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Are you finding that there are homeopaths who specialize in one area or another. Most especially this could help many with infertility. 

There are many causes and reasons for this difficulty. People use herbs, diet, chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, homeopathy and other alternative practices. 

I am interested to learn if you think it is helpful for people to specialize and learn the most about one issue that couples struggle with more in contemporary times. 

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What a blessing for you Dileep. Congratulations! You did not give up hope and you were able to find someone with the wisdom to know how to help you.
Yes, I do think that homeopathy for fertility is a specialist area. Specialisation has benefits for the client, a practitioner is experienced, knowledgeable and able to guide a client. It's also a very professionally satifying field, the majority go on to become parents and the homeopath gets to be part of a new life. What could be more pleasing than seeing a much wanted child enter a loving family?

I've completed additional training in pre conception health care, natural family planning and doula birth support to give my clients comprehensive fertility support. When clients come to see me they know that I will be able to help them in some way.
I also run a fertility support group with two other specialist fertility therapists in fertility awareness methods and psychotherapy. My aim is to promote homeopathy for fertility, educate women on fertility awareness, reduce the use of OCP and free women from synthetic hormones which contribute to infertility.

Thanks to all responders. Dr Dileep for this testimonial story that seemed a hopeless case, and Elizabeth for confirming the value in specialization. There are more doulas and midwives being trained in homeopath in homeopathy to support women through the pregnancy, labor and delivery and then recovery. Good luck in all your work! Debby


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