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Care For Cancer Conference in Florida

Interview with Lise Battaglia February 18, 2016

Special week day. Show begins at 11:00AM on THURSDAY

not our regularly scheduled Monday at 11AM. 


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Lise M. Battaglia, BFRP, HMC, CCH works in Port Orange, Florida
Check out her website 

There is still time to sign up and attend the Care for Cancer Conference.  Tune in and find out, ask your questions. Find out who will be there speaking. 




Lise is a Homeopath, Bach flower essences practitioner and Professional Chef whose unique blend of modalities brings forth the self healing in all her clients. A Crisis Counselor since 1981, Nutritional coach and chef since 1989, Bach Flower Practitioner since 1995, and Homeopathic consultant since 2007.

Crisis Counselor

Lise started in mental health and counselling as a peer crisis counselor in 1981. At the Women’s Counseling Project at Columbia University’s Barnard College she was a health advocate, crisis counselor and member of the board. At Saint Luke’s’ Hospital Crime Victim’s Unit she served for 12 years as a Rape Survivor Advocate and advocate trainer.

Special Diets Chef & Educator 

Ms. Battaglia graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with honors in European history, philosophy and art history. In 1986 she began her culinary studies – apprenticing in Traditional Northern Italian Cuisine in a Renaissance villa outside of Florence, Italy. After rigorous study in cuisine, the anthropological roots of healing cuisines, and an integrative curriculum in “Food for Healing” at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School with Annmarie Colbin, “Healing Meals Personal Chef” was established. As the Special Diets Forum moderator for the American Personal Chef Association, Ms. Battaglia’s expertise was sought by nearly 4000 chef/members for more than 6 years. She was the chef to the Chair of the American Juvenile Diabetes Foundation , Mary Tyler Moore. As an Educator she has conducted hundreds of workshops and been on the faculty of the New York Restaurant School and the Natural Gourmet Cookery School.

GAPS™ Protocol, Certified Educator 

GAPS™ education for the specific homeopathic training and human sciences with The New York School of Homeopathy and North American Homeopathic Master Clinician Course in Minneapolis. She has studied with world class homeopaths; Lou Klein, Rajan Sankaran, Robin Murphy, Jan Scholten and Dr. Ramakrishna. She currently is in practice as a homeopathic and integrative healthcare consultant in Port Orange, Florida. She teaches Intro to Homeopathy for Medical Professionals at Daytona State College, Florida and in 2014 she launched the: Becoming a Self-Healing Powerhouse webinar series .


Bach Flower Essences Practitioner 

As an official spokesperson and representative of Nelson’s Bach, she conducted staff trainings and introductory classes for retail health food stores and community groups in North America. Ms. Battaglia has been a Bach Flower Practitioner since 1994. She is registered with the Bach Center in England.


Annie Appleseed Project - Penny Daughtery Penny Daughtery, RN, MS, OCN“True Integrative Care”.
Annie Appleseed Project - Paul Nilsont Paul Nison“Creating an AntiCancer Lifestyle” , Healthwatchman
Annie Appleseed Project - Charles K. Bens Charles K. Bens, PhD“Preventing Cancer at the Molecular Level“.
Annie Appleseed Project - Jill Schneider Jill SchneiderCircle of Life Holistic Programs, “Detox/Juice Fasting”.
Annie Appleseed Project - Susan Silberstein Susan Silberstein, PhD Founder / Educational DirectorCenter for Advancement in Cancer Education"Fight Cancer with Your Fork!"
Annie Appleseed Project - Carol J Michaels Carol J. Michaels, author Exercise for Cancer Survivors.
Annie Appleseed Project - Issac EliazDr. Issac Eliaz"Targeting Inflammation and Growth Factors in Cancer Treatment with....
Annie Appleseed Project - Verne Verona Verne Varona“ADVENTURES IN RECOVERY - 12-Key Self-Healing Traits”.
Annie Appleseed Project - Helayne Waldman Helayne Waldman, MS EdD, NE, author "The Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors".
Annie Appleseed Project - Bill AronBill Aron, Photographer, Author New Beginnings The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors.
Annie Appleseed Project - Lise Battaglia Lise Battaglia“Homeopathy as Adjunct and Cure for Cancer”.
Annie Appleseed Project - Avinoam Lerner Avinoam Lerner, Certified Consulting Hypnotist“Hypnosis for Cancer Recovery”.
Annie Appleseed Project - Nique Pichette Nique Pichette, Breast Cancer Survivor used Medical Cannabis.
Breast Cancer Symposium:
Annie Appleseed Project - Veronique Desaulniers Veronique Desaulniersauthor Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, 7 Essential steps to beating breast cancer”.
Medical Cannabis:
Annie Appleseed Project - Carolle Jean-Murat Carolle Jean-Murat, MD“Medical Cannabis Made Easy”,
Annie Appleseed Project - Stacy J. Shymansky Stacy J. Shymansky"Medical Cannabis and Your Health".
Annie Appleseed Project - Justin KanderJustin Kander"Cannabis Extracts for the Treatment of Cancer".
Patient Panel, moderated by:
Annie Appleseed Project Julia Chiappetta Julia Chiappetta, Moderator, Breast Cancer Survivor.

Annie Appleseed Project - Amy Cousens Amy Cousens.
Annie Appleseed Project - Robert Fernandez Robert Fernandez.
Annie Appleseed Project - Ryan Sternagel Ryan


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International Bio Care Hospital and Wellness Center


Healing Touch Buddies

Best Answer for Cancer

The Gabriel Massage Therapy Center

Momentum 98 Natural Health Store

Body Talk

American Holistic Nurses Association

Advanced Thermography and QMU of South Florida

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Answer to question posted on the show
What does the “K” listed after the active ingredient stand for?

The K refers to a method of manufacturing known as the Korsakovian method. The Korsakovian method dilutes the homeopathic preparation of the substance at the rate of 1 part of the previous dilution with 99 parts of solvent.

What does the “CK” listed after the active ingredient stand for?
Korsakovian dilutions are manufactured using a device specially designed to ensure that the dilution process is reproducible from one dilution to the next. Only one vial is used for the entire process. Using ultra-purified water as the solvent, the machine removes 99% of the Mother Tincture and replaces it with the same volume of solvent. The vial is succussed for 10.5 seconds. The result is called 1CK. The 2CK is prepared identically from the 1CK. The automatic process using only 1 vial allows higher dilutions to be reached. The most common Korsakovian dilutions are 200CK, 1,000CK (also called 1M), 10,000CK (10M), 50,000 CK (50M) and 100,000CK (100M or CM).

What does “200CK” mean?
200CK means that the substance has been homeopathically diluted 200 times at the rate of 1 to 100.


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