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March 6, 2013 Study Kent Repertory Chest Chapter with Dr Aadil 

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Beginning with tributes to master homeopaths, we set the stage to realize how many have come before us to prepare the way. Physicians who searched far and wide for gentle methods of healing without side effects recorded their findings, built edifices and institutions, taught disciples, and we carry on their work.

Against all odds, we live in a cultural environment that promotes a form of 'quick' suppression only to result in chronic pains, increasing pathology and destruction of the vital force. As more people listen, learn and realize the benefits of homeopathy, we can change the tide.

Some notes from this show. Listen closely to recording to many more tips.

We are live with Dr Aadil teaching about EXCORIATION and the connection to disease and homeopathic remedies.

Now talking candiasis. #homeopathy burning, soreness, itching, redness, shooting pain. Thrush, breast feeding. What about antibiotic treatment and fungal infections?

Fungus THRIVES on antibiotics. The syndrome increases. Careful with new mothers.

PAGET’S DISEASE breast cancer. #homeopathy Common in Asians and Caucasians. Differentiation between other skin ailments and this disease.

Hand out available of presentation. Thanks for sharing our shows.

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Breast pain radiates throughout breast, axilla to the arm and to the fingers. Entire nipple can become everted to inverted. A slow progress of one year to develop this disease. You have time to use homeopathy.

Even if taken wrong course of medicine, antibiotics, steroids and the Paget's disease disappears from the eruption -->> unfortunate sign that the disease has gone INSIDE the breast. Then in mammogram can see the lump. Do not advocate biopsy because once done this slow growing malignancy speeds up. Then full blown cancer in 1-2 weeks after biopsy. This is seen clinically. This applies to all malignancy. The knife initiates the miasm to transform from slow growing mass to quickening.

From time of appearance of excoriation eruption, use of fluoricum acidum. Sore, cracked nipples. small veins, varicosity around areola. This is unlikely eczema (mistaken diagnosis).

Excoriation becomes puffed, inflamed, cracked ulcers with small vesicle around edges. profuse, sour, offensive sweat. Look to Fluoric acid.

What about Hamamelis remedy? Listen to Dr Aadil explain this remedies progression of symptoms.

Typically for bleeding, but think of pain from left nipple that settles down. Asteria rubens from pain -- but it does not go behind.

3 Well known remedies for excoriation of nipple.

Talking about Lycopodium and tumors. Learning together.

Phytolacca most well known remedy for cancer of breast.

Conium and Iodatum with hard tumors. Dr Aadil tells us the differentiation.

Low potency INFREQUENTLY. even 3C or 6C Watch and wait.

Even 1C or X potency.

Chamomilla - Taste of mother's milk is spoiled. Cramps in breast during breast feeding. Many other remedies about breast feeding. Persistent crying baby. Tenderness of breast of THE BABY, especially if mother is diabetic.

Chamomilla - child is born with a tooth already!

0/1 millesimal potency. hormone disorder. needs 96 hours treatment.

Kent has done thorough investigation and documentation of homeopathic remedies.

Helleborus and Lyc have same aggravation at 4PM

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