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Protect the Earth

Action Items to preserve nature. Support sustainable living without GMOs, GE-seeds, pollution. Stop the Traditional Herbal Medicine Products Directive (THMPD).

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Petitions & Webinars for Sustainable Living:

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Dear Friends,

" It is easy to conquer anger through love, attachment through reasoning, falsehood through truth, bad thoughts through good ones and greed through charity. Love as thought is truth. Love as action is Right Conduct. Love as feeling is Peace. Love as understanding is non-violence. Love is Selflessness, Selfishness is lovelessness. Love gives and forgives, Selfishness gets and forgets. "

 May 24, 2013

Hungary decided to eliminate all plantations using GMO seeds from Monsanto. According to the Minister of Rural Development Lajos Bognar, around 500 hectares of corn crops were burned this week - equivalent to five million square meters. The intention is that the country has no produce originating from genetically modified material.
(article 1article 2 - article 3) (pdf 1pdf 2 - pdf 3)

GE-free Hungary!

In April, Hungary became the first country to ensure its people’s “material and mental health” by guaranteeing “an agriculture free of genetically modified organisms” in its new Fundamental Law. (complete version)


July 17, 2011 - Hungary firmly against GM seeds, says official.

Hungary will uphold strict measures against genetically modified (GM) seeds, a deputy state secretary of the Rural Development Ministry told a press conference on Thursday. Lajos Bognar said that the government would also seek an amendment to the Penal Code to introduce strict punishment for distributors of seeds polluted with genetically modified organisms (GMO). He added that Hungary's GMO-free status was an important, strategic asset.


Canadian Tenors sing Hallelujah with Jim Brickman.





Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA -- in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where "the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys."

On January 27, 2011 the USDA announced that they fully deregulated genetically engineered Alfalfa (GE Alfalfa). This means that the US farmers are allowed to plant this new GE crop this spring. Crops rarely stay within their designated area. Bees and other pollinators carry GE plants' pollen to other fields, spreading it to organic and non-GE crop varieties. Once these organic varieties carry altered genes, they can no longer be considered organic. This is a problem for organic alfalfa farmers themselves or dairy producers because beef and dairy cattle rely on organic alfalfa as a feedstock. This way GE alfalfa will certainly cripple the organic food industry. However, we can stop this selfish nightmare if we speak out in this topic and/or sign petitions and spread the news for Taking Actions Globally to stop Monsanto's activities:


Sign the open letter to Members of the European Parliament and European Commission about 'No patents on plants and animals!':

  • Clear and effective prohibitions from patentability are largely missing from the present legal framework. Existing prohibitions concerning patents on plants and animals can be easily circumvented, as shown by many decisions of the EPO. For example, patents on gene sequences and breeding processes are easily extended to plants and animal varieties.



Obama: Dump Monsanto's Minions Before the 2012 Election! During the 2007 election he promised to keep his words in this issue.

Tell Obama to Dump Taylor and Vilsack!

More than 80% of processed foods at U.S. grocery stores are likely to contain genetically engineered ingredients - Just Label It/Organic Voices.

To US and EU decision-makers: GLOBAL BEE EMERGENCY !!!

Say No to Dow’s GE Corn: Petition 1Petition 2

EU: Stop Spain's overfishing!

Get GMOs Out of Organic Baby Food!

Ask Your Representative to Cosponsor the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act.

On Thursday, December 8th tell Boulder County Commissioners that you want our County Open Space agricultural lands managed WITHOUT GMOs and with practices that insure these lands are available to future generations of growers and eaters alike.

On September 8th tell your Representative and Senators the FDA should not view your supplements the same way they view synthetic food preservatives!

Stop Monsanto's New Sweet Corn! Tell the President, Congress and the USDA to Safety Test and Label Genetically Engineered Foods!

For a GM free Bolivia! A law is about to be approved in Bolivia that will mean the legalization of GM crops. The decision will be taken in the next few days. WRITE AN EMAIL !!! 

Tell President Barack Obama, US Senators, US Representatives and Secretary Thomas 'Tom' J. Vilsack to Reverse the Decision to Deregulate GE Bio-Fuel Corn, Roundup Ready Alfalfa and Sugarbeets! 

To The President of the United States, The U.S. Senate and The U.S. House: To Bring down Monsanto monopoly!

Boycott Dean Foods to Protest GMO Alfalfa!

Boycott the Brands that Helped Kill Prop 37!

Ask President Obama to Protect Organic and Stop Monsanto's GE Alfalfa! 

Stop Genetically Engineered Alfalfa! 

Stop Monsanto & Dow's Plot to Sell Even More Toxic GMOs and Pesticides

Tell Your Grocer: We Want GMOs & Factory Farm Products Labeled!

Don't let U.S. food aid force GE crops on developing countries!

Tell Your Grocer: Label Monsanto's Frankenfoods!


Petitions closed with success:

DONE: 1 million voices for a GE-free future.

President Obama, USDA and Congress to save Organics: Stop Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Alfalfa!

To the Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack: Oppose GE Alfalfa!

Stop Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Wheat!

Why the Lugar-Casey Global Food Security Act will Fail to Curb Hunger!

One More Chance to STOP NAIS!

Tell The Gates Foundation to Support Real Solutions to Hunger!

Justice for the Victims of Agent Orange

Take Action with the Grassroots Netroots Alliance!

Ask the Swedish government to ban the cultivation of the GMO BASF potato just like other countries already did. (Action is closed but you can still send this This Petition in a letter or email).

Keep Ireland froo of GMO potatoes in 2012 - Petition.




Sign the "Stop the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive" petition published by Heidi Stevensonon Go Petition.



Yet another website from the EU that also takes very seriously this whole issue. They have useful flyers for practitioners for download, which are regularly updated.

EWG is a national public interest group dedicated to using the power of information to protect public health and the environment.

Healthy Child Healthy World empowers parents to take action to protect children from harmful chemicals.

Read more about GMOs:

Become voices & act for GMO-free & GEO-free life!

Protect the Earth Group - videos page 1


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