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Jeremy Sherr Shares Experience in Tanzania on AIDS and Homeopathy August 4

On August 4, 2014 The Health Inn will present Jeremy Sherr speaking about his work with AIDS patients and Homeopathy. 



Jeremy Sherr, educator, author, remedy prover and the founder of Homoeopathy for Health in Africa and The Dynamis School offers training in advanced homeopathy to practitioners from all over the world and opportunities to learn in Africa.

Jeremy Sherr has been working in Tanzania for many years (since 2008) and has helped AIDS patients gain strength and the ability to return to work using homeopathic remedies. He has learned to understand the importance of dreams and getting down to the fundamentals in case taking.

Jeremy has enlarged our materia medica with old and new remedies through clinical experience and provings.  New books have been published after caring for thousands of AIDS patients. Success stories are documented in the blood counts, healing wounds, improved sleep and many typical symptoms of this devastating disease. 

Homeopathy for Health in Africa is a voluntary, non-profit organization providing free holistic treatment for people living with HIV/ AIDS in Tanzania. Local practitioners and volunteers  work in conjunction with rural clinics and hospitals, as well as outreach programs to the Maasai land where there is no access to medical treatment. Alongside natural remedies the clinic supplies nutritional aid, second hand eyeglasses, microloans and vocational programs for their patients. 

When you hear the patient stories and see the smiles of gratitude on the faces of returning patients, you will realize the value of this clinical work. 

View Mary's Story Patient #103

The Popularity of Homeopathy by Jeremy Sherr

It works. It's cost effective. It's efficient. Especially in developing countries. 

Ministries of health say we choose homeopathy as an ancillary system.

The governments support homeopathy. Homeopathy is growing in popularity.

A lot of research have been coming out every day from universities, scientists and physicists. 

Homeopathy can change patterns of chronic diseases. We have the support of the public,

the ministries and research. A viable alternative to every one. We should have the

freedom to choose what works for them and their families in all generations.

It should come with no harassment or judgement. Everyone should be able to choose

their preference wherever they live in the world. 

Good Health to you from Jeremy Sherr

Over 400 million people in the world use homeopathy. In France and Switzerland, in South America and all around the world use this form of medicine. Jeremy will update us on his work

in Tanzani, while this video shows Jeremy in 2011. 

Dr Jeremy Sherr and his wife Camille Sherr

Helping the immune system work better. They introduce themselves to us. 

Jeremy Sherr and his wife Camilla Sherr´s voyage to Africa in their mission to treat aids

With low cost and without side effects homeopathy helps patients living with AIDS in Africa.


