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Fraud in Science

Exposing fraud in science. A view of plagiarism, secrecy, manipulation of facts and data. Greed and bribery.

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Welcome to Fraud in Science Group

2012 Medical Fraud Exposed | 

Medical Fraud Exposed
By Helke Ferrie
Vitality Magazine October 2012

“Do you want it in brief? Do you want it in depth? Or totally true?” – Gore Vidal, 1925 – 2012

When the roof and the foundations of a house begin to collapse, the demolition guys get called in. Likewise, as the foundations of conventional medicine begin to collapse, the medical demolition crews have arrived. Within the last few years in medical science, what has happened is unprecedented: the leaders of mainstream medicine – far more than its critics – have systematically uncovered the rot underneath the edifice of standard medicine, and they are making it public in leading journals and bestselling books. These medical demolition crews admit that they don’t know what will come next, but cleaning up the mess is more important to them than clinging to theories and practices that are, well, rotten to the core.

In August 2005 an article appeared in PLoS, now the world’s largest medical science journal (which does not permit drug advertising and has the most stringent conflict-of-interest rules for authors), entitled “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.”  The author, John Ioannidis, teaches medicine in Greece and the U.S. and is known to North American medical students from JAMAevidence, the bible for evidence-based clinical practice (his contributions to it explain how to detect research fraud and bias). His 2005 article began: “There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false… claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias.” Not surprisingly, this fired up the demolition crews.

If Ioannidis is correct, what are professors teaching medical students and do they even know if what they are teaching is true? Can practice guidelines be trusted at all? Has continuing medical education become an oxymoron? What illusory standards of practice are medical regulatory authorities, such as the provincial colleges for physicians, pretending to uphold under the laws governing them? Is it even safe for patients to trust any information doctors provide? What about informed consent, given that those consenting and those providing healthcare are possibly equally clueless? And who is responsible for this mess? Most importantly, what will it take to clean this up?

The usual suspects – Big Pharma and government – have been working hand-in-hand for years to convince the public that pharmaceutical medicine is safe and effective. But now renewed scientific investigation of Big Pharma’s fraudulent claims about their products has appeared in mainstream journals and can no longer be ignored.

NOTICE: Please Prepare your work thoroughly before posting. Think about what you want to present and say.

Any posts that do not pertain directly with this topic will be removed. We are talking about Fraud in Science and how it effects the way medicine works in society and how it is perceived.


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