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October 15, 2012 - Thermascans | Tweet This Page


Monday, October 15, 2012

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Philip P. Hoekstra, III, PhD

The Chief Science Officer for Infrared Medical Solutions and a recognized authority in Infrared Mammography with thirty-seven years of experience and 750,000 clinical patient analyses completed. He is Board Certified in Neuro-Science, Oncology, and Vascular Thermology. Dr. Hoekstra is currently serving as President of the American Academy of Thermology and as Director of the American Board of Thermology.

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In Participation with Breast Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The number 1 in 8 women develop breast cancer in their lifetime and this number may have changed to 1 in 7 women. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women, as well as an estimated 63,300 additional cases of In Situ Breast Cancer in 2012.

  • Women in the United States still have a high risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer even if they have no genetic predisposition for the disease, stated a report released Jan. 24 by the Breast Cancer Fund and Breast Cancer Action, two San Francisco-based advocacy groups. The report said that as many as 50 percent of breast cancer cases remain unexplained by either genetics or lifestyle factors such as how old a woman is at her first full-term pregnancy or her rate of alcohol consumption.

    The two groups analyzed more than 350 scientific studies linking environmental factors to breast cancer to come up with their findings. In 2005, breast cancer was expected to kill more than 40,000 women in the U.S. The risk of an American woman being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime has nearly tripled in the last 40 years, rising to a 1 in 7 chance.

    "This report adds to the compelling evidence that the chemicals we're exposed to in our daily lives are making us sick," said Lisa Wanzor, acting executive director of Breast Cancer Action. "Women living with and at risk for breast cancer need public policies that will put our health first and protect us from exposures to toxic chemicals." source: Women's E-News


Environmental Factors

Estrogen and progesteron sensitive breast cancers will respond to the many chemicals and phyto-estrogens in our environment, such as bisphosphenol-A and even some high estrogen foods like soybean. This can explain some of the increase in incidence. Even men can be afflicted with this disease. 


Make October A Month Of Awareness

Use this time to work on our health. Every inch forward to notice and pay attention to our physical and spiritual self will bring us closer to good health.


Putting Some Light On

Modern medicine primarily focuses on X-Ray Mammography as "prevention" against breast-cancer, but is it truly prevention? Reducing your risk of breast cancer can be achieved through changes in diet and lifestyle. Learn about nutrition, exercise, sleep and sunlight. Learn what vegetables provide natural calcium that can be absorbed in the body?

The research shows that diet and shifts in body metabolism that parallel changes seen during obesity and Type 2 diabetes can also stimulate breast growth entirely independent of estrogens effects. And, there may be a genetic component for how diet and related metabolic changes affect breast cancer risk in different populations Photo source: UC Davis


A Young 19 Year Old Explains All About Cancer and Cancer Cells


Healthy Choices

1. Reduce or remove coffee and caffeine from the diet. Coffee contains methylxanthine. Chocolate contains theobromine. Both substances, derived from xanthine, are stimulants that are associated with creating fibrous tissue in the breast. By going cold turkey off these two items for several days, a woman can determine whether her breast tissue is sensitive to either coffee or chocolate.

2. Reduce or eliminate red meat. Many farm animals are fed antibiotics and GMO grains which effect the hormones of the animal and those who eat the meat of these animals. A majority of breast tissue is fat, which accumulates the chemicals, toxins and hormones. When you eat these fatty meat products, the liver cannot break down all the hormones and builds toxicity.  

3. Add seaweed to the diet. Iodine depletion can be boosted with kelp powder, flakes and seaweed. If you enjoy sushi or roll your own with rice and avocado this will enhance the thyroid function and metabolism. Get tested. 

4. Eat cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower all containindole-3-carbinol, a compound that helps the liver break down estrogen into more benign components. The detoxifying qualities of these cruciferous vegetables make them an excellent choice for women with dense breasts.

  • The Daily Mail | More on cabbage, broccoli and eating greens to prevent and heal cancer.


In Your Twenties?

You are not too young to have a base-line check on cellular activity of your breasts. Women over 50 are the largest group affected by the 2800 new case of breast cancer every year, yet, two-thirds of women aged 20-39 don’t realize that breast cancer is the most common cancer in their age group.


Notice Changes

Become familiar with the signs of change in the breast that might indicate a warning as early as possible.

  • A lump or a thickening in the breast or in the armpit
  • A change in size or shape of the mature breast
  • Fluid (not milk) leaking from the nipple
  • Change in size or shape of the nipple
  • Changes of color, shape or texture of the nipple or the areola
  • Unusual pain in the breast or in the armpit


The Home Physical Exam

Medical imaging is considered the most effective way to screen for breast cancer, however, most breast cancers are first detected by a physical breast exam. This includes both self breast exams, where a woman notices a lump herself, or a clinical breast exam performed by a doctor during a routine screening.