‹Debby› next slide Amnon
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Respected Dr Jermey pleasure & honour to have you on our show sir
‹Debby› there it is the classroom
‹Yvonne› Hello Dr Jafer
‹Debby› 6 week course in homeopathy. Maybe next slide?
‹Betsy› Why are you only educating young men?  not women?
‹Debby› All the women work in the clinics
‹Amnon› I hope you guys are going to talk for a while so that I can go to the office to get the other videos
‹Debby› Sponsor homeopathic school in Kenya where there is full time education. 3 year program. High standard with faculty.
‹Dr Deepak India› yeh sure Amnon
‹Debby› To make AIDS EDUCATION self sustainable in Africa
‹Dr Jafer› hi Yvonne
‹Debby› Train people in first aid. Work with clergy and churches who are keen on homeopathy.
‹Debby› Educational program in Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda
‹Debby› Hello Glo
‹Dr Deepak India› We have 29 members on chat today
‹Debby› Hi Maja
‹glo22› Hello from m allorca
‹Debby› First Pan African Congress with 60 countries last year
‹Dr Deepak India› many homeopaths on a single platform
‹Maja› Hi Debby, Hi everyone
‹healthy vet› web site to get info on all 4 countries?
‹Debby› next two slides. Keep em moving!
‹Dr Deepak India› Hi Yuvonne
‹Yvonne› Hello Deepak
‹Dr Jafer› what is the procedure to become a member i n HWC?
‹Yvonne› Hi Maja
‹Maja› Hi Yvonne
‹Debby› All the patients love homeopathy.Suits their mentality. The clinic is FREE to All. Exist on donations. All volunteers work at the clinics
‹Debby› Jeremy supplements financially with teaching in Europe and sales of books
‹Dr Deepak India› Dr Jafar you just sign up from the home page
‹Debby› People come for short term as students. They want volunteers to come for 2-3 months. You can connect with Jeremy to find out the details.
‹Yvonne› it would be a great idea to be there
‹Dr Jafer› let me try. Deepak
‹Debby› A crappy clinic?
‹Dr Deepak India›
‹healthy vet› connect with Jeremy at what site?
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Dr Kulbhushan Delhi
‹Debby› CONTACT LINK TO JEREMY http://www.homeopathyforhealth...act-us/
‹Dr Deepak India› now you can join the group HEALTH INN on whatsapp an android application for smartphones
‹Phyllis Georgic› do any of these AIDS victims talks about being vaccinated for SMALLPOX byt eh WHO in the 70's?
‹Debby› I think that is Roger their dear hard worker
‹Debby› Collection of Glasses. People over 45 can't see to read. Can't use mobile phone. Can't teach. Can't work without sight using glasses.
‹Debby› People donating older eyeglasses. WISH I KNEW!!!
‹Phyllis Georgic› Sun is too much in Africa and eyes are being burned out.  Needing more Vitamin A?
‹Debby› The people love the eyeglasses and trying them out. I guess its like finding the right key to a car.
‹Debby› Two seasons. RAINY like Noah's flood; and then DRY
‹Dr Deepak India› oh yes Phyllis
‹Debby› They get stuck on the road during wet weather
‹Debby› MISSION IN AFRICA. What they want to achieve. TREAT as many patients as possible. Beside AIDS they treat many other chronic diseases. Diabetes and HBP. People eating sugar.
‹Debby› Treat Cancer, back aches and injury. Abdominal surgery.
‹Debby› Camille's project.
‹Phyllis Georgic› I am thrilled to see that homeopathy is making a presences in the treatment of AIDS in Africa.
‹Debby› Hello Dr Nikhil and Navneet!
‹Navneet› Good going....
‹Debby› What remedy did she say? Staph?
‹Betsy› bellis p 12c
‹Navneet› yup
‹Gisa› bellis perennis I suppose
‹Debby› Healed faster with less pain. Camille started a project. with placebo versus homeopathy
‹Phyllis Georgic› I appreciate that Jeremy and his WIfe (?) there doing this work.  I surely would love to be there, but don't have the money to travel there and be there  for any length of tiem.
