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Let's make a database of Pharmacies. What do you like or dislike? What is their specialty. Which carry uncommon remedies? Do they have affiliations? Which Pharmacies will work with HWC to manufacture remedies?

We are in the process of making a formal database. We'll let you know when it is ready to begin.

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Hahnemann Labs in CA
Similimum (NZ)
Helios (GB)
Ainsworths (GB)
Remedia (Austria),
Hahnemann Apoth (NL)
(Middle East, India, Asia, South america, etc ...)?
Hahnemann Apotheek B.V.
home page

I am in the US and this pharmacy is not set up to dealing with people here as far as payment. They require a bank wire. Their staff is helpful. They have PC remedies.
Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy

‎"Founded in 1860, Nelsons has been the physical and spiritual home of homeopathic medicine ever since. Dr Edward Bach also began to sell his Bach Original Flower Remedies here in the 1930s and the store is full of evocative artefacts reflecting its history. "
Hello, I am looking for the remedy Etna Lava. Helios no longer has it.
Thank you.
By they way, Remedia was able to potentize a batch of Etna Lava for me.
The Lab producing Etna Lava for the proving of dr. Gustavo Dominici is Ce.m.o.n. of Naples (Itali). The other Italian proving, made by dr. Gaetano Arena was prepared by I.M.O. from Milan.
Hello Myra ~ Here is a location you may find some proving information on Etna.

This is the website.
Thanks to Giuseppe for the Etna Lava PDF document attached here
Hey, Debby, thank you so much! I ordered Etna from Remedia, they made it special for me. In the mean time I gave the client staph. I thought it would be sort of an acute layer. But she is doing great. So I had her repeat the staph. and I am waiting to see... Who knew! But Etna seems to fit, a chilly lava...
I would like to present my own pharmacy, HNCristiano, in São Paulo, Brazil. We started in 1984 as Cristiano, and our ex-partner started the HN Pharmacy 2 years before. In 1990 we joined as HNCristiano. We also started a laboratory for raw materials, MT and dynamizations, to provide others homeopathic pharmacies in Brazil. We produce no remedies, no complexes, only raw materials for pharmacies. We make D, C and LM (or Q) potencies, up to very high potencies (specially the ones we call CH potencies, with 100 sucussions). We also produce what we call FC potencies, that is Continuous Fluxion, with a mechanical equipment.

We try to bring our sources (the ones we can't find in Brazil) from european pharmacies that I have already visited, like Helios and Remedia.

In case you need something from Brazil or South America, or high CH potencies with 100 sucussions, or very high mechanical potencies, you may want to contact us, unfortunatelly only in Portuguese. Or, in English too.
Kamal Laboratories is only homeopathic and biochemic medicine manufacturing pharmaceutical of Pakistan which is GMP and ISO certified.
It is making Homeopathic Tinctures, Dilutions, Biochemic Tissue Salts and effective combinations.
Hand succussed remedies,premium best quality I have ever seen.
90% of my massive inventory comes from this Lab.
Verry inexpensive compared to other labs.
address for correspondence;
po box 2282 gpo,calcutta-700 001,india

send emails to;
(joy is the brother of famous Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea)Director of;
Allen College of Homeopathy UK and India

House of Quality Exports of Homoeopathic
Hand-Succussed Potencies & Sundries

Attention : Mr. Joy Banerjea
Regd. Office : "Similimum",
46,Creek Row,
Calcutta 700 014, INDIA
Tel. : (91-33) 2265-8438, 2246 9255
Fax : (91-33) 2265 5178
Resi. : (91-33)2344 4369
Mobile : 9831167817

E. Mail :
Web :

Address for Correspondence
Post Box No. 2282, GPO, Calcutta 700 001


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