The Modern Way To Check Breast Cell Activity

A wonderful method for cell activity the thermograph or thermascan uses infrared heat detection. Philip Hoekstra will teach us all about this technology. You can find him in Michigan at Therma-Scan, the world’s premier source for the analysis and reporting of medical thermology.

Founded in 1972, Dr Philip Hoekstra comes from a family history of pioneers in the field.  With unrelenting commitment to innovation, integrity and the highest ethical, technical and professional standards in the practice of diagnostic infrared imaging, Dr Hoekstra and his staff respond quickly and can guide you to experienced and well trained providers in your region.


Therma-scan staff hold proficiency and skill levels certified by the American Board of Thermology in oncology, neuroscience and vascular thermology. Dr Hoekstra calls Therma-scan completely a clinical and scientific procedure when taking and reading images which is not dependent upon artistic skill.


Their facility has analyzed and reported more than one million patient studies for more than forty network partners worldwide, all using medical-grade digital infrared cameras and imaging technique according to our rigorous standards.

Therma-Scan is medical grade. All stages of data transmission and storage are compliant with HIPAA regulations. Their methodology has five distinct steps of quality control in analyzing each patient’s study. The analytic technique is derived from the Marseille System to encompass all four diagnostic elements; pattern recognition, thermal energy differential, response to a standardized functional challenge (the Cold Stress) and time-based evolution. The Marseille System provides results of breast thermology on the standardized ‘TH’ scale. Medical practitioners appreciate the practical clinical concordance of the ‘TH’ scale with X-ray mammography’s BI-RADS®.

You Have Time To Make Educated Decisions

Breast cancer does not just show up one day, it takes up to eight years for a 10 millimeters size tumor to become detectable by x-ray or digital mammography. Thermography, a non-invasive method to check the breast tissue, does not crush or injure this sensitive organ by using a camera to take a few photographs from different angles.

The Infrared mammography works screens for new blood vessel development around a tumor, a process called angiogenesis from 5 to 8 years before the cells grow large enough to be seen by x-ray mammography. Breast cancers undergo angiogenesis when they are less than 1 millimeter in size (0.16 millimeters) and, in fact, cannot grow larger than about 1 millimeter without a substantial network of angiogenic blood vessels growing into it. All this happens 2-4 years or more before x-ray mammography is useful.  


Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Christine Horner about some of the diagnostic screenings that are currently available for breast cancer

Availability of Thermoscans

You can locate a facility provider in over 27 countries around the world including





Article on radiation and screening

ISA Special Report on Radiation 

PDF file of PowerPoint Presentation 




Dr Dekel All About Mammography

Did You Miss Any Shows?