‹Debby› Bellis perennis
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› I am having problems in viewing due to poor signal
‹Debby› dramatic changes. Operate on Tues and Wed. They line up in the ward. They can tell immediately who had homeopathy
‹Debby› Sorry Dr K. You can view archive later.
‹Debby› You can just listen to the audio if you wish and will get a better signal.
‹Debby› Since BELLIS NO COMPLICATIONS! Miraculous.
‹Phyllis Georgic› What are these surgeries for?
‹Debby› FIND GENUS EPIDEMICUS for AIDS. Identified 12  - 15 remedies for most AIDS in AFRICA. Not sure in other countries.
‹Debby› This makes it easier to choose remedies for patients. Very systematically via Dr Hahnemann's instructions
‹Debby› Makes teaching how to practice easier.
‹Debby› 80% patients work well with Genus Epidemicus
‹Debby› EDUCATIONAL MISSION. Grow homeopathy. Less expensive without side effects
‹Gisa› genius epidemicus seems to be a very good idea in this context
‹Debby› Movies made
‹Dr Deepak India› Amnon shall I swith over to Windows XP again, I am just fadup with Win 8.1
‹Phyllis Georgic› These are peoples who have limited vaccines and GMO is still not involved there and so there are still eating according to their ancestors ways and so they are really longer lived  with diseases like AIDS>
‹Debby› Connecting patient videos. 50 to 100 videos will eventually get on YouTube
‹Gisa› you can try, but the world will not listen - we know that
‹Debby› Connecting patient videos. 50 to 100 videos will eventually get on YouTube
‹Amnon› Windows 7 Dr. Sharma
‹Debby› Yeah Homeopathy.
‹Debby› Never heard of small pox vaccines in 70's
‹Phyllis Georgic› Thanks for that answer about smallpox..
‹Debby› Treatment in Africa don't even know what was done to them, even surgeries
‹Dr Deepak India› okay Thanks Amnon
‹Debby› They may remember maybe about an injection, but not know anything else
‹Debby› LOGO and next slide
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Dr Jermey Sir welcome to India
‹Debby› Repertory of Mental Qualities. Series of Books on NOBLE GASES. Investigating the last 25 years.
‹Betsy› thoughts about ebola
‹Maja› Are there a opponents of homeopathy in Africa? Results are great, but There are a lot of people who deny the success of homeopathy.
‹Phyllis Georgic› Just keep Jeremy and his wife speaking.
‹Gisa› so Dr. Bob said: follow the money
‹Debby› Have seen 5000 AIDS patients. Can identify remedies quickly
‹Debby› Can ask about ebola next
‹Phyllis Georgic› Ebola...= Marburg Virus??
‹Debby› Are we seeing a slide or video?
‹Debby› After 1 1/2 symptoms returned. USE 12 C daily as most effective.
‹Dr Deepak India› videos
‹Debby› Need DAILY Dosing. They may see patient once every year or year and half
‹Gisa› treat the patient, not the disease - so it works also with the genius epidemicus (like Hahnemann told uns)
‹Phyllis Georgic› No potencies in water?
‹Debby› Good remedy works 6 months to a year or more. The people in Africa respond immediately to homeopathy
‹Debby› I don't know whether dry or water
‹Debby› CD count healthy is 1000 - 1500
‹Phyllis Georgic› no other allopathic meds suppressing them... They respond quickly and well as with thos poor, poor of Calcutta, Inda.
‹Debby› When infected moves down to 500 and diagnosed as AIDS
‹Debby› After 250 begin antiviral meds for life. Having this disease 7-10 years
‹Debby› This is a slow long term disease
‹Phyllis Georgic› The don't die from the allopathic chemotheraputic treatments of the WEST.
‹Debby› Hi Steve
‹Debby› put up the sound. ok
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› How can we get associated with Dr Jermey in his mission?
‹Debby› no heart palpitations, back pains. But it has returned
‹Phyllis Georgic› Why not try the LMs from 2 or 3 onward and then all in water?
