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Comment Posted by Alain Picard on April 22, 2009 at 4:21pm
For me, the drama in Europe is that EU regulation (total renewal of all remedies every 5 years) plus high remedies' registration costs will tend to huge remedies suppressions.

At the end of the day, we may have only 250 to 300 polychests available, because this small number of products represents about 80% of the Labs turn over. Why in that case maintain the rest at a high price with a poor ROI (return on investment)?

1/ the affordable Rx being restricted, it will be difficult for us to cure our "orphan" cases in an homeopathic way.

2/ many practitioners will be tempted to buy radionic based equipments and produce their own remedies, with no standadisation, no controls etc ... giving that way even more weapons to the homeopathy opponents. You follow?

It would be great to lobby in the EU assembies to make them understand that allopathic regulation should not be applied to homeopathic remedies, as our Rx are so different. They do not contain molecules of active substances. Has alcohol a validity date? Then why should we trash our homeopathic remedies every 5 years?

We should also threaten the labs to completely stop prescribing worldwide if they suppress all our remedies just for money reason; transforming that way homeopathy into a skeleton of medicine.

What do you think ? Alain.

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Comment by François CARRE on April 22, 2009 at 5:23pm
European Regulations: Nothing Is Sacred

What will suffice?
European regulations concerning homeopathy have been made in recent years as state officials surenchérissaent on behalf of the quality and safety; why in France we have the best, the Belgian and Dutch are supporters too its founding in full orthodoxy: we have the stability of all dilutions.

Regarding the choice
The conditions required are impossible to obtain the strains today, I'm not even sure that is an evil; all roads leading to Rome, I think still a possibility of cure with an arsenal short, except the pollution.

About radionics, I think it has its limits if it involves electricity, any material information with such a system is reversed to + or - long-term and becomes harmful. Nothing is sacred geometry (see "Mosaique").

Good luck dear homéopotard - we need to teach our generation of children that homeopathy is a healing art and not only a plaque to Father Lachaise ...

Ciao I go to bed after my evening drive in the race.

FRENCH La réglementation européenne en matière d'homéopathie s'est faite ces dernières années au fur et à mesure que les fonctionnaires des états surenchérissaent au nom de la qualité et de la sécurité ; pour cela en France nous avons les meilleurs, les belges et les hollandais sont des partisans deu texte fondateur dans sa plein orthodoxie : éprouvez nous la stabilité de toutes les dilutions!"

Pour ce qui est du choix restreint, obligatoire devant les conditions impossibles d'obtention des souches aujourd'hui, je ne suis pas encore certain que ce soit un mal ; tous le schemins menant à Rome, je crois encore à une possibilité de guérir avec un arsenal court; excepté les pollutions.

Quant à la radionique, je pense qu'elle a ses limites si elle met en jeu l'électricité, tout matériel informé avec un tel système s'inverse à + ou - long terme et devient nocif. Rien ne vaut la géométrie sacrée (see "").

Bon courage cher homéopotard, il nous en faudra pour enseigner à la génération de nos enfants que l'homéopathie était un art de guérir et non pas une seulement une plaque au père Lachaise...
Ciao je vais me coucher après ma soirée d'entraînement à la course.
Imaginary Conversations between Father La Chaise and King Louise
by Walter Savage Landor - 2008 - Fiction - 372 pages
AND FATHER LA CHAISE. Louis. Father, there is one thing which I never have confessed ; sometimes considering it almost as a light matter, a
Comment by Alain Picard on April 24, 2009 at 5:23am
Hello François,

Thanks for your very interesting reply to my post. You are confirming that we may expect in continental Europe some hard time for many of our homeopathic remedies?

I must disagree with you re: the restricted choice of available Rx being sufficient to treat our patients.

Yes, you're right for 80% of the cases.

However the remaining 20% will only be cured with Rx that are out of the restricted list range. If these RX are not anymore available, do you have a "good" idea of what (how?) to do to get them?

Isn't a door open to savage (and uncontrolled) manufacturing ???

The web site indicated in your answer seems to be quite interesting and I will pass some time totday to read it thouroughly.

If you want to write in English for the best benefit of our group, perhaps this web site can help you translating from French to GB? Translate Google

To my experience, the translation is not very good, and you will have to double check every word (be carefull with misleading understanding of the machine), but it provides a good base to work from.

Amitiés. Alain
Oh, Debby, I did not know that you were fluent in french ?
Thank you very much for this nice translation as well as for the more journalistic format you gave the the posts. You definitely have plenty of skills ....
Kind regards, Alain


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