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March 20, 2013 Study Kent Repertory Chest Chapter with Dr Aadil 

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Part 2 of Exostosis

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Cardiologists: Many Heart Drugs Overprescribed, Ineffective

Types of Heart Disease Drugs

Statins to reduce cholesterol

Blood Thinners Warfarin and aspirin

BetaBlockers to slow the heart

ACE inhibitor to reduce blood pressure


Are we, as Americans, dependent upon daily multiple doses of pills? I didn't say multiple vitamins, I meant drugs that affect the body in numerous ways. Each of these pills contains risks for side effects besides the intended effect to thin the blood, prevent clotting, reduce cholesterol, etc. In addition, please show us the studies, clinical trials or collected data from the millions of people who take more than one of these drugs showing how they interact with each other. 


Doctors hope that patients will 'comply' with prescription orders, yet, who wants to take 7 - 30 drugs multiple times per day? People can be forgetful or intentional in not taking expensive medications. Physicians fear that patients will stop taking critical drugs that keep people alive or prevent further complications with heart disease, the number one risk for mortality. 


On the other hand, cardiologists have reviewed the number of drugs given to patients and find evidence that some may not be effective. In such cases, a reduction in prescriptions may be a new approach to heart patients. Studies showing the long term benefits of remaining on certain drugs, or determining the length of time that provides a benefit must undertaken. 


Both patients and physicians fall into a mode of dependence and mind-set of security that giving a drug will prevent disease or maintain a person's health, without noting a time span of efficacy. Why should patients be reliant upon medications if they can take alternative steps in life-style, nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction to improve the function of their heart and entire circulatory system? 


As concerned citizens who provide feedback to our health care providers we must voice our opinions about medications. Side effects make life uncomfortable and can be risky.

  • Reuters | Merck's heart drug, Tredaptive, failed to show benefit in preventing heart attacks, strokes, death and other complications in heart patients also taking statins to lower bad LDL cholesterol. In fact, this drug caused concerning muscle weakness, especially in Asian patients and significantly higher rates of bleeding - 2.5 percent vs 1.9 percent - and infections - 8.0 percent vs 6.6 percent. Other side effects include the onset of diabetes - 9.1 percent vs 7.3 percent - diabetic complications - 11.1 percent vs 7.5 percent - and gastrointestinal problems - 4.8 percent vs 3.8 percent.

Because the medical community has determined the villain in heart disease can be related to high cholesterol, means to lower cholesterol numbers have been sought. Niacin, a form of vitamin B, has been used for many years in the belief that its HDL raising powers would help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

  • Fenofibrate, including AbbVie's TriCor, has also failed to show benefit in two separate studies, Krumholz said. The $2 billion-a-year drug is used to lower low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, the unhealthy cholesterol, and triglycerides, and to raise high-density lipoprotein, or HDL, the healthy cholesterol.

ACC: Is Chelation Plus Vitamins a Winning Combo?


SAN FRANCISCO -- High doses of anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals plus chelation therapy may have benefits for those who have encountered a heart attack.

In a Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT), Myocardial Infarction (MI) of 1,708 patients who had both high-dose vitamins and chelation therapy were significantly less likely to reach a combined cardiovascular endpoint over 5 years than those who had placebo in both instances, Gervasio Lamas, MD, of Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Fla., reported at the American College of Cardiology meeting. Further research and testing will be required. 



Bone Cancer 

The human skeletal system is made up of more
than 200 bones that protect the internal organs,
allow people to stand up right, and attach to
muscles that allow movement. Bones are
connected to other bones by ligaments, which are bands of tough, fibrous tissue, while cartilage covers and protects the joints where bones come  together. Bones are hollow and filled with bone
marrow, which is the spongy, red tissue that produces blood cells. The cortex is the hard, outer portion of the bone.

Bone is a tissue that consists of collagen (a soft, fibrous tissue) and calcium phosphate (a mineral  that helps harden and strengthen the bone). There
are three types of bone cells:  Osteoclasts break down and remove old bone.