‹Debby› 6 months pains returned. When using homeopathy. she was energetic.
‹Gisa› if LM begin with LM 6, if patient older then 6 years
‹Debby› Used to work long hours. Now can't work more than 2 hours+
‹Debby› She gets dizziness.
‹Debby› All better when she previously had homeopathy. Before appetite was good. Now appetite decreasing.
‹Phyllis Georgic› The work with AIDS for over 2 hrs?  and in the US they cannot work at all or even walk for a few minutes.  These are strong people not loaded with pharmaceuticals from the West.
‹Debby› How long she remained well on homeopathy? Good for 6 months
‹Steve› What about Ebola?
‹Debby› Showing this case to show how well homeopathy works and how long it works.
‹Debby› Daily dose 12 C. Took another 6 months to find Jeremy again
‹Steve› Anyone in Africa treating Ebola?
‹Amnon› I am going to see about the other videos Debby
‹Yvonne› ya what about Ebola?
‹Debby› Treatment failure from antiretrovirals
‹Phyllis Georgic› Giza?  what does LM 6 have to do with 6yrs of age?
‹Reb› it's possible he's not seeing Ebola and the purpose of this presentation was to share his experience treating HIV/AIDS
‹Debby› Many lines of anti retrovirals and keep get changing thru the 16 lines in other parts of the world. However, in Africa only one line
‹Dr Deepak India› Always start LM with the minumum potecy available
‹Debby› The purpose of this program is showing AIDS HIV
‹Gisa› LM 1 is a good potency, if the patient is between 0 and 6, but becoming older, the higher potency works better - my experience
‹Phyllis Georgic› Agreed Dr. Deepak India.
‹Betsy› fantastic results!  very clear, strong, positive result.
‹Debby› Starts slipping down. Second part of video. Repeated her remedy for a month. Returned 3 months later.
‹Dr Deepak India› Thanx Phyllis
‹Debby› increased to thousands instead of hundreds.
‹Kanya› Excellent!
‹Betsy› what is the genus epidemicus for AIDS there?
‹Debby› Elaps remedy is a common remedy. Snake remedy choose this remedy. Nose bleed from one side. Mental symptoms. Dreams
‹Amnon› It won't work Debby.  jeremy sent me links to YouTube.  The format is wrong, I cannot play it here, and have no time to convert 
‹Debby› increased to thousands instead of hundreds.
‹Debby› Snake elaps works best in Afriva
‹Dr Deepak India› oh wow another snake remedy
‹Phyllis Georgic› I am sure that African or Asian Snakes work best in those areas as Chinese herbalism works best with ASIAN peoples.
‹Debby› Amnon may be another video. 96 something
‹Debby› Syphyllitc bone pains, itching, etc. makes it easier to find remedy
‹Debby› He will show MIASM in next case.
‹Steve› What is Jeremy's address in Kenya?
‹Dr Deepak India› Phyllis I think this is true and depend on the food habbit
‹Phyllis Georgic› Always Miasm is best to understand to choose any remedy for any patient.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Ithink you will have to repeat this programme again
‹Dr Deepak India› In India many people are ill with eating Chinese food
‹Yvonne› yes a repeat is good cause there is no archives anymore
‹Debby› That is interesting Deepak
‹Phyllis Georgic› I believe this about the Chinese food in India.
‹Debby› Wonder what is in the food? Salmonella now rampant
‹Kanya› MSG in chinese food?
‹Phyllis Georgic› yes.  MSG is a problem due to it coming from SOYA
‹Dr Deepak India› Dr K and Yv we will not repeat but continue the show with Dr Sherr
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Thanks Yvonne
‹Debby› syphilitic case. Genital. Urethral. Dreams of accidents and chase.
‹Dr Deepak India› yes may be I am not sure on MSG
‹Debby› Disposition. Grim. Gruff.  Showing repertory
‹Debby› NOSE.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› What does that mean Dr Deepak?
‹Yvonne› youre looking good Debby
