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Flash News to please take a few minutes to VOTE UP the comments of homeopaths who spend many hours every week to refute the skeptics.

  • Blackburn doctor takes the natural way to health
    Your comments and support always welcome.

  • What is the theory behind homeopathy?
    Do you agree with this statement or would you refute this in some way. What do you say?

  • The International Council for Homeopathy (ICH)
    An international professional platform representing professional homeopaths and the practice of homeopathy around the world. ICH presently consists of 31 professional associations of homeopaths from 28 countries in four continents, and aims eventually to have member associations in all continents. Through networking and dialogue, members of ICH engage in the promotion and evaluation of the status of homeopathy in every part of the world; with emphasis on the development of international guidelines promoting freedom of access to the highest possible standard of homeopathic care.

  • ANTI-HOMEOPATHY Bad Science  | What lengths will skeptics go to disparage natural healers and their patients from getting help, gaining freedom or practicing their healing art? We call this cyber-bullying, which has lead to suicides.

  • In Favor of Homeopathy or Not? Can you set the author straight about the scientific validity and method of homeopathy?

  • Learn about our Gut Micro Biome Our immune system explained
  • Sue Young Histories Highlight

    • Butcher and Sons Homeopathic Chemists was founded by William Frederick Butcher (1840-1903) in 1862, William Frederick Butcher and his sons developed a photographic speciality within the company in 1889. William Frederick Butcher was a member of the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and he was the homeopathic Chemist at the Blackheath Homeopathic Dispensary (Anon, The Homeopathic Medical Directory of Great Britain and Ireland, and annual abstract of British homeopathic serial literature. . .


Spectrum of Homeopathy 01/2013 New Life Perinatal Homeopathy

  • The natural process of adaptation following the birth of a new baby presents the mother and child with special challenges, with more potential for danger to body and soul than most other phases of life. Homeopathy offers a multitude of approaches to deal with this critical period, helping to cope with complications in pregnancy, birth, and the initial phase where the baby has to adapt to the outside world.

    For many doctors and midwives, homeopathic remedies are a natural first choice to deal with problems during birth and lying in. Proven indications, especially in emergency cases, are a valuable tool. On the other hand, the profound effect of a well-chosen individual prescription can help correct underlying difficulties in adaptation and provide the baby with a solid grounding in life. The full palette of homeopathic treatment in the perinatal phase from acute prescription to constitutional treatment is presented in this issue of SPECTRUM.

Thursday January 9, 2014 at 1:00M Eastern Time
Alan Phillips How to learn and maintain your Health Freedom Rights, and any current event news

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  • Wednesday January 15, 2014 at 10:30AM Eastern Time Dr Christina Chambreau, DVM will teach us at pet care.


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  • Drug Overdose Statistics Don't you just get frustrated when bloggers and reporters post warnings about the dangers of homeopathy and herbs that kill?

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The Gluten Summit teaches us about the brain and nervous system, and sensitivities of digestion.


Learn all about gluten, auto immune, celiac, our gut, and the environment.


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