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Dear Friends

First, an announcement that the Health Inn Show with Dr Deepak Sharma on the topic of Back Pain has been postponed. All previous archives are available for your listening enjoyment.

However, the time is near for Reversing Diabetes World Summit to begin at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time.  I’ve been telling everyone that good health is as close as the knowledge you apply every day.

May 5 -16, forty health experts will present 50 hours of informative and   research that explains today's science in changing the course of this epidemic disease, Type-2 Diabetes.  Once you register, you will begin receiving emails about the program, so please check your spam or trash bin for messages. 

Remember, you’ll have 24 hours to view each day’s presentations, then they’ll be replaced by the next day’s incredible speakers.  To access the presentations for each day, you'll need to watch your email for the special links to the event page for that day and for each presentation. 

Throughout the event, you have the opportunity to pick up the “All Access Package”, which includes all 50 presentations in audio and video format as well as the special “Clinical Pearls” collection for each talk.  Just enter the promo code "EARLY20".  But hurry, because this ends at midnight (EST) tonight. 

It’s not too late to spread the word and tell someone you know about the Summit.  Forward this email to them and encourage them to register by clicking here. In addition, the 2014 Food Revolution Summit ended today, May 4th. I tuned in and listened each day to the excellent speakers (especially Jane Goodall) who encouraged us how to nourish our bodies and our environment. They stressed that each of us is unique. We learned the importance of diversity, understanding and living in harmony.

There is still time to listen to the audio recordings right now!

Food Revolution Summit Click to register and listen.

Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Package Sales Page If you want to download all programming, so that you can listen over and over again all year to become more and more motivated to fulfill your goals and join with others. I'm purchasing just to support this vital effort to heal the world.  

Food Revolution Network Home Page Fabulous blogs with tons of information and ability to comment via FaceBook. What an incredible month this has been. We're living in an era when the world appears to be in the greatest darkness; yet, with all these outspoken leaders saying "no" to the status quo, we have begun to see the shift necessary to step into the light.

Creating waves of awareness and tons of love to heal the world. Take time for yourself. You deserve it. Debby


The BlindDog Film Is Almost Ready!

Laurel Chiton took a total leap of faith and hired my former editor Sabrina Zanella-Foresi to help me complete Just One Drop.

She raised almost $100,000 for the production of this film, but, had no money left to pay for editing. Trusting the funds would be donated by friends like you, she received a wonderful gift from 
Jeanine and Guy Saperstein, who generously offered a donation of $10,000 as matching funds. As of May 2014, she has raised $8,500 -- just $1,500 shy of  the full $10,000!! All from individuals like you from around the world!  Please help the Homeopathic Community reach the final goal.

Make a Secure Donation Now

Plus, the Sapersteins also offered to provide matching funds to Dana Ullman's non profit  "Foundation for Homeopathic Education and Research" as well.  Every dollar you donate will be matched twice! -- to Just One Drop and also to "Foundation for Homeopathic Education and Research".

Please visit Laurel's website for more information.

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