‹Dr Deepak India› I am going to China in the last on this month to present my paper on PCOS there will me many physician from diffrent traditional medicine then I discuss
‹Debby› Case of Kreosote.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› She is looking Dynamic today
‹Debby› low ***ual energy. syphylitic nose is sunken at root of nose. joint and nose. bone pains.
‹Debby› Sulphur and Kreosote.
‹Debby› He did well.
‹Debby› my video not loading
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Watch your stomach there Dr Deeepak when you are there
‹Debby› I don't see anything
‹Dr Deepak India› yes Dr K
‹Amnon› I am not playing anything yet
‹Debby› Causticum common for WEAKNESS. NUMNNESS. neuropathy. Not enough foods. NURSING THE SIck
‹healthy vet› Any ebola cases cured with homeopathy on line?
‹Debby› Psoric ZINC often has a lot of numbness. Some kind of dream of persecution or being chased
‹Debby› Lots of generals without SRP
‹Debby› Not many mentals. Helps with the DREAMS
‹Dr Deepak India› healthy vet I did not found any case of EVD
‹Debby› Sit in the clinic and they give a three line case.
‹healthy vet› thanks
‹healthy vet› Jeremy, are you treating ebola?
‹Phyllis Georgic› Dreams are great.  I have chosen amazing cures from dreams and food cravings.
‹Debby› in west used to mental emotional. The Africans not used to talking about emotions. More focused on basics of life.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Zincum met or Zincum phos?
‹Debby› Not used to talking about what makes them angry or sad, etc.
‹Debby› This is new to them.
‹Debby› DREAMS. Find money in the street. Hide under mattress. Or someone gives money.
‹Debby› They are surprised in the morning that the money is not there.
‹Debby› They get specific with the dreams.
‹Debby› ARV medications
‹Kanya› All zincum have physical overactivity with psychological underactivity/debility.
‹Dr Deepak India› that is good to know about DREAMS
‹Debby› Can almost diagnose ... the dreams tell them if they are positive or not
‹Debby› Dreams guide them in finding the right remedy.
‹Debby› One remedy that comes to mind is SALMON?
‹Amnon› As long as they don't call the police the next morning to report a theft
‹Dr Deepak India› Dreams are the Indicators to Disease
‹Debby› Surprised to see people dreaming of rivers. River is flooded. or can't go over it. Trying to get to where they are going.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Good one Mr Amnon
‹Debby› Together with hormonal issues it may be Salmon. A critical genus epidemicus
‹Debby› dreams of snakes common. People afraid of snakes. So can't use that rubric. Many snakes are lethal
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Wherto get the Dream Dictionary?
‹Debby› Every one is afraid of snakes.
‹Debby› If seeking dream of water, Dr Sharma confirms dreams of snakes also
‹Debby› Salmon is TUBERCULAR. KALI CARB is common for AIDS
‹Debby› Elaps is syphilitic. MERCURY. BACCILINUM for RINGWORM
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Scare themaway by using Lach & Lac can
‹Debby› Miasm: Decomposition. Everything is breaking down. Close to death
‹Phyllis Georgic› Good indication is ringworm.
‹Debby› Low CD 3 or 1 No immune system. Organs collapsing
‹Debby› After remedy patients may be cheerful
‹Debby› ELEMENT 98 periodic table CALIFORNIA. Can get provin artivle from his website
‹Debby› ELEMENT 98 periodic table CALIFORNIA. Can get provin artivle from his website
‹Debby› Radioactivity and AIDS have common
‹Debby› ADAMAS -- TUB MIASM for lungs
‹Debby› COUGH longer than 3 months. Number one remedy DIAMOND
‹Debby› Study this remedy please
‹Phyllis Georgic› Diamonds are prevalent in Africa this is truth/
‹Debby› one more case. If anyone has questions or subjects after.
‹Debby› a movie will be shown on HWC on the announcement show
