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March 13, 2013 Study Kent Repertory Chest Chapter with Dr Aadil 

Go to the second half of this archive. Dr Christina Chambreau speaks the first hour and then Dr Aadil gets on the air.

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We dedicate tomorrow's show to Late Dr. Clemans Maria Franz Von Boenninghausen
(12/3/1785  - 26/1/1864) Hering Haven in the Netherlands. Lived in the countryside. 

Dr Aadil gives a biography of Dr Boenninghausen.

Suffering from tuberculosis. Hopes of recovery given up. Wrote a letter to homeopath and asked for complete symptoms in great detail. With the remedy of pulsatilla he was cured. 

The course of homeopathy in Germany, Europe and America changed with Dr Boenninghausen. Resigned his civil service position to practice homeopathy. He was friends with Hahnemann from many others. 

Suffered from catarrh. Suffered stroke, apoplexy. His 7 sons followed his example. One married Hahnemann's daughter. Son Frederick adopted 2 state exams at age 27 years suffered blindness. Cured by his father. Settled to assistant to his father and practiced until his death. 

Writings: Boenninghausen has many publications. Cure of Cholera. Anti-psoric remedies. Summary view of anti-psoric remedies. Manual for non-medical public helped convert lay people to homeopathy. Repertory of non-psoric remedies. The unpopular Attempt at showing the kinship of medicines. What is relationship of remedies at mental and physical plane. A must read. 

1845 Essay of Intermittent Fever

1846 Therapeutic Manual

1847 Pocketbook contains concordance of homeopathic remedies

1849 Brief instruction prevention and cure of cholera

1853 Two sides of human body and relationships.  Dependence upon the sides affinity of remedies 

1860 Whooping Cough

1892 Pocketbook with American Edition by Allen

1891 Lesser Writings compilation of small works by Indian Prince published as late as 1908

Salute Hahnemann, Kent and Boenninghausen 

He was a lawyer and botanist. Read and compared with Dr Aadil's own upbringing. 

Hardly 3 years of entering homeopathy good grasp homeopathy. Even to write a masterpiece upon which Hahnemann relied.

How well a person can grasp the philosophy. Man of substance. 

Expect a lawyer would criticize. He was cured of pulsatilla. the lawyer in him could have easily taken sarcastic view. He used intelligence to build up the philosophy. 


Beginning with tributes to master homeopaths, we set the stage to realize how many have come before us to prepare the way. Physicians who searched far and wide for gentle methods of healing without side effects recorded their findings, built edifices and institutions, taught disciples, and we carry on their work.


Against all odds, we live in a cultural environment that promotes a form of 'quick' suppression only to result in chronic pains, increasing pathology and destruction of the vital force. As more people listen, learn and realize the benefits of homeopathy, we can change the tide.


Revenge... is like a rolling stone, which, when a man hath forced up a hill, will return upon him with a greater violence, and break those bones whose sinews gave it motion. Church cleric Jeremy Taylor, Shakespeare of Divines, wrote with poetic style.

An exostosis (plural: exostoses) is the formation of new bone on the surface of a bone.

Exostoses can cause chronic pain ranging from mild to debilitatingly severe, depending on the shape, size, and location of the lesion.


When used in the phrases "Cartilaginous exostosis" or "Osteocartilaginous exostosis", it is considered synonymous with Osteochondroma. Some sources consider the terms to mean the same thing even without qualifiers, but this interpretation is not universal.


Evidence for exostosis found in the fossil record is studied by paleopathologists,  specialists in ancient disease and injury. Exostosis has been reported in dinosaur fossils from several species,  including Acrocanthosaurus atokensis,  Albertosaurus sarcophagus,  Allosaurus fragilis,  Gorgosaurus libratus,  and Poekilopleuron bucklandii.


Radiology of Ribs

Springer | Exostosis occurs in the ribs either sporadically or as a manifestation of a genetic disorder known as hereditary multiple exostoses. Costal exostosis may cause chest pain and, on rare occasions, result in hemothorax. We report a case of hemothorax owing to costal exostosis in a 4-year-old boy.

