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Dr Deepak Sharma Interview On Renal Stones April 7, 2014

Begins in 2 minutes. Get on chat or call in to computers2Kvoice on Skype


Renal Stones PDF

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Dr Deepak Sharma Interview Homeopathy For Renal Stones

Dr Deepak Sharma imparts his experience.



Dr. Deepak Sharma is a qualified, government registered Homeopathic physician in various reputable hospitals in Delhi and the NCR (National Capital Region). He completed his B.H.M.S. (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) at National Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Lucknow – one of the oldest homeopathic medical colleges in Asia - in 2004. He has been in practice since 2005 and helping patients for about 10 years. During his study period, he cured many cases, including an 18 day old male baby cured of hydrocephalus, dupuytren's contracture, Back Pains, Hyperhydrosis and many more with the help of homeopathy.

Dr. Sharma is the Ex. Senior Consultant of Panacea Homeopathic Clinic and Dr. Sharma’s Innovative Health Care Centre. Presently, he is a senior consultant at Holy Child Nursing Home in East Delhi, Amarleela Hospital in West Delhi, Smile Care Poly Clinic in Ghaziabad and has his own clinic, Anshuman Homeopathic Clinic, which is also located in Ghaziabad.

He is the author of Diabetes Mellitus and Homeopathy – an article which includes the miasmatic background and contains discussion on diabetes mellitus and its remedies with selected potencies. It was published in Homoeopathic Heritage a monthly magazine published by B. Jain Publishers PVT Limited, New Delhi in March 2004 Vol. 29 page no. 15- 22. The article has been published on Hpathy, with a newer souvenir edition of the same article presented at the annual function of the Board of Homoeopathic system of Medicine, Delhi and Homoeopathic Federation 2010, Published in ASIAN JOURNAL OF HOMOEOPATHY Vol. 4 No. 3 (12) August 2010-October 2010 and on Similia.

Dr. Sharma answers the queries in Health Harbinger, a monthly newsletter published by Panacea Homoeopathic Clinic Gurgaon and, in addition, authored an article titled, “Do Homoeopathic Medicines Contain Steroids?” for his innovative health care centre. Other current writings include “Complications of Diabetes Mellitus and its Miasmatic Involvement” and “Back Pain - Homeopathic Treatment and Management”.

Dr. Sharma has received many awards at various seminars, debates and different curricular. Recently he was awarded with the “HAHNEMANN AWARD 2010” given by Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi and Dr. S.M. Singh in the auspicious presence of Dr. A. K. Walia (Finance Minister of Delhi

Government) at the annual function of the 255th Birthday of Dr. C.F.S. Hahnemann on 25 April 2010 and organized by Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine and Delhi Homoeopathic Federation. On the same day he was selected as Joint Secretary of Delhi Homeopathic Medical Association.

He is a Founder Director of Anshuman Homeopathic Clinic and Kizz Natural Sciences.

His network is spreading throughout India and abroad to explore the field of Homeopathy including dedicated professionals from various fields to ensure the good quality of treatments the network includes.


Potassium Citrate is an urinary alkalinizing agent, prescribed for kidney stones.

Contraindicated in patients with high potassium levels in the blood, aluminum toxicity, heart failure or injury, or severe kidney problems, who are taking aldosterone blocker and hypersensitivity.

Tiopronin is a chelating agent, prescribed for preventing kidney stone formation.

This medication is a chelating agent, prescribed for preventing kidney stone formation.  It works by removing extra cystine from the urine.   When it is not to be taken (Contraindications): Contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity, a prior history of developing anemia or low white blood cell or platelet counts after taking this medication, and in pregnant women.



Tomatoes belong to the nightshade plant family, along with eggplant, potatoes and bell peppers. While these other nightshade plants contain a “high” amount of oxalate, or more than 10 mg per serving, tomatoes contain only a “moderate” amount, or between 2 and 10 mg per serving. The U.S. Department of Agriculture lists the oxalic acid content of tomatoes at 50 mg per 100 g serving. The oxalate content of any one type of food is highly variable, however, depending on the state of ripeness and climate, as well as soil conditions. Very ripe tomatoes, for example, generally contain higher oxalate amounts than less mature fruit. According to “The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods,” published reports of oxalate levels in one specific food can differ 2- to 15-fold.


Unless you have a family history of kidney stones, or your health care provider has advised you to limit your intake of oxalates due to a diagnosed health condition, you don’t need to worry about the oxalic acid in the food you eat. Besides being a source of a moderate amount of oxalate, tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamins C and K, biotin and carotenes, including lycopene, an antioxidant that protects against skin, lung, breast, colon and prostate cancers, and might lower the risk of heart disease and cataracts. Tomatoes are also a very good source of dietary fiber, folic acid and vitamin B6. Although the oxalate content in tomatoes increases as they ripen, so does their nutrient content. ~ Source


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 Dr Deepak Sharma if you have a special story you would like to tell.