‹Amnon› Do you have the actual video Debby?
‹Debby› I will have to ask Jeremy for the link.
‹Debby› Woman on ARV dropped to CD1
‹Debby› Lady age 44
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Cough longer than 3 months could be Tubercular?
‹Gisa› a href="">> = Adamas of Maja
‹Debby› This is incredible video story
‹Debby› appetite worse. nausea. lying in bed
‹Debby› Weakness. She can walk.
‹Amnon› I have 3 links to youtube, that he just sent.  I'll forward them to you in a sec.
‹Debby› memory loss
‹Debby› Hello Ally
‹Debby› What's bothering her most.
‹ally› Hi Debbie
‹Debby› loss of appetite. nausea. dizziness. weakness. was vomiting.
‹Debby› coughing a long time. EYES ITCHY ALL THE TIME
‹Debby› Rub with cold water.
‹Debby› can hardly hear. New skin eruptions
‹Debby› Since ARV skin itches
‹Debby› 6 months time
‹Phyllis Georgic› What is ARV?
‹Debby› thought is was allergy. TB medications and ARV meds simultaneously
‹Yvonne› sorry but what is ARV
‹Phyllis Georgic› antiretoviral med?
‹Debby› Anything made cough better or worse? < evening
‹Debby› Yes. She is on MEDS
‹Debby› Gets better later in the night - cough
‹Debby› CRAVES for ?
‹Debby› vertigo? when stand up. when walking. skin peeling
‹Debby› all since ARV. Shows tongue
‹Debby› FUNGUS
‹Phyllis Georgic› fungus from antiviral meds.
‹Debby› pneumonia. asthma
‹Debby› DREAMS. in church singing.
‹Debby› how feeling mentally?
‹Debby› stable
‹Debby› any fear or anxiety?
‹Debby› prone to emotional disturbance before?
‹Debby› Any fears of dark, high place or snake?
‹Debby› What does she say?
‹Debby› How long has she had HIV?
‹Debby› One thing Jeremy could help? To EAT
‹Phyllis Georgic› Nausea is the worst always for anyone.
‹Betsy› amazing emotional health given her physical state!
‹Phyllis Georgic› These are tough people.
‹Dr Deepak India› Call dropped, Amnon
‹Debby› ZINCUM 12C. See her changes!
‹Debby› Skin improved.
‹Debby› Sleep well.
‹Amnon› It is trying to reconnect
‹Debby› Now does not sleep so much in afternoon.
‹Debby› I am still seeing video on one computer
‹Debby› Went to hospital alone twice. Taking ARV. Good.
‹Amnon› You are back
‹Dr Deepak India› connected thnx
‹Debby› How is nausea? Good
‹Debby› Appetite. Good
‹Debby› FUNGUS in throat. GONE
‹Debby› any dizziness? walk slow
‹Debby› Memory? Now remembering
‹Debby› Energy? Good
‹Debby› Hello Zdravka and Dr Jafer
‹Debby› Any cough? No. One or two cough a day. Improved
‹Debby› EYES itching? NO
‹Debby› Sleep? Good
‹Zdravka› Waw
‹Dr Deepak India› wonderful presentation
‹Debby› BIG CHANGE NOW after another 4 months!
‹Debby› Even her doctors don't recognize her
‹Debby› Look at her laughing
‹Betsy› Amazing two week follow up given her diagnosis!  WOW!  She is super!  Homeopathy is super!
‹Debby› uh oh. advertisement playing on me
‹Yvonne› wowweeee
‹Debby› 150CD is improved from CD1
‹Debby› still taking ARV
‹Yvonne› she is so beautiful and looks younger too
‹Amnon› Is this REALLY the same person ????  WOW !!!!!
‹Debby› no sign TUBERCULOSIS
‹Debby› yes. Same person via homeopathy
‹Yvonne› so why is she taking ARV
‹Debby› appetite good
‹Debby› put on weight. most important
‹Debby› no nausea
‹Debby› no itchy eyes
‹ally› I am awed Jeremy!
‹Debby› look at her laugh!!!
‹Debby› no vertigo.
‹Amnon› WHAT???  Not on JustCast Debby.  You must be on Justin.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Thanks forgetting Dr Jermey on the show it was so good to have him
‹Steve› Why Zinc and not Lyc?
‹Debby› I'm on Justin
‹Debby› shows her skin.
‹Phyllis Georgic› It is amazing what Zinc can do.. Their diet must be lacking much in this area.
‹Debby› How long will this improvement last?
‹peseus42› how long did she take the remedy for ? one month?
‹Debby› does anyone have questions? I will ask about water dosing.