PubMed Rib Exostosis | We report two cases of unusual presentation of rib exostosis. The first patient presented acutely with hemorrhagic shock due to massive hemothorax, and the second patient presented with repetitive chest infection complicated by empyema. In both patients, preoperative computed tomographic (CT) scan of the chest revealed rib exostoses, necessitating thoracotomy and rib resection.


Looking forward to your conclusions and hypothesis based upon the finding that ancient peoples had cholesterol and fats on there artery walls. Today, the medical community correlates fat and cholesterol to heart disease and stroke, sighting the cause as sedentary lifestyle plus improper nutrition.


Do you agree that calcification indicates trouble for the circulatory system, with possible thickened arteries and narrow passageways for blood to flow? Were humans different so long ago, with our assumptions they had to be much more active without automobiles and planes for transportation, a more agrarian society where people worked physically out in the fields, foraging and hunting for their food? 


Is it possible that over time these calcifications do not tell the whole story? The comparative study of many cultural regions consisting of a variety of diets, classes and lifestyles seems to indicate arteriosclerosis a common disease. Somehow, I question the conclusion and wonder if anyone else has a few thoughts. 


In fact, Dr Thomas tells us not to feel guilty for having vascular disease since he concludes it has been part of the aging process for 4,000 years.

March 10, 2013 |CT Scans Find Vascular Disease in Ancient Mummies

Researchers performed CT scans on 137 mummies, including Egyptians, Peruvians, Aleutian Islanders and ancestors of the Pueblo people of the American Southwest.

The scans were read by seven imaging experts who judged atherosclerosis by the presence of calcification in the walls of clearly discernible arteries or along the expected route of an artery no longer visible.


Previous research has found evidence of atherosclerosis in Egyptian mummies, but mummification in Egypt was practiced among the elite, whose diet and lifestyle probably differed substantially from that of the rest of the population. Indeed, this study, published online Sunday in The Lancet, found atherosclerosis in 29 of the 76 Egyptian mummies examined.


But the researchers also found the disease in 13 of 51 Peruvian remains dated between A.D. 200 and 1500, two of five ancestral Pueblans who lived between 1500 B.C. and A.D. 500, and three of five Aleutian Islanders who lived in the 19th and early 20th centuries.





Intermittent Fever with Repertory of Boenninghausen

P.P. Wells M.D.
The falsehood of the oft-repeated "Homoeopathy will not cure ague" has been demonstrated in the book and the author assure us "that there is no more difficulty in treating intermittent fever than in treating any other disease." He has also proved "that the idea that Cinchona or any of its constituent elements or any other drug or nostrum is or can be specific cure for this class of fevers, is without foundation in truth or in sound medical philosophy."