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Dr Deepak India Hello Everyone

Gisa Hello, what's the topic today?

Michele Hi Gisa - It's Kidneys w/ Dr. Sharma

Gisa thx. Will be back in some minutes

Suziani Hi

Dr Wequar Good morning Dr Deepak

Dr Deepak India GM sir

Dr Deepak India Gm Dr Bob sir h r u?

Gisa back emoticon_smile.png hello all together

Dr Deepak India Hi Gisa

Dr Wequar Good morning to all

Dr. Bob I am copacetic and bueno- Namaste

Gisa (y)

Debby Bruck We will begin shortly. Thanks for waiting

Debby Bruck Hello Dr Bob, Deepak, Amnon, Dr Wequar, Gisa, Suziani

Debby Bruck I believe we are beginning..... okay folks... hang on to your hats

Michele Morning everyone emoticon_grin.png

Debby Bruck Hello Michele

Dr Deepak India Please refresh your page now

Gisa because I didn't find anything, I have linked it "normal" in FB

kavitha Hello Every one

Dr Deepak India Namste Everyone

Debby Bruck Hi Kavitha!

kavitha Hi Debby

Michele Hi Debbie, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Bob, Dr Deepak, Gisa, Suziani, Dr Wequar, kavitha emoticon_smile.png

kavitha How are you Michele?

Michele Pretty good, how 'bout you kavitha? emoticon_wink.png

Michele Excited to hear Dr. Sharma's presentation

kavitha Welcome Dr Sharma

Dr. Bob good morning Deepak

Yvonne-Lebanon/ Namaste

kavitha Doing good Michele

Dr Wequar Great job Dr Deepak

Gisa it looks also like a homunculus (such a kidney)

Yvonne-Lebanon/ Kidney bean is considered as a food for kidneys from God's pharmacy


Dr. Bob is there a genetic disposition to kidney stones??

Gisa if you believe - yes.

Dr. Bob Gisa- should I not believe??

Gisa thinking and FEELING in the same like your ancestors = going the same way and getting the same disease

Dr. Bob i see !!!

kavitha We have very good homeopathic remedies for renal stones. Prevents surgery. Any wasy Dr Deepak will discuss them soon here

Dr Wequar Kuwait , where i had worked, also had kidney stone problems

Dr. Bob ice tea- yummy!

Gisa Dr. Bob: your pineal gland produces DMT, which is the changing point between potency of dark energy and concrete reality. Your mind makes 5 %, your unconsciousness makes 95 % of the work. Your belief is part of the 95 %.

Debby Bruck Our program crashed!!!

Debby Bruck We will have to reboot. Hold on.

Debby Bruck Can you hear Dr Sharma speaking now? Someone give feedback

kavitha yes

Debby Bruck Hello Ada and Yvonne

Gisa I can nearly not hear - oscillation between high and low

Debby Bruck You can hear us

kavitha yes

Yvonne-Lebanon/ i can hear him well

kavitha but not your pictures

Yvonne-Lebanon/ u too debby

Gisa Debby I hear very good. Dr Sharma very bad (oscillation)

Debby Bruck Thanks to everyone for staying with us.

Dr. Bob sound links are fine

Gisa pleasure

Dr. Bob mountain climbing- dehydration- kidney stones- OUCH

Debby Bruck Tell me if this works.

Debby Bruck Can anyone see visuals now?

kavitha yes, Debby

Gisa always - all visuals

Debby Bruck thank you

Dr. Bob slides are great!

Gisa that's good, so I can "understand" (read)

Dr. Bob what are stone forming inhibitors???

Debby Bruck inhibitors are proper diet, not drinking well water high in minerals, staying active!!

Dr Kulbhushan D Slides are beautiful & crystal clear

Debby Bruck Stay away from high oxalate foods if you have hereditary factors

Debby Bruck Hello Dr K


Gisa round about 1,5 liter

Debby Bruck Lots of different TYPES of stones

Gisa what's "struvite"?

Gisa dic does not know

Dr Kulbhushan D Hi Debby Dr Bob & Mr Amnon?

Dr Kulbhushan D The Horn stone s are very difficult to expel?

Dr. Bob what foods contain the most oxalates?

Yvonne-Lebanon/ lol desktop

Debby Bruck I think people collect their stones as an award for getting throughout this extreme pain

Debby Bruck Hi Katharine

Debby Bruck Hi Vani

katharine Hi Debby and everyone!