Asafoetida stinks, but it helps the cook

Spice Hing Hunting

The Infinite Light Reading


Some notes

*** (11:04:21):Welcome to the HWC Homeopathy Radio Chat Room.
Homeopathy drugs to help thru crisis. Pain. Bleeding. Increase the duration of blood transfusion.
Last show we studied Merc cor extensively.
Knee Chest Position.
Merc cor is a chilly patient. Medhor is warm patient.
Bacterial infections of bones. ANY BONES. Do not forget Asaefadia.

Ferula Asafoetida (Gum of stink asand)
This is sap of tree
neuralgia after surgery. Pricking pain. Allium cepa -- phantom limb syndrome
Volcanic Ash - Hekla lava -- Hekla Lava (Volcanic Ash)Marked action on bones.Exostoses, nodosities, indurations,infiltrations, osteo-sarcoma &chondroma
cancers of bone - hekla lava and malignancy of cartilage.
A Pancoast (superior sulcus) lung Cancer may invade the chest wall at the apex & affect the sympathetic + brachial plexus. Causes paralysis. PAIN. Need MRI.
solid tumor of lung, spreads to ribs.
Phytolacca. Used in breast cancer. EXOSTOSIS
persistent pain. Just decrease this annoying pain. Asteria rubens is another remedy. 1X potency
Not happy with Mother Tincture to control pain. Use 1-6X potency.
2 cases now with breast cancer. Both taking phytolacca to control pain. No Opiods.
Lymphomas & Leukaemia where axillary glandsare enlarged. Multiple myeloma. Stony hardness of glands.
phytolacca and conium are similar in the pathology. Common symptoms of decreased appetite, etc.
CONCHIOLINUM -- like arnica. sensitive to touch. But the arnica does not work.
Can't wear clothing, since ribs sensitive to touch.
SKOOKUM CHUCK - This remedy comes from theSalts of water from medical lake near Spokane, BritishColumbia's SunshineCoast, Canada. Its medicinal properties were known to the Indians since very long. They called it Sahala Lyee Illihe or Sacred Grounds
SALTS in the waters. Like the Dead Seas salts and other mineral springs have medicinal properties.
inveterate skin cancer of breast. Ribs.
skin is dry and red. This is peculiar. No swelling.
boney callous.
repeated series of XRAY
Fracture -- after 2 months -- bony callous still remains. 1) symphytum 2) skookum chuck. :)
1X or 2X twice per day.
ANTHRACINUM - biological warfare. This is an animal disease. People would not be infected. This alcoholic extract of Anthrax nosode isprepared from the spleen of infected sheep.
Causes torturing pain. TORTURE. along with great prostration. BURNING PAIN.
Calcarea FlourOsseous tumours- Exostosis in the form of encystedtumours (Osteochondroma) >by warm application &heat.Chondroi
Calcarea Fluoride.
1X - 3X can be used for 3-4 months and then rest. Then return
Hello Judy.
rapid bone growth, predisposes to cancer.
pain and swelling. Giant cell tumours: rare, aggressive benign tumor occurring between the ages of 20- 40 years. It presents in the form of ganglion. Occurs exclusively in the end of long bones next to the joints (epiphysis). In rare cases, this tumor ma
RUTA Pain <="" direct="" exposure="" &dampness="" tmj="" dislocation="" phosphorus="" choice="" bone="" businessman="" 2011.="" chronic="" tobacco="" chewer.="" neglected="" own="" enlarged.="" torn="" skin.="" pus.="" operation.="" took="" out="" right="" side="" prosthesis.="" spread="" left="" jaw.="" still="" alive.="" reported="" dr="" aadil's="" dad
His whole family are homeopathic physicians.
IODIUM - Gonorrheal rheumatism or Rheumatoid arthritis with exostosis on multiple joints causing pain

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