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Dear members...

I have found a set number of potencies 4,5 and 29..28..198..199..499 and 999...498 and 998..(probably they are in centesimal) listed in the catalog published by HANNEMANN PUBLISHING CO. PRIVATE LTD.(Homoeopathic Pharmaceutists & Publishers) Kolkatta, India.

They are considered as a reliable Pharmaceutics by the eminent Homoeopaths of India.

We regularly use potencies like 1 to 6,12,30,200,1000,10000, 50000, 100000 in decimal (X) or centecimal (C) or 50 millesimal ( 0/1,0/2,.....0/30)

I was surprised while seeing the same.

I would like to discuss about the use of such potencies and if anyone has actually used them successfully.

If yes, please provide some cases where this type of remedy acted well.

HWC Creater Debby Bruck is also interested in this concept.

Also, If you have known, mention some other Pharmaceutics all over the world, those who supplies different number in Homoeopathich potencies.


The Potency: Advanced prescribing in Homeopathy.

Author Joe Rosencwajg

The choice of the potency of a homeopathic remedy has always been a subject of controversy.

While looking for a natural law that could direct this choice he stumbled upon the Fibonacci series that is present everywhere in the universe.

Joe has found that using the fibonocci series in potency, climbing up the scale in the correct order and at the correct time brings about a quicker, deeper and more complete resolution of problems leading to cure of pathologies. He has observed these improvements consistently in his practice.

This book presents the theoretical basis for using this system with numerous illustrations, followed by practical applications based on a series of real cases.

Answers to many other questions that have plagued the homeopathic community are also answered, as a beneficial side-effect of this new system of prescription.

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Replies to This Discussion

I have a big doubt about these regular potencies made:

Who sat this numbers 6, 12 and then 30 then jumped to 200?. Why don't we having potencies like 13, 14....100,

I heard, In United States some Homoeopathic Pharmaceutical companies make the potencies then and their as the wishes of Physician ( any Number)

It is useful when we prescribe according to Kent"s Method (Lader method)

Thank you very much,

I will see the links and discuss about the same.


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