Gisa that makes stones to a possession = I  will have it (like a lot of illness)

Debby Bruck What do you mean Gisa?

Dr Kulbhushan D People having renal stones should not take milk at night seedy frits & vegetables green leafy vegetables

Gisa Illness is a possession like house, car, etc.

Gisa that's some of my own.

Yvonne-Lebanon/ very true Gisa

Debby Bruck Blood analysis, urine analysis, CT Scan, Abdominal X-ray, Ultrasound,  Cy

Gisa often a reason to stay in the illness without healing

Debby Bruck Cystoscopy

Dr. Bob are your stones suitable for framing?? emoticon_tongue.png

Debby Bruck oh. Stay in the illness? I don't think so. Rather -- Take it out of the body and see it outside the body

Gisa I often see

Yvonne-Lebanon/ so how do you filter

Gisa Disease generates attention

Dr. Bob ya can't eat nuthin????

Dr. Bob what about RED MEAT?

Yvonne-Lebanon/ so how about the restriction of eating tomato

Debby Bruck Tomatoes? I don't know

Debby Bruck I prepare all HEALTHY GOOD FRESH foods. Fruits and vegetables

kavitha tomatoes also has tendency for stones

Debby Bruck No one will take away my chocolate emoticon_smile.png

Dr. Bob drink water or VODKA to dissolve the stones emoticon_tongue.png

Debby Bruck Who eats rhubarb?

Gisa you need to produce endorphin

Gisa the chocolate

Yvonne-Lebanon/ for people who have glomerulonephritis, and no stone problem

Dr. Bob rhubarb/strawberry pie

Debby Bruck How will vodka dissolve them? You will ruin your liver

Dr. Bob alcohol

Yvonne-Lebanon/ non alcoholic vodka lol

Debby Bruck Help the planet, go vegetarian

Debby Bruck Eat seeds, nuts, fruits, veggies

Dr. Bob vegetables cause kidney stones- eat more chicken

Yvonne-Lebanon/ if everyone is a vegetarian then there will no more plants left

Debby Bruck DRINK WATER after you eat the protein meal

Dr. Bob thank you Yvonne!!!!

Suziani is it true that men are more prone to kidney stones(and women more prone to gall stones)

Yvonne-Lebanon/ Suziani i have seen that trend

kavitha That is a nice tip Deepak- Luke warm water after food

Suziani cheese is high in sodium

Debby Bruck Thank you Suziani. Yes. Women have major problem with GALL BLADDER

Dr. Bob US recommendation for sodium is less than 2.5 grams per day

Debby Bruck How much is that in terms of teaspoons

Gisa gallstones = angry about the society, kidney stones = problems with the partnership

Dr. Bob less than 1 teaspoon

Yvonne-Lebanon/ for people who have glomerulonephritis, and no stone problem

Yvonne-Lebanon/ do they have to stay away from tomatoes too

Dr Kulbhushan D Homoeopathically our king remedies are Berberis Vulgaris Lyco Natrum Sulph

Gisa and Galium aparine

Gisa Galium aparine = chronic bladder irritation, kidney and bladder stones. Urination: painful, sharp burning, persistent; must press (often unsuccessfully). Urine: a lot of sediment and urinary gravel.

Debby Bruck Tomatoes have MODERATE Oxalate. However, if you eat fresh tomatoes can be better than CANNED and Tomato juice which will have high salt content

Dr Kulbhushan D Have you forgotten Terebinthinae

Debby Bruck OXALATES: Oxalate is usually located in leaves or bark, where the compound binds with calcium to remove it when plants go through their seasonal shedding.

Yvonne-Lebanon/ thanks DEB how about cooked tomatoes

Debby Bruck Yes. We did not include Terebinthinae. Limited number of remedies provided

Debby Bruck Hello Jhuma and Lily

Dr. Bob Sarsaparilla tea with a scoop of vanilla ice cream - yummy

Debby Bruck Hello ovais

Debby Bruck Main feature is child cries before urinating. Worse at night.

