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Dear HWC Members and Friends

We are all light beings, speaking our truth and doing our mission to help heal each other and the world. Humanity has reached a new era when everything around us appears to be in darkness, with corruption and evil ruling industry and business, as well as infiltrating government. 

However, what we see with our eyes may not be what is happening on the spiritual level of universal existence. We are all part of this powerful shift. Have you heard the earth's poles are shifting due to climate change?

Can you imagine that scientists have recently found an abundance of water locked within a rocky layer deep in the core of the earth!

  • I'm asking for a personal prayer to help shed light to all humanity, self and me personally. Where ever you imagine darkness on the planet, in whatever form, please take a few minutes for meditation and visualize a candle of light, or a star or shimmering of light. All light helps to burn and extinguish the darkness. 

  • I have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and will have my surgery Wednesday June 18th at 7:30AM. Your prayers and thoughts are welcome as a huge congregation of healing light for the world. We are the spokespeople for the coming age. We face the fear and blot out hate and violence on the planet. We will all clean up the toxicity with the coming new forms of energy to power our planet. CHECK WORLD CLOCK
  • Antioxidants May Lower the Risk of Endometrial Cancer in Women

A Gift For You: The 24 hour “replay marathon” of The Truth About Cancer

Starting Saturday at 12:00PM Eastern US time and running through Sunday 11:59AM Eastern, you will be able to watch any or all of the episodes again -- absolutely free.  

You will be able to get the early-bird pricing and save over 50% only during this 24-hour window. Please know that this is probably going to be the last time we air the entire series for free for a while and same with the “early-bird” pricing.

By watching this program I learned that there are healing practitioners in my local area. I'm sure you will learn at least one thing to help your practice, a special thought, or a connection that you were meant to have.

As I go through the healing journey, I will be giving less of my energy and attention to cancer and more to my family and sending healing light to the areas of the world in need. I plan to continue the Health Inn Shows. The BlogTalkRadio shows are now on archive. You will receive an update about the scheduled June 23, 2014 Health Inn with Nira Andharia on YOGA for the practitioner and the client. 

Blessings and Light



Sending prayers to Anne in Belgium, who was forced to close her homeopathic practice due to new laws forbidding her to heal others with homeopathy

Heel A Trusted Name In Homeopathic Remedies Changes Management, Making New Formulations and Will Continue To Be A Source Of Homeopathy

Dr Rafeeque Shares His Visit To Malaysia

Dr Usmani Asks For Feedback | Cured Cases of Miasms


Vik has updated his European Union Genetic Engineering News article 

Other Medical News:

Meta analysis Vitamin D People with low blood levels of vitamin D are more likely to die prematurely than those with normal levels. 

Protein in China Diet Meta analysis: Scientists reviewed seven prospective studies involving more than 250,000 people and found that after adjusting for various stroke risks and for other nutrients consumed, those who had the highest consumption of protein had a 20 percent decreased risk for stroke compared with those with the lowest.

Each increase of 20 grams per day in protein — about the amount in a 3-ounce serving of chicken or fish or a cup of beans — was associated with a 26 percent decrease in risk, a dose-response relationship that further strengthens the association.

Eating red meat increases risk of stroke. Contradictory and incomplete information may change the result of this study. Think homeopathically. Each person has individual needs, wants and desires. Each person reacts differently to the foods they eat. The study did not differentiate between the kinds of meats, how the animals were treated, grown and processed. Nor did they look at the plants and grain in this light.

You may read this news on HWC Website

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Replies to This Discussion

Dear Debby,

You are always there in my prayers and thoughts are everything will be alright. Mag God bless you with health, happiness & very long life.

Wish you good luck with surgery. You are a star of HWC and all your contribution formed huge congregation of healing light to the world.

Hugs, kavitha 

Dear Debby,
May the Divine Light be with you and bless you with good health and speedy recovery. I hope the energy from each one of us reaches you and energizes you to to keep spreading light around.
Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamay, Mrityorma Amritam Gamay [ Take us from darkness to light, take us from mortality to immortality].
All the best to you and to the world.
Shimmering in synchrony,
Sudhanshu Arya


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