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WHAW What Would Hahnemann Do? Interactive Show on April 16, 2012

Please join us and tell your friends! Everyone is invited to share in the fun as we play this Question / Answer Game.

We will ask the questions on the show. "What would Hahnemann do?" And, we will answer your calls as you tell us the answers. Hahnemann lived 250 years ago, do you think his writings could predict a future world of medicine? Could he have provided the answers for today's issues way back then?

Please call in and we will see.

World Homeopathy Awareness Week, April 10-16 each year, highlights the benefits of the homeopathic medical system. The WHOA Board and members select an important world medical issue as a theme.

Representatives from each country disseminate information for those involved in homeopathy to present talks, workshops, printed material and online articles in an educational format.

We will have Liz Byszeski as our guest to introduce to our viewers what has transpired and invite whoever has participated, whether someone attending a demonstration or neighborhood tea, those who have been involved with preparing handouts, others who have provided free clinics for those in need, individuals who get involved with social networking or giving webinars.

The opportunity to learn about homeopathy expands as our means of communication brings us all closer together. Each year more people begin to learn and understand the true meaning of homeopathy, the vital force, and the basic laws and principles of nature, such as the minimum dose and "likes cures like."

Please join us on the live stream via skype or telephone. Contact us ahead of time if you have questions or comments. Send in your success stories and reports. How many people attended your event for the WHAW week? What were the responses?


Enter your skype name and you

will be on the chat line.