Dr. Bob its also carcinogenic in high consumption

Dr Kulbhushan D Suzaine its quite true


Debby Bruck Thinks they will die. FEAR

Debby Bruck Holds genitals

Debby Bruck Profuse perspiration and diarrhea

Dr. Bob yes

Dr Kulbhushan D Apple eating daily also helps in eliminating renal stones

Debby Bruck Fabulous tip Dr K

Debby Bruck HOT URINE

Debby Bruck NITRIC ACID or Acid Nitricum

Debby Bruck COLD ON PASSING - that's different. KEYNOTE: Sounds like horse urine

Debby Bruck Cloudy sedimentation instead of red

Debby Bruck old age

Dr Kulbhushan D Cantharis removes the obstruction the urinary passage

Debby Bruck Calcarea carb - urine dark, white sediment, bloody

Dr Kulbhushan D Calc phos is a great curative in curing renal calculi

Debby Bruck The Acute remedy of Calc carb is Belladonna

Debby Bruck Ah! FAbulous Dr K

Debby Bruck Over exertion. Probably have perspired so much they have lost their hydration

Debby Bruck A vaso dilator

Dr Wequar preira brava another good medicine

Debby Bruck Thank you Dr Wequar

Yvonne-Lebanon/ preira brava is yes a wonderful remedy

Debby Bruck There are SO MANY possibilities with homeopathy!

Gisa Therebinthinum: The urine only light, through Standing cloudy with a white and reddish sediment. Urine scanty and bloody. A lot of blood at very little urine and persistent, painful dysuria.

Debby Bruck hydrangea for large stones. Use in tincture

Debby Bruck also for prostate problems and used in diabetes

Vani What potencies are generally used when prescribing Hydrangea

Vani ?

Debby Bruck NUX VOMICA

Debby Bruck I have read only TINCTURE fro hydrangea

Vani ok, thank you!

Yvonne-Lebanon/ it always depend on the need Vani... i consider a low potency if its not constitutional

Dr Kulbhushan D In my practice i have seen that MAG PHOS in im potency gave instant results in no time

Debby Bruck the maximum size of ureter is 6 - yet how to get out this large 9.6 stone?

Yvonne-Lebanon/ under 30

Debby Bruck He did it with Nux vomica. He was quite irritable

Debby Bruck Next time we show the bottle containing the stone!

Yvonne-Lebanon/ wow

Debby Bruck urinating all night. Then a great pain. He PASSED THE STONE

Debby Bruck potency 200C


Debby Bruck I think he meant Burps - eructations

Debby Bruck GAS. Hyperacidity

Debby Bruck Desires SWEETS

Debby Bruck Sometimes we must WAIT the remedies take time to work

Debby Bruck Hello BB

Debby Bruck Hi Jhuma

bb hi, lyco sounds like me but never tried

Debby Bruck Clinical exams show the change

Debby Bruck Hello BB - find homeopath to support you through the process.

Dr Kulbhushan D Gisa terebinthia sets things right in just one dose

Debby Bruck Right sided complaints

Jhuma Hi Debby, great tips on the chat window! Thanks.

Debby Bruck thanks Jhuma. Use of placebo works, too

Yvonne-Lebanon/ placebo is thanks to the bad habit of allopathic practices

Yvonne-Lebanon/ Khalil Gibran is Lebanese

Gisa I've 2 books of him.

Gisa and I like them

Dr. Bob thank you Dr. Sharma- very informative show!!!!

Gisa thank you a lot - was very good and interesting

Dr. Bob kidney pie!!!

Jhuma Thank you, Dr Sharma...Debby, looking forward to the upcoming shows...

Dr Deepak India Thank you everyone and I really thanks to Dr Shweta Singh who helps to make this ppt.

Dr Kulbhushan D THANK YOU very much all

Gisa the ppt was very good, indeed

Dr Kulbhushan D NAMASKAR  Dr Bob

Dr. Bob love your  kidneys!!!!

Dr Deepak India thanks Gisa


Dr Deepak India Thanks sir

Dr Kulbhushan D Every organ in our body is important

Gisa love all you have and you are - please

Debby Bruck Thank you Gisa!!! (((HUGS)))

bb thanks, will listen to replay (hope the ppt will show too)

Debby Bruck Thanks to all listeners

Gisa next time we can speak about another show, if you want

Practioner's Guide to Gall Bladder- and Kidney Stones

by Dr Shiv Dua

Includes general information on pathology as well as homeopathic treatment.

In the case of gall bladder and kidney stones, the average preference of the patient is to go for surgery although many patients seek the help of homoeopathy as a last resort. At this juncture, homoeopaths have to show their excellence and learn management of these diseases. This book is written for learners and practitioners to combine and integrate their concept and skill into practical objectives of success. The book is also designed to sufficiently educate students on the functioning of the concerned organs. The book also depicts a realistic approach experienced by reputed physicians and authors of books to allow readers to consider remedies adopted by them.

Kidneys and Bladder — Basis of Self-Realisation

Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Volume 5: Organ - Conflict - Cure
With Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Exercises

The kidney energy encompasses issues such as security, resoluteness and stability. If something “gets you in the kidneys” (as in the German phrase), it generates an existential anxiety about the ground under your feet giving way.

