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Homeopathy and Infertility

As we all know, homeopathy is an individualized form of medicine. We do not "take this for that" kind of approach. However, you will find many articles that provide a list of remedies specifically for one condition or another. 

The difference here is that we can build upon this knowledge base with actual case histories, successes and failures when selecting remedies for infertility.

We also must recognize that infertility affects both the man and woman. It is a relationship, as well as physical problem. 

We must look at all aspects of the case, including genetics, history, body types, personality, other diseases and the whole gamut of the family dynamics.

Here is a very short list of commonly used remedies:

sepia: this type of homeopathy remedy is used to treat irregular or absent ovulation

sabina: recommended for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage

aurum: used in cases when low sex drive and depression are the cause of infertility

phosphorus: used when anxiety and stress are contributing to female infertility

silica: a type of homeopathy remedy used to boost the immune system in order to improve a woman’s chances of getting pregnant

Alternatively, the following homeopathy remedies are used in cases of male infertility:

sepia: used when low sex drive is contributing to difficulty in getting pregnant

medorrhinum: this type of homeopathy remedy can help to treat impotence

There needs also a discussion regarding potencies, repetition of dose, timing, and other supportive information like lifestyle nutrition, supplements like folic acid, exercise like yoga, etc.

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Replies to This Discussion

What about PCOD it is again one of the cause of primary infertility. I have one case of infertility where sperm count was low and showed pus cells but improved after medicines the spouse is perfectly healthy but still they are not able to conceive.
In my personal experience Lycopodium when given in high potency CM, 50M improve sperm count besides keeping other factors, and Damiana q improves the quality of sperms.
Dileep and Neena - thank you for your contributions to this discussion on infertility
I have seen good results with Oophrinum for pcod, along with the constitutional medicine, which dissolve the cyst and help in conception also. Tribulus also improved sperm count in one of my patients and his wife conceived after the treatment.
ARGENTUM NITRICUM is also used to treat impotency, when erection fails, coition painful.
also cures erosion of cervix,
BORAX is used to treat sterility in case of pruritis of vulva & eczema.
BUFO is used to treat impotency, involuntary emissions.
SABAL SERRULATA is for ovaries tender & enlarged, suppressed/perverted sexual impulse
these are good contributions

i have seen good results with Damiana Q to increase sperm count, given with other constitutional remedies like Agnus castus, lyco, Acid phos etc.
Thank you for more contributions.
NAT CARB - great remedy for fluor seminis leading to female sterility, giving scope for gushing out of seminal fluid as soon as it is ejaculated by the male into the vagina
Most of our repertories ( except the latest ) present a very few medicines for Male Infertility

There are 40 medicines under the heading ‘Male, Sterility” in Complete Repertory and 35 in Synthesis. Most of the medicines listed are partially proved or ‘short’ medicines. I had made an attempt to correct these rubrics and collect additional ones. Here is the result. ( I myself know that there are some doubtful entries in this list. HWC has many eminent figures with ability to correct such mistakes. )

The grading in this case is not depending on the proving, reproving or clinical confirmation. I have given more marks to those entries with the specific terms and also to those from more authentic sources.

Male Infertility : ( 40 )

Agar, Agn, ARG.M, Aur, Aur.m, Bac.7, Bufo, Calc, Caust, Chin.s, COBALT.NITR, Con , Dam , FERR, Graph, Ham, Iod, Lapp, Lepr, Lyc, Merc, Mill, Nat-c, Nat.m, Nat.p, Nux-v, Phos , Ph-ac, RAUW.SERP, Sabal, Sec, Sel, Sep, Sil, Still, Strych, SULFA , Sulph, Thyr,

Azoospermia :

Calc, COBALT. NITR, Chin.s, Con, Dam, Iod, Lyc, Nux-v, Ph-ac, Sec. Sep, Sil, Sulph, Strych.

Oligospermia :

Lepr., Sulfa

We should think about the reliability and should confirm the efficacy of the other entries such as:

From Complete Repertory :

Additions by Scholten
cer - cerium mettallicum
dysp – dysprosium metallicum
erb – erbium metallicum
eur – europium metallicum
gad – gadolinium metallicum
holm – holmium metallicum
lant – lanthanum metallicum
neod – neodymium metallicum
pras – praseodymium metallicum
sam – samarium metallicum
terb – terbium metallicum
thul – thulium metallicum
ytte - ytterbium metallicum

cordy-a _ cordyline australis – Marlow
onc-t –onchorynchus tschawythscha - Sherr

From Synthesis

Cissu-c – Cissus cuniefolia
Erios-co – Eriosema cordatum
Fil – Filix mas
Grew-oc – Grewia occidentalis
Pyren-sc – Pyrenacantha scandens
Roye.l – Royena lucida
Rub-c – Rubea cordifolia
Sol-so – Solanum sodomoeum
Trium-r – Triumfetta rhomboidea
Vern-co – Vernonia corymbosa
Lepr - Leprominium ( The Leprosy Nosode ): Aspermatogenesis, Oligospermia : Repertory of Nosodes and Sarcodes by Berkeley Squire.

For symptoms, see

Strych - Strychninum : Azoospermia : Select your remedy by Rai Bahadur Dr.Bishambar Das. & Infertility - Female and Male by Dr Syeed Ahmed.

If you want the other symptoms, see

As i always prescribe on the basis of Repertorisation, I have never tried such short medicines. :
A case of male Infertility cured in serm count Ist two weeks Penix Ginsing Mother tinture 15 drops 3 times a day and the next 2 weeks pygeum Africanum mother tincture his low sperm compele his normal values.
I have a client with a bicoruate uterus (heart-shaped uterus) and this is the reason she is unable to sustain a pregnancy. Since fertility is affected by a structural issue how does one prescribe. Do I focus more on her chronic remedy and find one that addresses this issue or....any suggestions appreciated. Has anyone worked with a client with this issue?



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