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Mr.EM› This has been vary encouraging
‹Yvonne› hello everyone, nice to be here
‹elizabeth.bysze› hello
‹Debby Bruck› If you are trying to connect via skype, you will have to announce here who you are.
‹Debby Bruck› Hi Liz
‹Dr Deepak Sharma› Hello  everyone
‹Debby Bruck› We're expecting many people today.
‹Debby Bruck› welcome tt -- who are you? Hester, Amnon, Lyssa, Dr Sharma, Yvonne
‹Debby Bruck› 12 minutes until show time
‹Debby Bruck› If you are on Twitter. Please go announce the show with a link here
‹Lyssa› lyssa.clayton
‹elizabeth.bysze› Hi Lyssa
‹mary aspinwall› morning everyone
‹elizabeth.bysze› Hello Mary
‹claudiaderosa-h› hello everyone!!
‹elizabeth.bysze› HI!
‹mary aspinwall› hi
‹claudiaderosa-h› hi mary!!
‹Amnon› Elizabeth, are you going to call into Skype voice?
‹Amnon› Same for Lyssa
‹Amnon› Computers2kvoice
‹Lyssa› Yes can do, am new to technology !
‹elizabeth.bysze› calling phone number, I'm in the US
‹Lyssa› Thought needed to wait til later in show ?
‹elizabeth.bysze› we call in later, correct?
‹Rupali› now adays people are so much concerned about hygiene..
‹Rupali› and at dr. hahnemann's time.. water was not too it is now..
‹Rupali› so he may not be a opposing it
‹Amnon› You can call any time :-)
‹Rupali› signs and symptoms are the internal essence of disease
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› Hello Every one
‹Rupali› and if we remove these..cure will be achieved..
‹claudiaderosa-h› Hi Kavitha!
‹Mr.EM› Hello
‹claudiaderosa-h› very true..even allopathic drugs have an energetic action on the human body..
‹healthy vet› Actually, the water may have been very polluted with cow and horse sstool, people stool, parasites and more. We have chemicals they had microbes.
‹healthy vet› the problem with our water is that the chemical have more of a chronic disease impact, rather than the more acute disease of old infected water.
‹Mr.EM› Giardia is a good example...
‹healthy vet› Bacteria in water should not affect a healthy person.
‹healthy vet› The other problem with the plastics is that they are affecting all the vegetables, fish, meat that we eat as well - sooo pervasive.
‹elizabeth.bysze› true
‹healthy vet› Well, that is my question - will they get disease just because they are downstream?
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› Also we need to identify Indispositions as suggested by Dr Hahnemann – If we remove these superficial causes then there is no need to treat such conditions unless it has a deep root. E.g stomach pain or diarrhea from over eating at party. You don’t think of remedy right away. Skipping a meal or having bland diet or minimal diet would help.
‹healthy vet› I do not think that is true. If it were, then EVERY person drinking the infected water would become ill and they do not all get ill.
‹Yvonne› wud be nice to hear what steps are taken to spread homeopathy in the media. I do see that Dr. Oz is now taking on an alternative ways and has spoken of homeopathy too.
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› that is good to hear Yvonne that Dr Oz is talking about homeopathy
‹healthy vet› And the healthier your Vital Force is, the less susceptibilities you have.
‹Mr.EM› Yes, Vital Force is often times the key.
‹healthy vet› I so agree with Kavitha. Often I tell clients to not give their dogs a remedy for diarrhea, just give slippery elm.
‹Mr.EM› True, many people would like to fix IBS with remedy rather then diet
‹healthy vet› There is a wonderful video of homeopathy around the world. Not sure the link.
‹Yvonne› lol Kavitha, i have to tell u that he needs a small intro to homeopathy as he called rescue remedy as a homeopathic remedy
‹Amnon› I have a strange feeling that that was your queue Elizabeth :-)
‹Mr.EM› I believe Dr Oz will talk about what will make him money : ( I hope this is not true with homeopathy
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› oh! I got it now Yvonne.
‹Yvonne› i agree Mr. Em but one step in the rite direction means alot, dont u think so?
‹Mr.EM› true
‹Debby Bruck› did someone from Tenn call in to the show?
‹Amnon› Who just called in?
‹Yvonne› i will be attending the th Annual Joint American Homeopathic Conference in virginia this weekend
‹Mr.EM› this cost like $635?
‹Yvonne› less actually
‹claudiaderosa-h› Hey Yvonne!! I'll be there too! it will be nice to have a chat!!
‹Mr.EM› I live close to it but can not afford that...
‹Yvonne› nice Claudia
‹Yvonne› oh thees a video, nice
‹healthy vet› Mr. EM - they usually have some free events and maybe you could do one day only.
‹Yvonne› I live 30 mins away Mr. EM
‹healthy vet› Show the video at a tea party.
‹Yvonne› we shud connect
‹Mr.EM› I am about 6 hrs I think
‹Yvonne› lol
‹claudiaderosa-h› I've seen the video at last NUPATH canadian was very interesting and very well put together..
‹mary aspinwall› info on Dr Oz on my site just search his name
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› Thanks Mary for the info
‹Yvonne› thank you
‹hester› Hi everyone, Also in Holland homeopaths have been very active for WHAW. People have given lectures, held open days, some started fertility clinics or organized an information stand at libraries. The 3 homeopaths organizations and producers of homeopathic medicin in Holland have bundled their resources in a Public Relations platform and communicated to the public about WHAW to the publlic.  
‹mary aspinwall› great
‹healthy vet› Debby - Also, the video I spoke of earlier - Homeopathy Around the World.
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› That is wonderful Dr Sharma- WHAM events in India
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› yeh we are celebrating a month for Homeopathy
‹Amnon› Dr. Sharma, your video stopped.
‹Mr.EM› Indiana
‹Yvonne› i hv a book on that healthy vet
‹Amnon› Fine now
‹healthy vet› Yvonne - you have a book about what?
‹Mr.EM› There is little awareness here...
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› Thank you for nice msg is inspiring
‹healthy vet› Debby, when you edit this, maybe you can add about the video - Homeopathy Around the World.
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› Lots of thanks to Debby, Dr Sharma and every one on behalf of WHAW
‹Lyssa› Thankyou everyone
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Thank you Kavitha
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Thank You everyone
‹healthy vet› How to access the utube channel?
‹elizabeth.bysze› claudia can you call in?
‹elizabeth.bysze› thank you everyone!
‹Rupali› thanks to all the members of WHAW..for an awesome and informative show.... :)
‹elizabeth.bysze› Thank you Rupali
‹mary aspinwall› yes Peter really knows his stuff- fascinating!
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Thak you Rupali
‹Debby Bruck› thanks to everyone who came to participate
‹Debby Bruck› we are unable to hear you because of echo
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Thanks again from
‹Lyssa› .great idea having tutorial !
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› you can get this tutorial on HWC
‹elizabeth.bysze› Thank you Amnon, Debby and Dr. Sharma!  Sorry for the technical things!
‹Lyssa› pronounce Lissa
‹elizabeth.bysze› This was great, it will get easier :)
‹claudiaderosa-h› sorry! i cannot find the botton..
‹Lyssa› Thanks Lis
‹Lyssa› Liz - sorry :-)
‹elizabeth.bysze› Have a great day everyone, HAPPY WHAW!
‹mary aspinwall› congrats Debby on 14000 followers
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› That great Debby, 14,000 followers on are awesome
‹elizabeth.bysze› Awesome Deb!
‹claudiaderosa-h› thank you!
‹mary aspinwall› sorry you had tech problems
‹Dr Deepak Sharm› Debby will be next to Hahnemann
‹Kavitha Kukunoo› I agree with Dr Sharma
‹jean blake› Hi Everyone from Dublin Ireland
‹jean blake› what is the European time for the live video show today
‹jean blake› I like the idea of Celebrating WHA for 1 month - it gives people a better skope if they cant manage to fit into the specific week.  In fact we need Homeopathy Awareness 24/7 and this is where we are hoping to go with Social Media - more pro active and not just responsive when the opposition speak loud

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Where does one enter Skype name Have added     computers2Kvoice   to my Skype contact list,  Thanks Jean

Hello Jean and all my friends on HWC. If you wish to call in to the show, we must know your skype identity ahead of time and your name. Send via email to me. Get on the live chat to each show. Comment and let us know you are trying to call in to speak. Many thanks. We are still learning and it WILL get better each time. Debby


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