Kavitha Very Informative and helpful show- Thanks Dr Hoekstra
Debby Bruck Welcome Benzev
Debby Bruck Please tell us who you are?
Debby Bruck we are now setting up the studio. Hello Christie.
Dr Wequar Good morning
Amnon Refresh the page if not seeing the live show
Debby Bruck hello fairy mom, Dr Wequar
fairy mom Hello Debby!
fairy mom Hello everyone!
Debby Bruck If you like this show, let us know. :)
Debby Bruck Tell folks to log on to the chat.
Debby Bruck Hello Yvonne
Debby Bruck Hello Kavitha
Kavitha Hello Debby & Everyone
Debby Bruck DCIS
Dr Wequar Debby these shows are very informative indeed.
Yvonne Hello Debby and everyone online
Dr Wequar Hello Kavitha
Dr Wequar good to see you again
Debby Bruck Clean up our environment
Debby Bruck BRAC - genetics. Only triggered by some external force.
Debby Bruck RAdiation CAUSES BREAST CANCER!!!!!
Christie It's fantastic that you have Dr. Hoekstra available for this show and all of us in the MII/thermography industry are thrilled that the AAT released their breast imaging guidelines earlier this year.
Debby Bruck thank you Christie
Debby Bruck Age 14 -- OMG
Debby Bruck there are so many phyto-estrogens in our foods, especially leached thru plastics.
Dr Deepak India Hello Everyone
Christie Debby, is there anyway to receive a copy of this broadcast?  Do you post them on You Tube?
Dr Deepak India Hello Christie you can watch any time on nissancommunication at HEALTH INN channel
Debby Bruck The slide show is available on HWC on the announcement page. Scroll to bottom.
Debby Bruck Yes. these shows are all archived. You may watch on this channel.
Debby Bruck Dr Deepak -- you are here! :)
Christie Debby / Dr. Deepak - is it okay to link from social media and/or my website -Thermal Discovery
Dr Deepak India yes I am on chat
Debby Bruck ok.
Kavitha Thanks Debby, that is the beauty of Health Inn & HWC on archieved shows.
Yvonne we are all subjected to radiation on a daily basis, wireless internets mobiles
Debby Bruck blue is the hottest temperature
Dr Deepak India yes Yvonne everything in affected by radiations even plants too
Debby Bruck don't put cellphone to the ear. Use speaker function
Debby Bruck self exam, clinical exam, biopsy
Debby Bruck Mortality has not changed. :(
Dr Wequar First thing that is advised  is Mammogram?
Christie Debby - blue is the "hottest" temperature as indicated in that particular thermal image, utilizing that particular infrared color palette  and temperature range.  Same way that most people often think anything red on a thermal image must be hot and therefore must be "bad."
Debby Bruck thank you Christie
Dr Wequar What would RED indicate in terms of pathology?
Debby Bruck shall ask at the end
Dr Wequar ok
Dr Deepak India any tumor is just like a bunch of ants if you want to remove as a whole otherwise if we only touch this bunch (Biopsy) the ants will spread here and there 
Debby Bruck interesting metaphor
Debby Bruck what does that mean for needle biopsy?
Christie Dr. Wequar - that's a question that could only be answered with a lot more information.  What was the color palette, temperature range, patient history (thermography compares past images to look for increased localized heat over time), were room/client preparation protocols followed?  I'm very interested to hear Dr. Hoekstra's comment on this!  Thanks Debby.
Debby Bruck Definitely each breast is different
Debby Bruck This is green.
Christie To comply with IACT/AAT protocols I utilize the infrared "white hot" palette so actually, there is no "red."  // good example on this current slide where yellow/white was hottest
Debby Bruck Sorry, Amnon, my screen has a long delay. :)
Debby Bruck interesting Christie
Christie Debby - I have found that Dr's here in NC are still quoting the Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project and how thermology wasn't reliable.  I'm interested to hear what / if any advice Dr. Hoekstra would have for me when addressing medical professionals who continue to quote the BCDDP.  Thanks!
Debby Brucka href="" target="_blank">Selling Pink The Cancer Industry;
Debby Bruck Save your money and get a thermology
Yvonne he should talk about Guiliana who is promoting the breast cancer awerness
Christie PS - the BCDDP was released in the late 1970's!  // Also, the United Breast Cancer Foundation supports thermography wholeheartedly!  Check them out at 
Dr Deepak India is there any bad effects of  repeated tharma scan
Yvonne and why is she allowed to this extent to publicise
Christie Dr Deepak - because thermography is 100% non-invasive it is 100% safe.  Our imagers see the heat being naturally emitted from our bodies. :)
Dr Wequar I agree Dr Deepak
Dr Deepak India thank you Christie
Dr Wequar Good food choices and Homeopathy plus exercise regimen can help positively
Kavitha Dr Hoekstra : Do you advise avoiding any specific foods that are considered as carcinogenic
Dr Wequar Thank you dr Hoekstra
Amnon Benzev, are you here?
Christie Debby - I was answering a question from a participant, not asking Dr. Hoekstra.  Sorry!  He co-authored those protocols. 
Dr Deepak India Is there any role of Zinc in treating breast cancer
Benzev Yes I am here - but not hearing much - connection not good enough?
fairy mom Thanks!!!
Benzev I think I will have to look at the archive
Amnon Below the chat there is a link to "listen to us".  Did you try that?  And, is this benzev or Ben Ze'ev? :-)
Yvonne maybe u shud invite him for next week too
Benzev Benzev or Ben Ze'ev - my nickname from old days on the kibbutz!
Christie Yvonne / Debby, It would be fantastic if Dr. Hoekstra could speak again next week.  More time to get folks on line.  Please let us know if he's available.  // AMEN to the quality control comment by Dr. Hoekstra!!!
Dr Deepak India we can do a show on "Role of Investigations and Diagnosis in Homeopathy"
Dr Wequar Good dr Deepak
Yvonne thats a good idea Dr Deepak
Dr Deepak India Thank you sir and Yv
Dr Deepak India Bye everyone
Debby Bruck super show
Dr Deepak India yes i listen from half but really informative

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Bill Henderson interviews
Linda Bamber, a naturopathic doctor who has founded an organization dedicated to bringing women (and men) helpful information on breast cancer using thermograms. Her organization is called Breast Research Awareness and Support (BRAS). Linda has found that thermograms help women detect cancer long before mammograms with none of the discomfort and danger associated with mammograms. She and Bill agree that the primary cause of most breast cancers is root canal-filled teeth and other dental toxin problems. Linda’s website his In the Cancer-in-the-News segment, Bill discusses a Vitamin D study and a study on the effects on the brain from using cell phones.


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