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CHAT NOTES: (09:55:15):Welcome to the HWC Homeopathy Radio Chat Room. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:56:34): Christina says no dry foods at all. BUT another holistic person says that all cats like to eat insects and need dry foods. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:56:56): Dry foods stresses cats and keeps them dehydrated leading to kidney disease. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:57:13): Fresh foods is best for cats and environment. Same with horses. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:57:21): Hello Alexi and Jeri HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:57:49): What is a natural diet? Eat right for blood type. Each person or animal needs a personalized diet. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:58:18): one cat was peeing all over house.... what to do? HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:58:36): Using an intuitive. This cat was marking. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (09:59:31): Animals can SENSE the owner's feelings. TheAlexiAndJeriShow says to (10:00:15): It definitely makes a difference speaking to animals ... thank you for speaking about this HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:00:37): any comments or questions? :) HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:03:40): Making a match. It's like big brother big sister program. Its like a marriage. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:05:16): Doing good deeds. Do a day's work to help others. TheAlexiAndJeriShow says to (10:06:10): Adopt someone today !! A wonderful idea HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:14:07): HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:14:57): Welcome Judy and friends TheAlexiAndJeriShow says to (10:15:22): I did the same with my children and chicken pox TheAlexiAndJeriShow says to (10:19:35): That would be wonderful if you could add that link regarding vaccines ...thank you HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:20:43): I will have to dig it up for you. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:21:37): Here are the archives from previous shows. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:22:10): HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:23:22): question about rabbits HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:23:46): treating the mother rabbit for not producing the milk HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:24:11): look at her personality. Does she change during pregnancy and after the birth HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:24:23): separated the male and female. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:24:58): yahoo groups novaxk9s HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:26:23): Here is an old show about vaccines. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:26:57): Sepia for mother that rejects the babies. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:27:32): Doug yearout veterinarian HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:28:47): TheAlexiAndJeriShow says to (10:29:52): Thank you for all the links Debby it's very helpful TheAlexiAndJeriShow says to (10:31:01): Thank you Dr. Chambreau for all you've shared its been very informative best of luck in Vancouver HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:47:20): Page 1405 Swelling HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:48:05): GENERALITIES CHAPTER: Swelling: BONES HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:48:35): Exostosis is old word HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:48:56): boney growth projecting from bone. It may be benign or malignant HWC Homeopathy Radio says (10:49:17): The PDF is available. above in the description of today's show HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:02:35): Fungal infections of lung, brain, etc can travel to the bones. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:02:59): Rib infections associated with chest wall abscess HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:03:10): TB have enlarged ribs. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:03:17): Can see on simple X-ray HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:03:47): What will we see on x-ray? HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:04:31): Is mass on rib or coming from rib? Need expert radiologist to read the x-ray HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:04:52): Comments and questions welcome. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:05:20): TB now antibiotic resistant. Effects spine and vertebrae HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:05:37): glands swollen. Stitches to side of chest. Knees drawn up. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:06:15): Silicea - Silica the master remedy, second drug for TB. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:06:42): Stiffness in neck may be thinking of spondylosis HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:07:24): used infrequent repetition 30C HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:07:51): after 2 weeks ascend to 200C. Takes 3-6 months to disappearance of Tuberculosis HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:08:09): AIDS, TUB not responding to allopathy. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:09:04): TB slow developing. dull back ache of spine. people regard as another disease, like slipped disk HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:09:22): slowly over 1-4 months notice warmth in body in evening. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:09:31): low grade fever. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:10:13): patient feels chilly internally; but skin to touch feels warm. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:10:21): persistent back ache. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:10:54): Frank paralysis, depending upon the area. Great pain. High Grade Fever. Come in panic. The disease may develop over a year or more. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:11:35): Loss of appetite. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:11:48): Patient appears sick. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:12:08): Worse Evening. Loss of energy. Just, "I feel sick." HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:13:32): stop or prevent development of disease. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:13:45): TB is destructive disease. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:16:32): Silicea and Pulsatilla can be preventative to disease as a similimum in the person who needs it. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:17:00): Ferula Asafoetida (Gum of stinkasand) HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:17:10): For worms - asafoetida - HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:17:56): Periosteum painful, swollen, enlarged. Ulcers affecting bones and ribs discharge ichorous pus. Left to itself the bones decay. There is a persistent spasmodic tightness of a chest as if the lungs could not be fully expanded. Neuralgia of the area persisti HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:18:24): Multiple exostosis on the ribs. Not mentioned anywhere except Kent's materia medica. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:18:37): Neuralgia of the area persisting after surgery HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:18:58): Ghost pains? HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:19:21): Allium cepa and Asafoetida HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:21:41): Aurum metallicum pain as if plug placed under ribs HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:21:48): aggravations at night. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:22:23): advanced pathological cases. metastisis. The cancer is controlled but spread to ribs -- persistence source of pain due to decay. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:22:59): 3X for one month in a case. Man with stage 4 prostate cancer. Operation and chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Pain in ribs persist. HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:23:28): remarkable results in age 74 year man. Pain subsides. reason -- decay of ribs HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:28:45): Thanks to all our listeners. :) HWC Homeopathy Radio says (11:29:10): We certainly had a power packed 2-hour how today! Whoo-hooo. Share with friends. Archive now available.

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We have dedicated this show to Late Dr. Clemans Maria Franz Von Boenninghausen (12/3/1785  - 26/1/1864) and have discussed in depth about "EXOSTOSIS ON RIBS" -- what are they, why do they occur and which Homoeopathic remedies we can use for the same.. 


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