‹Betsy› Beautiful case Jeremy!
‹Phyllis Georgic› Yes.  about the water dosing.
‹Dr Deepak India› Excellent cases and work
‹Debby› They use WATER DOSES IN BOTTLES and succuss
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Ihave had some wonderful cureswith Zinc in Psoriasis
‹Phyllis Georgic› excellent.. Thanks.
‹Debby› working in two hospitals with regular follow ups
‹Steve› Why Zinc?
‹Steve› Why not Lyc
‹cg_lem› Wonderful.
‹Debby› repertory shows why it was chosen
‹Debby› numbness, weakness. KEY CLEAN TONGUE
‹Gisa› Repertory also shows Lyc, Debby
‹Debby› a lot of AIDS cases tongue heavily coated or discolored white or black.
‹Debby› FUNGAL iinfections down mouth and throat
‹Debby› SRP related to epidemic
‹Steve› Thanks
‹Debby› Paragraph 102
‹Debby› they use homeopathy all the time to keep the family and staff healthy
‹Debby› Treat the staff at hospital and the nurses
‹Debby› without homeopathy how could they do this?
‹Debby› prophylaxis for AIDS?
‹Debby› difficult for AIDS. can't dish out remedies for AIDS. They they have *** with someone with AIDS
‹Debby› Then they may not get check up
‹Debby› Choose a prophylaxtic CALIFORNIA
‹Debby› ELEMENT 98
‹Steve› Do you know any homeopaths treting Ebola?
‹Yvonne› why is the pt still taking ARV
‹Dr. Bob› What about EBOLA?
‹Dr Deepak India› Bob sir where you was today
‹Debby Bruck› We can ask about Ebola next
‹Dr Deepak India› okay
‹Debby› understand the NOBLE GASES and the periods
‹Dr Deepak India› Amnon How many listener for today's show
‹Debby› complete and perfect state of NOBLE Gas. can understand all the previous elements in the row
‹radomir› Have you ever use AIDS nosode as an intercurrent for treatment AIDS patient, proved by Misha Norland. Thank you..
‹Gisa› Element 98 is Chrome - Do you mean this?
‹Debby› opens gateway to world of noble gases and period table
‹Debby› How to take a pure proving
‹Gisa› I do not find anything of Sherr's website
‹Rianelli› awesome show: Thank You Debby, Dr.Sher, Dr.Bob, Amnon and all our peers at HWC!
‹Debby› Can see any patient when you learn provings and remedies. from physical, emotional, spiritual and philosophical
‹Amnon› There is no way to tell.  On Bambuser so far 313, but most are on JustCast, which has no numbers yet.  Will know later today.
‹healthy vet› Great chat - hope lots of people go to jeremy's web site and contribute money to his effort.
‹Debby› We will let you know about the book publishing
‹Dr Deepak India› Thnx Rianelli
‹Debby› repertory of MENTAL Qualities to make homeopathy more simple
‹Phyllis Georgic› There are fantastic books on Ferrum Met and these are great resources of info.
‹Debby› easy concept on MONEY
‹Rianelli› You are very welcome, Dr.Sharma and Nikhil Kambli: NAMASKAR!
‹Debby› the rubric helps to choose
‹Debby› Go thru whole books and repertory. NEW UNPUBLISHED provings. go through journals
‹Debby› low self esteem. home and house. Water. Failure
‹Gisa› you also find a lot over here:
‹Gisa› a href="">;
‹Debby› main issues may be themes of water. knives. points. low self esteem
‹Debby› end with 30 - 40 remedies to choose
‹Yvonne› thats a good site Gisa, thank you
‹Debby› look at conventional rubrics then
‹Gisa› pleasure
‹Debby› The computer programs have these works, I think he said
‹Debby› too many projects!!!
‹Rianelli› Absolutely, Debby...   we use Linfo A Nosode developed from Roberto Costa Institute and we use it since year 2008 with success
‹Phyllis Georgic› Excellent..  SWEET!
‹Dr Deepak India› The Biggest show for HEALTH INN
‹Debby› other projects of repertory. Online course
‹Steve› Thanks Jeremy
‹Yvonne› EBOLA
‹Kanya› Ebola?
‹healthy vet› Jeremy - ebola?
‹Dr. Bob› Best show Ever. Largest audience EVER!
‹Phyllis Georgic› REally thrilled.. Thanks so much to all of you and certainly to Jeremy.
‹Kanya› Thank you very much Debby, Jeremy, Dr Deepak, Amnon!
