklumar Thatha 6 Dec 2000
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Centre For Homeopathic Education in NY opening in October!! Sue Anello 29 July 2010
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Natural and Man Made Disasters: First Response Analysis Suhas Kotbagi Mar 2011
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Uniform Education Law Suprio Mallick May 2009
Importance of Rubrum or Placebo Prescription In Chronic Cases Suprio Mallick JUN 2009
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UK GPs call to end NHS funding for Homeopathy Susan Elizabeth Feb 2010
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CT SCANS Sushil Bahl June 2010
Homeopathic medicines. Sushil Bahl July 2010
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Expiry in case of Homoeopathic drugs Sushil Bahl Oct 2010
Lab Test Reports Sushil Bahl 25 Oct 2010
Grand-Mal Epilepsy and Homeopathy Sushil Bahl 15 Mar 2011
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Patients Who Know About Homeopathy And Use Homeopathic Language Sushil Bahl April 2011
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Homoeopathy And Posology Sushil Bahl April 2011
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Value Of A Symptom In Acute Cases Sushil Bahl April 2011
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Help for Homeopathy in the UK Sylvia Rose Hicks Nov 2009
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Effect of the remedy on others Tihana Buterin Aug 2009
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AIDS in Kenya Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj 23 July 2009
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Animal Testing. How Useful Are They? Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj Aug 2009
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Koppikar's Clinical Experiences of 70 years in Homeopathy - Dr. S P Koppikar Valerian Mendonca Oct 2009
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Self Prescription by Homeopaths. Valerian Mendonca July 2010
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Proving on Bambusa arundinacea (Bamboo) Valerian Mendonca Feb 2011
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Patient with broken foot who has lupus Vera Resnick May 2010
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