There are comprehensive descriptions of diseases affecting the kidneys and the ureters, such as kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, renal insufficiency, malignant tumors, renal hypertension, cystitis, urinary disturbances and enuresis, as well as problems with the adrenal glands, such as Addison's disease or Cushing's syndrome. 

The book also discusses underlying conflicts and treatment associated with these illnesses. Homeopathic remedies that have proved especially valuable in this respect include Arsenicum album, Caesium, Uranium, Plutonium, Salicylicum acidum, Cisplatin and Paracetamol. Naturopathic therapy consists of nutritional advice and herbal medicines, as well as ozonated plant oils (rizols) and deacidification.

Rosina Sonnenschmidt has again demonstrated that she can effectively synthesize a variety of approaches such as the Chinese theory of correspondences and various Western approaches. The result is an easily understandable practical manual on therapies suitable for treating diseases of the kidneys and bladder. She goes well beyond the level of the physical integrity of the organs themselves, and demonstrates how these organs form the gateway to self-realization.

Coping with Chemotherapy Using Homoeopathy

By Laura Fenton

A Family Guide

The isolation, fear and host of inexplicable emotions a person goes through after learning that they have cancer far eclipses any psychological crisis experienced by his or her immediate family members. One quickly learns the first rule of cancer support: unless you have had cancer yourself, you have no way of understanding what the person who has been diagnosed is going through. Any attempts to pretend to understand or identify with them will be counter-productive for everyone. Emotional support in the form of love, encouragement and acceptance of what is happening is the best thing one can offer a loved-one faced with a battle against cancer. What most families are not aware of, however, is that there is a way for you to play a more therapeutic role in healing the person you love. The purpose of this guide is to show you how.

I was in my second year of studying Homoeopathic Medicine when my husband Jonathon was diagnosed with a lymphatic tumor the size of a football. What was presumed by his doctor to be a kidney stone, turned out to be the worst news a young couple with three preschoolers could hear.

In our case, the time span between diagnosis and biopsy was the worst part of our nightmare. Feelings of uncertainty, helplessness and pure physical pain dominated Jonathon's every waking moment, stretching our emotional resources to the limit. Only after a plan of action was settled upon, did the nightmare begin to lift. Jonathon was out of the physical pain from the tumor literally minutes into his first chemo treatment. That was a sign that things were going to turn up (and there was no where to go but up from where we were!). Not only did the chemo treatment look promising, it also gave us a point of reference and enabled us to once again establish a routine in our lives. It provided us with a mission to focus on and this gave us back some sense of control.

Our job was to keep Jonathon healthy and positive during and between treatments in order for the chemo to fight his cancer most effectively. It soon became obvious that recovering quickly after each treatment would be the key to success. The side effects from the chemo drugs became the biggest hurdle to be overcome.


Barley water tonic for chronic kidney disease and kidney health. 1 cup organic Pearl Barley 5 cups Distilled water Juice of 1/2 lime 2 tablespoon honey Cinnamon stick (1 0r 2) Root Ginger (thumb size)

1. Put ingredients in a pan
Place the Pearl Barley in a sieve and rinse for a minute or so with plenty of fresh running water.

Place the Pearl Barley, water, ginger and cinnamon in a pan and turn heat on high. Bring the water to the boil and then simmer for 20-25 minutes with the lid off. This will reduce the amount of water by about 1/3. When done the grains should be softened and cooked. 

Pour the barley water mixture through a sieve to seperate the barley grains, ginger and cinnamon from the Barley Water. Add the lemon juice and honey to taste, stir and leave to cool.

Barley water is normally drunk cold. Your home made Barley Water should keep well in a glass covered container in the fridge for up to 3 days.


Making "Black Tea" How to make "Black Tea" for Acupressure treatment of Kidney diseases
1) Take One cup of Normal water.
2) One Tb. Spoon of TEA
3) Boil upto half cup. Now filter it.
4) Add another half cup of normal water.
5) Have it slowly slowly. 6) You can do breakfast after 15-20 mins.
7) Have to take such TEA in Winter season. and only for 10-12 days.
8) Check urine after 12 days, it will be free from bad smell.

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Great Show Debby, awesome Presentation Dr. Sharma and Dr. Schweta. Very informative: Thank YOU for sharing!  Thank You, Amnon, for updating the slides... they really matter to viewers like us here in the Tropics we are very visual orientated people!!!

Oh... SalsaParrilla ice tea with vanilla ice cream scoop: Thank YOU for the hint, Dr. Bob!

Hello Regina - You're sweet


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