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Prophylaxis | Dr Isaac Golden Can Energy Medicine Save A Community From Infectious Disease? May 8 2012

Health Inn with Dr Isaac Golden ~ Can Energy Medicine Protect A Community from Infectious Diseases?

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Tuesday May 8, 2012
8:00PM Eastern Time USA



Hi, I'm Debby Bruck, First, I'd like to thank you for tuning in last week to our talk on Fertility and Infertility in Modern Times.

We had an awesome turnout of viewers for the Tuesday May 8, 2012 at 8PM Eastern Time when we spoke to Dr Isaac Golden of Australia on the Homeopathy world Community Health Inn Show.  Just click the player and listen to the archived recording.

Dr  Golden provides his patients standard homoeoprophylaxis programs for infectious disease. This means he provides steps that each person may take to prevent a disease from affecting them, especially during a time when a particular disease may be spreading.   

Most of his research delves deeply into diseases that are continually present in an area and affects a relatively small number of people, that we call endemic, like malaria.

We will have to ask him next time why governments do not avail themselves of these types of effective and powerful options, especially when there is no proven highly effective vaccine available for epidemic diseases like swine flu.

We were so busy asking organically many other questions that we did not delve more deeply into the details of the 2007 mass inoculation using homeopathic medicine. At that time, the Cuban government  immunized 2,400,000 people against endemic disease and again in 2008 to 2, 200,000 resulting in remarkable success rates at a nominal cost.

I encourage you to tell your friends, post the link on Facebook and tweet on twitter. Each week we talk about health issues of concern and interest.

Dr Isaac Golden does much of his work with long-term prophylaxis where diseases are endemic. He is available to help you with a remedy program for when you travel to an area with potential health risks.

The epidemic issues highlight some weaknesses of orthodox vaccines which take time to be developed as disease strains change, making them no longer useful whereas Homeopathic Prophylaxis can adapt to changing strains very quickly.

We will learn more about the government instituted health care program which utilizes homeopathy and has been shown to save lives and reduce illness.

In general, vaccination and homoeoprophylaxis (HP) both offer protection against targeted infectious diseases. We know HP is safe, so the key question that governments, populations and world health organizations will ask deals with the efficacy of Homeopathic Prophylaxis. We will hear the testimony to that effect.

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