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Homeopathy and Infertility

As we all know, homeopathy is an individualized form of medicine. We do not "take this for that" kind of approach. However, you will find many articles that provide a list of remedies specifically for one condition or another. 

The difference here is that we can build upon this knowledge base with actual case histories, successes and failures when selecting remedies for infertility.

We also must recognize that infertility affects both the man and woman. It is a relationship, as well as physical problem. 

We must look at all aspects of the case, including genetics, history, body types, personality, other diseases and the whole gamut of the family dynamics.

Here is a very short list of commonly used remedies:

sepia: this type of homeopathy remedy is used to treat irregular or absent ovulation

sabina: recommended for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage

aurum: used in cases when low sex drive and depression are the cause of infertility

phosphorus: used when anxiety and stress are contributing to female infertility

silica: a type of homeopathy remedy used to boost the immune system in order to improve a woman’s chances of getting pregnant

Alternatively, the following homeopathy remedies are used in cases of male infertility:

sepia: used when low sex drive is contributing to difficulty in getting pregnant

medorrhinum: this type of homeopathy remedy can help to treat impotence

There needs also a discussion regarding potencies, repetition of dose, timing, and other supportive information like lifestyle nutrition, supplements like folic acid, exercise like yoga, etc.

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Dear Sharon - I am not the expert in this field. My personal belief tells me that the body has infinite capacity to function and heal. The mind and body compensate for distortions, 'abnormalities' and missing parts. All the best and I hope that others will reply.

Perhaps this concept should be started in its own discussion?
Thank you Debbie. How do I start a separate discussion on Bicorunate uterus?
(translated by google, I hope it is readable):

Aletris farinosa = reddened head in cold limbs. No stamina. Everything is limp. Loss of fluids, poor diet, uterine prolapse. Anemic, vomiting, dizziness morning. Dysmenorrhea with corrosive fluorine. China the female organs. Habitual abortion. False labor pains.

Ammonium carb = Fearful, sad, tearful, evening amel., Disgust of life. Promises are easy, just prescribing, resolving. Tendency to nervous breakdown. Tachycardia with fear. Many problems with menstruation, blood dark, clotted, excoriating, because sharp.

Aurum metallicum = low sex drive and tendency to depression: Successful women, diligence, hard work and well planned. They are accustomed to success. Now they want to crown her career with a child born is not. Vanishes, the joy of life and it is depressed by the day.

Barium muriaticum = tendency to convulsions. Glands insufficient. Can not bring your own energy outward, as if she had no leg and could not take a step. Is very slightly hysterical.

Borax = acts suffering, is lean, nervous and anxious. Movement down agg. Irritated mucous membranes with pudgy secretion of mucous shreds are begemischt. Fluorine as glue / egg.

Calcarea = great endurance and rapid exhaustion. Very tough, seems often to be too much and is then overloaded. Believes he must adapt to more power: further, higher, faster ... Strives to much economic security and makes sure every possible overtime. Cold agg., including human cold. Healing: I'm fine the way I am.

Cantharis = tendency to inflammation. Reacts violently with restlessness and wild rage. Are inwardly always restless, lean, nervous and has a wiry figure. Pronounced sexual desire; possessive. Can not suffer pressure on the neck.

Coffea = Increased sexual desire, itching of the region, sensitive to touch. Strong Rebel bleeding Dysmenorrhoe. Weep, wail with desperate fear of death.

Conium = repressed sexuality (priest). Non-independent thinking. Gonads pronounced enough.

Ferrum metallicum = rheumatism of the muscles (especially the left. Delta). Women, Girls anemic. Face red but mostly cold extremities, alternating with paleness; partly flourishing appearance. Icy limbs. Great thirst bes, 3-4 clock. Nervous, irritable, but weak, slender figure. Sleepy without sleep, restless dreams. Heartburn, cravings, cramps. Diarrhea of undigested. Temporary discomfort. Palpitations. Changing mood excited, irritable, weak. Cheerful, bubbly - sullen, depressed. Life is seen as a struggle. Itself does not allow ease.

Lycopodium = compensated inferiority. Well into the planning, now to get pregnant. Since it did not, she thinks he is the loser.

Natrium carb = Internally strained. Needs seclusion and peace. Inner harmony wish it every and to please everybody, can not deal with aggression.

Natrum muriaticum = introverted and secretive. Lack of ovulation. Without sexual antecedents Yearn for closeness and love, but without doing something about it can. Stuck in inaction, in the partner undertake something. Redemption through internal opening and tears of redemption.

Phosphorus = anxiety and stress

Pulsatilla = tendency to weakness hormone (progesterone). Rounded, soft forms. Expectation, now need to be mother seeks therefore often male role models, of which she makes herself dependent. From motherhood their salvation depends.

Sabina = repeated miscarriages

Sepia = irregular or absence of ovulation. Looks more manly, does the internal independence, career and independence, despite family. Hormone weakness, tendency to miscarriage.


Thank you for adding your knowledge.


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