‹Gisa› thx a lot - it was very interesting!
‹Dr. Bob› Billions and Billions
‹peseus42› thank you thank you
‹zayda kebede› THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH
‹Dr Deepak India› Thnx everyone
‹Steve› Nice accent!!
‹Yvonne› yes
‹Dr. Bob› Ebola Zaire- Nasty Nasty
‹Phyllis Georgic› Ebola is more of a biowarfare  and is sent out intentionally.
‹Debby› secale and kreosote for ebola too
‹Phyllis Georgic› Crotalis Horridus is the top remedy for Ebola.
‹Debby› hi jana
‹Dr. Bob› Horridus for Horrible!!!
‹Phyllis Georgic› That would be really sweet, Dr. Sharma.  GREAT!
‹Yvonne› hahahahahaha
‹Dr. Bob› Lets have a party in India!!
‹Phyllis Georgic› the Horrible snake.  RAttle Snake, Dr. Bob.
‹Dr. Bob› Namaste
‹Steve› Nice to see Audrey Hepburn has a sister.
‹Dr Kulbhushan D› Dr Bob You are welcome
‹Rianelli› very  effective Crotallus Horridus against Ebola
‹Phyllis Georgic› Thanks.. bye.
‹Gisa› thank you and good bye
‹Rianelli› Thank YOU: lots of waves of awareness... #Love  and #Homeopathy to all !
‹Rianelli› Along with Crotallus Horridus, we use Agaricus blaz 0 , Echinacea 0, Baptisia 0, Thuya 0 : ãã   in a 60ml drop bottle
‹Rianelli› Namaskar to Dr. Sharma and Nikhil Kambli !
‹Rianelli› what a great Show, Debby :we can't Thank You enough !!!
‹Rianelli› Yes, Debby, we also have experience with Kreosotum and Secale...  Thank YOU for sharing !
‹yuny› I had my 4 child in Jan. and My Melasma has gotten worse. its onboth my cheeks. Can you help please!
‹yuny› anyone?
‹Rianelli› just a sec, Yuny.. checking my Homeopathy Files
‹yuny› thank you sooo much!
‹Rianelli› Graphites 200CH in 60ml  drop bottle will surely help: 5 drops three times a day
‹Rianelli› You are very welcome...  pls hold...searching another Formula
‹Rianelli› Yep...  found it!
‹Rianelli› You can order all in one drop bottle: Arsenicum alb D30; Psorinum D30; Graphites D30; Pulmo anaphylacticus D30; Lappa major D30;  Graphites 200CH : ãã  in a 60ml drop bottle
‹yuny› do you know where I can order it from?
‹Rianelli› yes....  twice Graphites.... but each one helps in a different way, Okay?
‹Rianelli› Any Homeopathic and Helbal Pharmacy where you live...
‹yuny› Ithank you so much I will try it!
‹Rianelli› take  5  drops   three times a day sublingual -under the tongue- or in a small glass of water, or put ten drops in your gym Squeeze.... you can eather put the drops in your juice.    They are precessed in a 70% destylled water, pure water, or injection water  and 30% Cereal Alcohol.    - Ah! You may also put in a water spray  the drops and spray in the area where you are...
‹Rianelli› #Trust the Homeopathic Medication is smooth, acts gently and will heal You! #StayPositive!!!

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Looking forward to this very much

Dear Debby  and  our HWC Family,

#ThankYou for organizing such a  great  Show with such a rich Content !

Dr.Sherr brought some valuable resources in his experience and line of work both in Europe and  unique Humanitarian Volunteering Work in Africa, plus awesome Case-Studies, like Patient #103 - Mary, so all Homeopaths present at the Health Inn Show were able to learn some more from his and her experience, your Moderating plus ones, Debby,

also Dr.Bob and Dr.Sharma were able to contribute for a better Show: - Thank YOU all !!!!

Ahh... we also take this chance to Thank Amnon as well...

who was fast enough  to set  Video for us to better understand

Dr.Jeremy Sherr and his Wife's experience...

and seeing the Clients get better each day: CHEERS  to You all !!!

#YOU are the change we want to see in the world :

Thanks for sharing your experience and inspiring us all...

#Keep up such job well done!!!

#Peace out,

Reggie Rianelli


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