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Winner of Abbas Ghadimi Book Give Away | Congratulations to Kanya Rudrangi RSHom(NA), CCH Classical Homeopath & CEASE Practitioner

Flash News to please take a few minutes to VOTE UP the comments of homeopaths who spend many hours every week to refute the skeptics. 

  • Homeopathy Wastes Taxes 
    Your comments and support always welcome. 
    Homeopathy Not Always a Good Solution 
    Do you agree with this statement or would you refute this in some way. What do you say? 

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    • ReallyGoodMedicine says:
      "The real test of a treatment is what it does for the patient. Homeopathy has been proven effective in clinical use in hundreds of millions of patients around the world for the past 250 years. There are 25,000 volumes of CURED case records supporting homeopathic efficacy and safety.

      Scientific studies have a place in helping doctors know what to prescribe for their patients, but they are only part of the process. This is especially true when you consider that half of all RCT's on conventional drugs and half of all RCT's on homeopathics are unable to come to any conclusion about the efficacy of the treatment. Clearly, RCT's are not the "gold standard" assessment tools many people think they are. In addition, many drugs have passed RCT's but were later withdrawn from the market when clinical evidence showed they caused serious iatrogenic diseases and even death."

  • Alternative Treatments as an Alternative To Obamacare

    One factor that can make Obamacare significantly more acceptable to people is inclusion of alternative medicine and treatment, says author and alternative health advocate Alan Smith.



  • Thursday December 5, 2013 at 1:00M Eastern Time
    • Alan Phillips How to learn and maintain your Health Freedom Rights, and any current event news.
      • Princeton’s plan to make a meningitis vaccine — called Bexsero — available to students in the near future likely has few legal ramifications for the University, despite the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved the drug for use in the United States.

      • At 2:30PM ET USA Debby will talk homeopathy and stress BlogTalkRadio


  • Wednesday December 11th at 10:30AM Eastern Time
    • Dr Christina Chambreau, DVM will talk about the pineal gland is our third eye - how to keep it healthy. Did you know that plants scream when injured, so say prayers as you make your pet food.  Pets, Clicker Training and Homeopathy as Behavioral Medicine on BlogTalkRadio <~ Click to the show  Vaccine Document


  • Health Inn Show December 9, 2013 at 11AM Eastern Time USA

Do you have a suggestion for an expert guest speaker on the Health Inn Show?

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The Gluten Summit teaches us about the brain and nervous system, and sensitivities of digestion. 

Learn all about gluten, auto immune, celiac, our gut, and the environment.

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