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We thank all members who DONATE their valuable time and the educational information.


Help support the maintenance of HWC  is appreciated. "Suggested Amount of $49.95 USD." Unbelievably affordable for this wonderful network.

All of the benefits you love and more. Thank you for trusting in HWC and purchasing annual subscription 

Check the currency in your country. 

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Thank you for all you give to Homeopathy World Community

Use this button to enter any generous amount to help support this network.

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Thank you for helping sustain Homeopathy World Community.
We welcome your support in any and all amounts.


I have hesitated asking for donations. But, realize we do need your support to continue this work together.

Our mission to spread the word of homeopathy on social networks requires manpower, technology, and much more. 

We are marking the Celebration of World Homeopathy Awareness Week and the Second Anniversary of Homeopathy World Community.

As most of you know, I've devoted the last two years of my life to creating this website and supporting homeopaths through inspiration, motivation, connections and communication.

In the coming months, HWC will be developing E-books for download to the general public and the homeopathic community to increase knowledge and learning. These documents will also help support HWC through financial income.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you for being part of this community. I especially want to thank those who have worked closely with me to post excellent articles, dialogued, communicated with me about your needs, concerns, suggestions for making HWC better. I've adored all your testimonials, photos and videos. HWC has grown and will continue to develop.

We are learning from each other. 

I welcome your comments and ideas.

~ Debby


Here are thoughts from Kuram Anand (R.I.P.), our late HWC Administrator, who helped keep the network organized. He is the one who has asked me time and time again to please get this donation page going.

He asked, "How We Can  Contribute To Sustain and keep up the pace of HWC? We want to continue to improve this website. We spend our time learning from and contributing in the Homeopathy World Community.  We need to make it much more attractive and much more popular to spread the wellness mission of Homeopathy.  To achieve this we need to

  • Contribute more articles, practical cases, and practical tips, etc.
  • Publish more materials required by students of homeopathy so that we are preparing a foundation for future membership.
  • Improve the website’s flexibility by adding more features.

Points one and two require contributions from our INTELLECT and LEARNING. Such contributions are invaluable. Point three requires contribution from our EARNING. Giving our share for the use of this platform. We must support this effort for any such website to function. 

If members would like to contribute via the advertisement option that would lend a great hand and service both to those who want to promote and publicize their clinic, services, books and events. Many public service organizations, like radio and television depend highly upon generous contributions from the public and listeners to sustain their efforts. 

A contribution of $10 by members can do wonders to sustain the HWC website.  This calculates to less than $1 from your monthly earnings. It is pocket money to a worthy and good cause.

~ Anand



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